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Advanced Sex Positions

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Spice Up Your Love Life With Our Romance Collection

Missionary!  Doggie!  Cowgirl!  Reverse Cowgirl!  All great sex positions, right?  Definitely!  However, what if you want to get out of the ordinary and into the EXTRAordinary when it comes to sexual positions?  How about getting a little WOW factor into your bedroom acrobatics?  Keeping things fun and fresh in the bedroom is very important for couples and sometimes all it takes is a little imagination (and a lot of flexibility)!  Here are some Advanced Sex Positions that will put some Va-Va-VOOM into your bedroom and make your yoga instructor proud!

ACCORDIONS ARE SEXY:  A total power trip position for the woman, the Accordion takes a bit of strength, a lot of flexibility, and, um, a decent sized penis!  To do this position the manadvanced_sex_positions lies on the bed or floor and brings his knees up as far as he can toward his chest.  The woman will squat on top of him, aligning her thighs on the outside (back) of his and lowers herself onto his penis, holding on to his hands for support.  Then, she can lower herself up and down on to his penis while he gets to watch her in full glory!  This is not likely to be a super deep penetrating position, but it's kind of like a role-reversed missionary, and it's fun and sexy to try!

X-TRA FUN:  This position is similar to other positions where the woman is on her back and crosses her legs, but a bit different.  To do this position the woman will lie on her back and bring her knees together and up to her chest, crossing her legs at the ankles.  The man then comes up to her on his knees with his thighs firmly together.  Then, he pulls her onto his lap making sure her thighs stay together.  She can put her feet on his chest.  The key here is to keep her legs firmly together.  She can grab his thighs for stability, if need be.  This creates a super tight entrance for him and also allows a lot of friction for her too!

BANGING BOOTY:  If your man loves the look of your bum, than this position will be great for him (and for you)!  The man will sit straight up, his legs outstretched in front of him.  The woman then straddles him, facing his feet, and lowers herself on to his penis.  Then, carefully, she will extend her feet behind him and lie down so her stomach is on his legs and the bed, with her head toward his feet.  Then, he can massage her whole backside, back, and shoulders while the woman gently rocks back onto his penis at a pace that is pleasing to both of them!   What a view!

Intimate Sex Positions For Lovers

V IS FOR VA-VA-VOOM!  This is not a position that just any woman can do, so if you can, DO IT!  Your man will think you are amazingly hot.  To do this the woman will sit on the table or a counter (like a bathroom counter) and the man will come right up to her.  She then will take one leg and prop it up onto his shoulders and the do the same with the other foot.  So, essentially, she has folded herself up into a tight “V” at the waist, and her legs also make a “V” around her man.  The man will enter her and pull himself in and out of her while she gazes into his eyes.  This is a tremendously tight position that can be very intimate for those who can achieve it!

WATERFALL  This is a position that should be used toward the end of your lovemaking session because it will create an incredible orgasm for him!  The man will sit on the very edge of the bed (facing IN) with his legs as straight as he wants for comfort and stability and the woman will get on top in a more traditional position facing him, lowering down onto his penis.  Then, with the help of his partner, the man will lower his head and shoulders onto the floor (leaving the rest  of his body on the bed) and the woman will lean back using her arms as support resting them on her lover’s knees (which also makes it harder for him to fall off the bed completely).  Now, the woman will gently rock and gyrate around while the blood flows to the man’s head causing a tremendous rush when he orgasms!

FUSION:  The man will sit on the bed in a more relaxed position resting back on his hands (which are behind him) with his legs are outstretched.  The woman then scoots herself up to him walking belly-up on her hands (kind of like a crab walk) until she reaches his penis.  Then, she inserts him into her and gets even closer; raising her legs onto his shoulders while she leans back on her hands and raises her butt.  She can rest herself a little on his thighs and move herself back and forth onto him.  This position creates a fantastic visual for him and a really tight fit for her.  Plus, using the thigh and ab muscles will help to build a quicker orgasm for her!

THE SUPERGIRL:  This one requires a whole lot of strength and determination to achieve!  The benefit?  You can say YOU DID IT!  To do this the woman will kneel on the bed and the man will enter her doggy-style.  Then, the man will grab her around her waist and move back while the woman uses her abdominal muscles to hold herself up while reaching behind her to grab the man’s arms.  This will work much better if the man can bend his legs a bit.  What is the purpose of this?  I wish I could tell you, but if you can do it, let us know!

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