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Mikayla's Sexy Saturday Night

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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I get asked quite a lot if I “really” use all the toys that I have.  The answer is a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!”  I love sex toys, gels, lubes, restraints, dildos, vibrators, anal toys – you get the picture, right?  I love adding in something fun and sexy to intimate times with my partner.  Especially when the relationship is not exactly new any longer and it is fun to bring in some sexy things to amp up the erotic value.  So, in order to demonstrate that I really DO use the toys – as well as provide a little erotic entertainment – I decided to provide little vignettes to my sexual escapades which I will call:  Mikayla’s Adventures in Toyland.  Enjoy!

I had not seen my boyfriend in over 2 weeks due to crazy schedules, travel and just plain life getting in the way.  Each time I talked with him on the phone I could hear the absolute need in his voice; and he could hear it in mine as well.  We talked about what we would do the next time we got together (and yes, it involved a LOT of sexual activity).  I had some ideas in Sexy woman orgasmmy mind already of how to make it super sexy for him.  After all, variety in a sex life is the spice of life!  Plan in mind, I could hardly wait until Saturday night.

I prepared my bedroom with candles lit all around, casting a romantic and sexy glow.  I donned my new blue and black corset, some sexy thigh highs and my man’s favorite boots.  Notice that I did not mention “panties?”  Yup.  Going totally commando.  I had placed my 50 Shades of Grey Hard Limits wrist restraints on my headboard, with plans of securing my man to my bed.  I did not use the ankle cuffs as I wanted to be able to move him about.  I placed some Sliquid Organics Sensations lube and one of my favorite masturbators, the Super Head Honcho, on my nightstand along with my favorite glass dildo, the 50 Shades Drive me Crazy Glass Wand.  My plan in my mind and my props all set, all I had to do was wait for the text, “I’m here.”

When the text finally came I was so giddy with excitement that it took all my personal will power to walk calmly to the door to let him in.  I greeted him with a sexy and devious smile and when he saw what awaited him, he closed the door and took me in his arms with a deep growl and said, “You look fucking amazing!”  With that the kissing began.  I moved us slowly, backwards, toward my candle-lit room, getting him to my bed he exclaimed, “oh, look, what is all this?”  I brought my finger to his lips with a “shhhhh,” and began to take off his clothing.  Slowly, seductively, I removed his shirt, his belt, his pants and left his boxers on –the bulge pushing out from underneath.  I pushed him gently onto the bed, suggesting he get comfortable up toward the headboard.  He did as I suggested and I tied him to the headboard.  This is a switch from our usual routine – as I am normally the one restrained – but variety is fun and sets off the balance!

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Once secured, I ran my fingers up and down his body, paying attention to every, single inch of him.  Finally, removing the boxers and greeting his erection with a smile and a lick.  As he writhed beneath his restraints I teased him, just a little, with my mouth – absolutely delighting in the power I had over him at that moment.  Truth be told, even unrestrained I had him right where I wanted him.  I turned around and placed myself into a sexy 69 position (ahhh, now you see no panties had a reason!) and we enjoyed each other that way through a few orgasms for me!

One theme that seems to bring much excitement to both of us I when I pleasure myself and make him watch!  It drives him mad and he always tries to get in on the action.  However, what happens when he CAN’T because he is TIED DOWN!  Ahhh, yes. I propped his head up so he would be comfortable, then spread my legs, placing my left over his chest, and the other splayed to the right.  I grabbed my glass toy and slowly inserted it into my mouth.  Driving him insane with the sight of me fallating that toy – and not him – I moved it slowly down my body and teased my opening.  He was panting and I could see the twitch of his penis from my side vision.  I slowly – and I mean S L O W L Y – entered myself with the toy.  Letting out a slow, “mmmmm” as I did so.  He was straining against the restraints, and silently cursing me under his breath!  I continued my masturbation show, bringing myself to orgasm – and watching him shudder as my body shuddered in orgasm.  It was extremely erotic!

When I thought he couldn’t take any more, I decided it was time to give him something spectacular!  I took the Sliquid lube and poured a nice amount onto my hand and his penis.  This particular lube cools on contact but warms up with friction!  The difference in sensation is wonderful for both me and him.  I slid my hands up and down – up and down his shaft.  Enjoying the hardness and the absolute arousal.  He moaned and writhed a bit as I tenderly stroked his penis.  I got up onto my feet and lowered myself onto him.  That warm gel greeting my wetness and the sigh that I got when I lowered onto him was intoxicating!  I teased myself with him – going slowly down, staying still – and then going slowly back up.  Building my pleasure but making sure I did not allow him to climax.  I had other plans for him.

After bringing myself to yet another orgasm by using him (yes, I am greedy), I wanted to make him explode in a completely new way!  I had used masturbators before, but never while he was bound.  I took the Head Honcho, squirted some more Sliquid into the toy, and teased his penis head with the toy.  He was so excited I thought he would explode as soon as I worked the toy down onto him.  I slowly, carefully (and making sure there was enough lube) lowered the toy down onto him.  His moans and utterances were making me crazy!  I continued to work the toy up and down on his shaft, knowing that the internal texture and the suction action of this toy would get him off quickly when I was ready.  After a bit of teasing, I sped up the action and felt him bending up into the toy, his thigh muscles tense, his balls shrinking and I knew soon he would cum and he did!  With a very load moan, a few dirty utterances and a thick, hot stream of his salty goodness he came.

I let him come down from his orgasm, removed the toy, climbed up his body to kiss him and release his wrists.  He was in a daze from the activity and all he could say was, “That.  Was.  Simply.  Amazing.  Baby.”  You know what?  It totally was!

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Date 12/7/2015
MMMmmm sounds like fun!! Love the story!
Date 12/7/2015
Bing 57392
Sexy love it when I get home and I know she's already hot and in the mood
Date 12/7/2015
julia love
i love a romantic massage or some dirty talk to get in the mood!!! Oh just reading this got me hot!
Date 12/7/2015
Seeing my wife walk around in a big shirt and panties or some lingerie always gets me hard. Shes gorgeous
Date 12/7/2015
Chloe 23
My boyfriend drives me crazy when he kisses my neck or bites me a little. He knows just where to put his lips!

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