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Dildos Versus Vibrators Guide

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Question:  Do you know the difference between a “Dildo” and a “Vibrator?”  No, they are not the same, but they are close to it.  Sort of.  OK, not really.  Well....yes, yes they are similar.  Hmmm.  How do I explain this?  How do you decide which one is for you?  Read our Dildos Vs Vibrators Guide and discover the differences and similarities between these two very popular sexual enhancement devices!  Then you can choose which one you would like to play with – or – decide to get one of each!

6.  SHAPE / FORM:  More often than not BOTH dildos and vibrators have a rather phallic
shape.  Meaning, oblong, cylindrical, and “penis” like.  They also both come in similar sizes

Vibrators:  Vibrators come in a
variety of shapes from sleek and simple to penis shaped to downright futuristic looking!  In fact, some dual action vibes can look like mythical creatures, like animals like rabbits or butterflies, or even flower petals

Dildos:  On the other hand, dildos are often times more realistic in appearance than a vibrator.  Dildos come from ultra realistic including balls and veins, to simple phallic shaping, to smooth and vibrantly colored options!  Overall, a dildo usually looks like a penis.

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5.  MATERIALS:  There is a lot of crossover between dildos and vibrators when it comes to materials.

Vibrators:  Vibrators are often made of a more pliable and flexible material, like jelly.  This is because they need to move with pulsations and vibrations and the material needs to be thin enough to allow the vibrations to flow through.

Dildos:  Usually, a dildo is considerably firmer - because no one wants a flaccid dildo!  They can be made of silicone or another more rigid material.  Dildos can also be made of glass for the ultra firm touch (and there are some rare vibrators made of glass now as well).  When it comes to ultra realistic feeling materials - such as cyberskin or realskin - dildos hold the market as I have yet to see a cyberskin vibrator!

4.  PURPOSE:  Both dildos and vibrators are for penetrative sexual pleasure (usually vaginally), but vibrators can be for clitoral stimulation as well. 

Vibrators:  Vibrators provide a super stimulating experience by combining penetrative pleasure with a sensory pleasure- vibration.  Oftentimes vibrators are dual actions – meaning they provide internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.  With a variety of pulsation and power choices, vibrators have many more options for stimulation possibilities over a dildo.

Dildos:  Dildos are for penetrative pleasure, simply.  Dildos mimic a penis in shape and are used to provide the internal stimulation as a penis would.  Some dildos are double penetrative (meaning anal and vaginal penetration).  Again, there is some crossover into double penetrating vibrators.  Ultimately, however, a dildo is meant to fill the vagina in the way a penis would – without vibration – because real penises don’t vibrate!

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  Both dildos and vibrators offer a variety of stimulation methods from internal, to clitoral, to G-Spot.

Vibrators:  Since many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm it seems likely that if you are looking for “a one-stop shop” type of toy a vibrator would be the option for you because it, well, vibrates and gives great clit stim.   You can use a vibrator on your clitoris as well as for internal stimulation.  Special G-Spot vibrators can help with stimulation of the G-Spot, and dual actions provide internal AND clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

Dildos:  Dildos can be great options for internal stimulation because they come in a variety of sizes from small to EXTRA large.  Traditionally they offer a variety of firmness as well.  Plus, dildos are definitely a good choice for anal stimulation (as long as it is made for anal play).  Many dildos can be helpful in G-Spot stimulation because they can be made with a hard ‘curved’ end that will not bend under pressure, which is excellent for G-Spot stimulation.  Also, most dildos are made with suction cup bases for use with strap-on harnesses for lesbian loving or other types of strap-on play!

2.  COST:  There is a very wide range of prices for both vibrators and dildos depending on options, materials and functions.

Vibrators:  Vibrators can be super inexpensive (such as the basic vibe) or very expensive for models with all the bells and whistles.  Vibrators have so many options now that they can be upwards of $200 for the most expensive, luxury models on the market.  Think superior silicone, crazy vibration patterns, rechargeables, etc.  Are they worth it?  Well, any toy that can make me orgasm in under a minute is definitely worth a higher price tag in my book, and you can find a mix and match of all of the features in a variety of prices to find the best fit!

Dildos:  Dildos are usually less expensive than a vibrator.  Because they have no “moving” parts or motors, there is a lower price tag attached.  Of course high end dildos which are made of silicone can be a little more pricey, they usually will last for many years.

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  The number one difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that vibrators, well, vibrate.  While there is a bit of crossover now (some dildos vibrate), ALL vibrators vibrate.  Make sense? 

Vibrators:  There are so many variances in vibration possibilities with a vibrator.  You have a standard vibrator that may have only one setting for vibration or multiple speeds from low to high.  Some offer different settings or patterns from constant vibration, to intermittent, to pulsation.  Dual actions offer clitoral vibrations AND internal vibrations simultaneously.  The key thing with a vibrator is: it will vibrate in some way, shape or form!

Dildos:  Standard dildos do not vibrate.  Period.  This means that on average if you want internal stimulation that vibrates a dildo is not for you.

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