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Premature Ejaculation Help & Tips

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
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Premature Ejaculation is a term given to those who frequently ejaculate within five minutes of sexual stimulation i.e. intercourse.  In fact it is estimated that this is a problem plaques up to 36 million men.  So if you are a sufferer from this condition, you are far from being the only one, even if it feels like you are at times.

Over the years there have been many misconceptions and myths as to the cause of premature ejaculation.  A few of those include the following;

1.  feelings of guilt about sexual enjoyment
2.  worrying about maintaining an erection
3.  other relationship problems
4.  stress
5.  men getting over excited, hence being unable to focus

None of these are real causes for premature ejaculation.  The same as the following list of so called cures and remedies are not usually effective either;

1.  long term psychoanalysis
2.  getting drunk
3.  biting one's lip or doing mental arithmetic during intercourse as a distraction
4.  creams and sprays that numb the penis
5.  testosterone injections

So if you are one of the many men who suffer from being "Mr. Cum to Quick", then here are some well tested and proven methods which may to help to overcome this often-awkward condition.

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Firstly "The Squeeze Method". Developed by Masters and Johnson.  Basically this involves one's partner stimulating the penis to the point of ejaculation, then squeezing the shaft of the penis, just below head, just hard enough to make you partially lose your erection.  The aim of this is to teach a man to become aware of the sensation leading up to orgasm.  Then once this is easily recognized you can then begin to control the delay of orgasm on your own.  Once achieved, you can then move onto stimulation through intercourse.  Motionless to start with and then with both partners moving.  Masters and Johnson reported that 98% of couples who tried this had success when using this method in treating premature ejaculation.

Then there is the "Stop Start" method.  This involves one's partner stimulating the penis, except this time the man instructs his partner to stop at a time when he feels ejaculation becomes inevitable.  Then as he regains control he instructs his partner to resume stimulation.  To be effective this must be performed at least 3-4 times before allowing ejaculation to take place, and the whole exercise must be done 2-3 times a week.  Then after this has been mastered, intercourse may take place.  At first the female must be on top.  Again he must instruct her to stop when he feels that an orgasm is close.  Resuming again once control has been regained.  Then as experience is gained over time, instead of stopping intercourse, the couple merely slow and speed up again.  With a proven success rate of 90%, this is also a very good method to try.

Of course the main thing to remember with the above mentioned, "Exercise Methods" is that they both totally rely on the full support and co-operation from both partners.  A lot of time and dedication is needed if these methods are to be successful.

Then of course there is drug therapy.  Recent reports have stated that there has been successful treatment for premature ejaculation through the administration of very low doses of antidepressants such as Zoloft, Prozac and Anafronil.  A known side affect of which is delayed ejaculation.  Studies showed that when using even extremely low doses of such antidepressants it actually prolonged orgasm for up to 5-10 minutes, depending on the individual.  At present these drugs are used as the most popular alternative to the "Exercise Methods" Given approximately four hours before sexual intercourse, the results can be quite significant.  Although very few side affects have been reported, it is still recommended that the exercise methods are tried first or in conjunction with medication.

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Date 1/20/2016
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