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5 Ways to Spice Up Masturbation for Women

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Women's Issues
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So you're getting into the game of loving yourself - REALLY loving yourself - and you're looking for ways to increase your pleasure?  You came to the right place!  Women should never feel like they have to stop administering orgasms because of boredom.  There are so many ways to add excitement in the bedroom for couples AND singles.  Take a peek at my 5 Ways to Spice Up Solo Play (for Women) and feel some new sensations.


If you have been forgetting about exploring the rest of your body during masturbation, you may be missing out!  Your entire body is prepped and ready for sexual pleasure - especially your nipples!  It feels amazing when your partner pleases your breasts and nipples, so why would you leave them out of yourSexy Woman Masturbating self-love session?  Some women can even orgasm just from nipple play.  Grab some vibrating nipple suckers and get to it, girl!


I’m not talking about the required summer reading for teens, ladies.  I’m talking about the text that makes you squirm in your seat.  The writing that makes you squeeze your thighs together and feel something.  The most popular racy novels you may have heard of are...The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, of course!  We even carry a whole line of Fifty Shades toys and accessories so you can act out the sexiest scenes with your lover.

Learn 5 Ways To Masturbate Using Only Your Fingers


If you’re interested in a stronger, longer orgasmic experience, you need to try kegels!  Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, making every climax contraction more powerful.  Plus, exercising the Kegel muscle can, in itself, trigger orgasms!  With rolling luna balls, or even vibrating orgasm balls, the sensations are amazing!  Try holding them in as you go about your business and feel your orgasms building.  After some “strength training,” you’ll be able to keep the orgasm balls inside, AND experience the power of Kegel control during masturbation!


Listen, we’ve been taught that masturbation - or any kind of sexual pleasure - is “bad.”  So of course when we go to masturbate we take the quickest, quietest, and most “innocent” path to orgasm.  But you know what?  It’s time to indulge.  In order to allow yourself some uninterrupted sexual pleasure, use a lubricant!  “But I’m already wet,” you say?  Fantastic!  But it may be tricky to stay that way.  Especially if you tend to stay wet on the inside, but want to focus more on external, clitoral, or anal stimulation.  Settle in with a silky water-based lubricant so you stay wet enough to slide fingers all over for extended periods of time.  You’re indulging, remember?


Another benefit of lubrication is you get more options for stimulation...Meaning more opportunity for multiple orgasms!  Put your body to the test and hang in there!  Women have a pretty quick refractory period - that time right after an orgasm when you CAN’T be touched - which makes it easier to have multiple orgasms!  You can have multiple orgasms nice and tight in a row, or, let your self melt into a puddle of bliss and then start all over again.  Try using different toys - like a clitoral stimulator, then a g-spot vibrator - and create different orgasms, tons of times!

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Date 5/12/2016
Yes!! I wasn't that into it for years until my husband said he'd like to watch me do it. At first I was very embarrassed but now I do it a few times a week both alone and with him :)
Date 5/12/2016
its nice when my husband isnt around and im in the mood. watching porn is fun too!
Date 7/10/2016
Watching yourself in a mirror (or your phones camera in selfie mode) is awesome! I have a huge one in my room hubby and I use. We arent ones to play alone mainly b/c we have sex 2-3 times a day and thats enough for me but one time I was filming myself for him and I could see myself in the mirror as well as my phone. Omg, it was great and made me even hornier watching myself, looking at my own tits bounce around and my pussy sliding up and down on the dildo!!!

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