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7 Embarrassing Or Weird Things That Can Happen To A Woman During Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues

Sex is such an amazing, fun and HOT thing to share with your partner. All the wonderful feelings, the orgasms, the tingly sensations! Nothing is better than sex, right? Well, while this may be true, there are, sometimes, some weird or embarrassing things that can happen to you ladies during the act!

1. RAZOR BURN UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: So if you are like 80% of women nowadays, you either wax or shave your vaginal area. It is the cool and sexy trend nowadays. Sometimes, however, the tender vaginal skin can get some very unappealing razor bumps and can, in some cases, get extremely irritated when your guy is going down on your down there. The more friction his face makes, the more red and puffy your razor burned punani becomes! How do Beautiful Woman In Bedyou avoid this? Waxing definitely is the better option along with applying a nice moisturizer after you shave.

2. BUSH HAPPENS: In opposition to having fresh razor burn from shaving, those ladies that prefer keeping it au natural down below have to be wary of maintaining their bush. If you are not expecting sex, and you therefore have not trimmed your lower region, the hair can get out of control and be a bit of a distraction for your man when he trying to make a path through the hedge to get to your clitoris! Girl, keep that area trimmed EVERY day!

3. QUEEFING QUEEN: The queef is not a fictional occurrence ladies, queefs HAPPEN. A queef is the non-technical slang term for when air gets pushed up into your vagina during sex and then comes out in a sort of “vaginal fart.” Ewwww, right? No worries ladies, there is no smell with a queef, but they can be quite loud. The best thing is to keep calm and carry on post-queef!

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4. FEMALE FARTING: OK ladies, you don’t convince anyone when you claim to “never, ever fart.” The truth is, we all do it and sometimes not at the most convenient of times. During sex our bodies are twisted and morphed into many different positions, which will often push air down there and that air wants OUT. We sometimes can hold it in – just squeeze those butt cheeks. However, sometimes we are distracted by, well the sex that is going on, and it just comes on out. If it happens to you, try to ignore it and realize that sometimes flatulence just happens.

5. BLOODY MARY: We ladies do not always know when our period is going to start – and sometimes we are utterly surprised by it. Many a woman has had the awkward situation where her man is having sex with her (or, worse yet, going down on her) and his penis (or face) comes out red and full of your menstrual blood! I know, THE HORROR, right? There are even women who have some discharge post period when a particularly vigorous sexual encounter happens. What do you do? Apologize and get him cleaned up. It won’t kill him – and maybe he won’t even be deterred and things will continue.

6. DID I JUST PEE MYSELF?: While it is not very common for women to pee during sex, it CAN happen in certain situations. If you are a bit older and have a fallen bladder, if you have waited TOO long to go to the bathroom, if you are intoxicated or otherwise impaired it is possible to have some urine leak out during sex. So, how do you avoid THIS embarrassing situation? DO KEGELS NOW! All day, every day. Kegels. Kegels. KEGELS! Kegels help to keep your pelvic floor muscles in tip-top shape. Secondly, GO PEE before you have SEX! Empty that bladder all the way. Lastly, don’t have sex when you are so drunk you are about to pass out.

7. LEG CRAMP!!!!: This can happen to anyone at anytime – the dreaded LEG cramp (or ass cramp, side cramp, thigh cramp!) When we are having sex we contort and move our bodies all over the place and this can lead to a very inconvenient leg cramp at the worst possible time! You are really getting busy, are about to climax and everything comes to a HALT when your ass cheek starts to throb! How to avoid this unfortunate sexual detour? STRETCH your muscles every day and keep yourself all limber!

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Date 2/8/2016
Ive fallen out of bed before, just me! that was pretty embarassing lol
Date 2/8/2016
i used to be embarrassedwhen we would have sex and i hadnt shaved, but its not a big deal now that ive been married for 5 years!!
Date 2/9/2016
I'm a man and I don't mind taking care of my women when it's that time of the month weather I'm using my tongue or my penis it does not bother me my first wife her period was 2 weeks long so I learned to deal with it now I look forward to that time of the month and yes I like for my women to be shaved and I keep myself shaved for her.
Date 4/3/2016
OMG I remember one time my husband giving me a huge orgasm....and I farted. Not just once, not twice, but FIVE. And these were huge, LOUD farts. Sooooooo embarassing
Date 12/13/2018
One of the first times my man and I had anal we used a new type of lube and after a small amount of "liquidity fecal matter" came out and got on his sheets. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!!! He said it was not big deal but I was scared to try anal again (even though I LOVED IT). We've done it again but I will never forget that night, good and bad!!!!

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