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The Sexperts React To Weird Sex Tips!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch us react to strange sex tips!

Which Sex Tip Surprised You The Most?
Let Us Know!


Date 2/18/2016
TooTimid Angela
Before anyone freaks, I will not be chosen to win the online gift card for the contest (lol) I just want everyone to know that the craziest sex tip I was surprised about was "get a Brazilian for your own good" I still think that's absolutely ridiculous!
Date 2/18/2016
lol that was funny but I don't wont someone to rub my dick like that
Date 2/18/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
My particular favorite was the "rug burn" maneuver! OUCH! (I'm not getting the gift card either, btw!)
Date 2/18/2016
lol the donuts :P 2funni
Date 2/18/2016
Mikayla (TooTimid writer)
Ummm...Nutella on the penis! First, I don't need enticement to pleasure my man orally. Second, sugar + the vagina = no no. You'd have to shower in between. Let's leave the Nutella for after sex goodness, shall we?!
Date 2/18/2016
The ear lobe one was the most shocking. Why? Because it only takes 3lbs of pressure to tear a human ear. If you're both really into what you're doing, you could seriously harm your partner before either of you noticed.
Date 2/18/2016
just want to know if u could CC this to timid stuff
Date 2/22/2016
They are all discussing and would be good for birth control, once someone use any of them. Be gentle and loving
Date 2/22/2016
By far the worst would be the Indian rug burn trick, especially because they didn't give you contexts like "be sure the shaft is very well lubed"

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