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Advanced 69ing

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Advanced 69 Sex PositionsEnhance Oral Play With Oral Sex Gels & Edible Lubes!

If you are a lover of the 69 position (when you align yourself with your partner so you can both perform oral sex on each other simultaneously), then you may want to try to amp up your 69 time!  While the standard positions are: woman on top over man, man on top over woman and side by side – there are some really advanced 69 positions that may be fun to try!  I know I have tried a few wild ones in my younger days!  Keep in mind some of these positions may not work for every couple due to:  flexibility, height differential, weight, physical strength.  However, if you are adventurous enough to try them, then read on and see how you can take the basic 69 to a whole, new, advanced level!

LAST MAN STANDING:  Possibly the most difficult, yet adventurous, 69 position has got to be the Standing 69!  I have seen this in adult movies and I am always amazed at it!  If you want to do this it will take a bit of practice and a whole lot of guts!  So, how do you do this?  Well, the man will sit on the side of the bed his feet planted on the floor, then he will lie back.  The woman will crawl atop him in a standard 69.  The man then SLOWLY sits up as the woman wraps her legs around his head and hewraps his arms around her.  Then, slowly, the man will stand up.  You should only attempt this position if (a) the man is strong enough to hold you (b) you are strong enough to hold on to him (c) you “match up” as to height.  Even if you only last a few seconds you can say you did it!

Helpful Hint:  Make sure he turns to face the bed so there is a soft place to land you if needed.

DOWNWARD DOGGIE:  I once watched this porno movie where I saw the most amazing oral sex position!  The man was sitting on the couch and the woman was up on her knees next to him, giving him oral sex.  The man reached over and brought her to his mouth by placing her knees up on the back of the couch behind his head.  The girl never missed a beat, continued to service his penis in an upside down position while the man then went to town on her!  It was so appealing to me that I took it upon myself to try it with my (then) husband.  What I found was it was incredibly erotic to have my vaginal area open and exposed in that way, which was exciting.  However, you have to have the ability to stay upside down for a while, which I don’t.  So, while the angle was great for deepthroating (PLUS) I got dizzy and almost passed out (NEGATIVE)!  So, while definitely worth a try, don’t kill yourself to do it!
Romantic Lovers In Bed Helpful Hint:  Armchairs may work better for this as there are more places to hold on!

Learn The Basics Of 69ing!

THE CRAWL OVER:  Have you even given a blowjob with your head hanging over the edge of the bed while you lay on your back?  I have!  Why?  This is a great deepthroating position!  Now, have you ever had the guy who you are blowing reach down and play with you while you are doing so?  Yes, so have I!  It is amazing.  Now, take this one, step further and imagine if the man you are blowing puts his knee (or knees) up on the bed and gives you oral sex!  How do you do this?  The woman lies on her back, her head dangling off the bed.  The man then crawls over her to align his mouth on her vagina, placing his knees up on the bed.

Helpful Hint: If it is too wobbly to have both knees up, one foot can stay on the floor to brace him.

HORNY HEADSTANDS:  Remember as a kid when you used to stand on your head with your elbows bent on the floor?  It's a popular yoga position, too!  Well, imagine getting in that position, then having your man slide his penis into your mouth while he holds your legs steady and pleasures you orally!  To do this position place a pillow on the floor, having the man place his legs on either side of the pillow.  Get into position so that your face will face his groin, and hoist up into the headstand.  Then the man will inch himself close enough to insert his penis into her mouth and the woman can spread her legs in a “Y” and he can hold her thighs or wrap himself around he to help steady her.

Helpful Hint:  If it is too much to stay up in a headstand the woman can bend down with feet on floor and bum in the air, positioning her vagina at his face and her face at his penis.

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Date 4/9/2015
I'd love to have you join me on my inversion table.
Date 4/9/2015
John Jackson
Your cautions are well founded but how about some info for the older "diver". I love oral sex, getting and giving, but I and my partners are not as agile or strong as we once were. Sexually we're not dead and our stamina is a lot less, but we're still hot to go!
Date 11/12/2017
My husband loves eating me out so getting a BJ at the same time is even better for him. I find it hard to balance myself and really get into it while I am also receiving, but it's fun every once in a while!
Date 11/17/2017
Kyle T.
Mmm I love it when she climbs up on top of me and backs her ass up on my face
Date 4/3/2018
Michael D Smith
My wife and I like using a large yoga ball. I'll lay on it with her standing over my head while I go down on her. I do this while she occasionally leans over (as I roll backward to help the position) and she takes me in her mouth. She can then push me back and I continue to go down on her while she stands there squealing! Repeat as necessary....

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