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Fun And Sexy Things To Do In The Spring

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Spring has sprung!  Warmer weather is on the way, more sunshine filled days and less clothing to wear.  All of this puts us in much happier –and hopefully, hornier – moods!  So, you may be thinking, what are some fun, flirty and sexy ways I can welcome spring with a sexual twist?  Well, never fear Mikayla is here and I have plenty of suggestions to sex up spring!
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  OK, so perhaps you have been out of college for a long, long time already and think that your days of wet T-Shirt contests and lots of drunken sex during Spring Break are long over.  While you may not want to enter any wet T-Shirt contests, nothing says you and your lover can’t give yourself a naughty Spring Break getaway all the same! 
fun_and_sexy_things_to_do_in_the_springWhy not?  Get a sitter for the kids, pick an exotic, sensual, romantic or just affordable place to go and get away for a few days.  Treat yourselves to staying up late, sipping margaritas in the pool and having some super naughty sex followed by cuddling and sleeping in!  Sometimes a little time away with our lover is just what the love doctor ordered and what better time than in the spring!

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NEW UNDIES:  Confession time:  I always buy new panties in the spring.  It’s true!  As soon as the snow melts and the sun starts appearing on a regular basis I have the urge to splurge on new bras and panties.  There is something about revamping my lingerie that puts me in a very sexual state of mind.  So, either get yourself some sexy new underthings or, even better, take your lover on a shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret and let him see what you plan to purchase!  Either way it will give you a sexual boost after a long winter and make you want to strip on down for spring!

  One thing that winter does to everyone is to give us cabin fever!  We get stuck in our homes or offices with no chance to spend any time outdoors.  So, when it is warm enough to don only a light jacket or hoodie it is time to go out and say hello to the nature.  Take a hike or a walk, visit the lakeshore, find a deserted place to picnic – just get OUTSIDE!  If the mood strikes you, a little well-planned nature nookie can be just what the doctor ordered.  Just make sure you are careful, spending a night in jail for indecent exposure is not very fun and springy.
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  While getting massages is not only something to do in the spring, it is especially helpful to do it after a long, hard, stressful winter when all you have done is shovel snow!  Couples massages are extremely intimate and can be super romantic as well.  Make a weekend out of it at a romantic spa – or – just an evening where you both get super pampered.  Then, when your rub downs are complete and you are all jellified – you can sink into bed together and let inspiration lead you.  Even if you just fall asleep in each other’s arms it will be well worth it.

What Sexy Things Will YOU Try This Spring?

Answer Below!


Date 6/1/2015
breakin out the hot tub baby!! hubs and I love being naughty in there and it kinda counts as being in the woods too ;)
Date 6/2/2015
Ginger B.
I would LOOVE to have sex outside, but I'm so scared someone would see us! Maybe we'll just go for it!
Date 6/3/2015
Bikini wax :) :)
Date 6/5/2015
My man loves when I go all out and get my first Spring mani/pedi and waxed up and then come home and "show it off"!
Date 6/8/2015
I've never gone skinny dipping before but we just got a pool installed so that's definitely on my agenda! haha now I just have to convince my boyfriend to do it with me
Date 6/10/2015
would love to go have sex outside mmm maybe i can talk her into it
Date 6/11/2015
Back seat sex! we love driving to a secluded spot and getting it on like our teenage days! Once someone walked up to the car and we freaked out and my foot hit the horn, lol! Sure scared the guy away though!

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