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7 Fantasies She Has That You Don’t Know About

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
7 Fantasies She Has That You Don't Know About

Men are not the only ones who have sexual fantasies, women have them too. In fact, some female fantasies you may be surprised to hear. Some may be romantic, others extremely naughty, and still others rather shocking! Deciding to tell her partner about these fantasies can be a gamble, as reactions to them can vary. If your lover confesses to a fantasy you find strange, don’t judge, remember fantasies are just that! However, if you like the idea you may have just found some new things to try in your bedroom.

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intimate sexual foreplay
Even women who are 100% heterosexual can sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a threesome and include another woman in the mix. The idea of having her partner there sort of stabilizes the situation a bit. In many cases the fantasy may not involve her partner actually penetrating the other woman, however, the idea is enticing to many.

erotic threesome fantasy
Not a popular one to bring up to a partner, but having 2 men at the same time is as enticing to many women as the idea of having 2 women is to men. The notion of having the attention of more than one man at the same time is erotically charged. Keep in mind this likely has nothing to do with her desiring another man over you.

lesbian sex couple
Occasionally, a woman just fantasizes about having sex with another woman without her partner around, or simply having him watch. Experimentation with lesbian sex is a very prevalent fantasy that often will also arouse her partner if it is discussed. Keep in mind just because she expresses an interest in this fantasy doesn’t mean she is a lesbian, bi-sexual or that it will actually happen.

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Bondage submission kinky sex
A more standard fantasy is being a submissive participant in a sexual scenario, including bondage on different levels. Women who have bondage fantasies or the urge to be submissive can find it hard to discuss with a partner for fear of being looked at like a weak woman. Truthfully, many women want to experience being dominated by a man as it suggests how desired she actually is.

Couple anal sex
While this may seem a little run-of-the mill for some readers, the truth is some women have never had anal sex, but fantasize about it. They are curious as to the feeling, the pleasure or pain, the reaction of their lover, and the taboo aspect of it. Seems easy enough to bring this fantasy up to a partner, but for some women the idea is very intimidating and even scary.

erotic rough kiss
Not necessarily being RAPED by some unknown person, but instead being taken forcefully by someone she trusts. Rape fantasies are scary to admit to because no woman would ever want to be raped. It is brutal and awful. However, the idea of a man taking what he wants, sexually, can be very arousing for many women. If your lover brings this up to you it clearly shows she trusts you.

Intimate couple sexual intercourse
While this may be a big thing in porn, in real life not too many women are begging their partners to ejaculate on their face or chest. The fantasy of having their man cum on their face is an awkward one because women often suggest that this act is very degrading. The truth is, if a woman wants or consents to any activity it is not degrading at all, as it is her choice and desire.

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Date 3/8/2016
I have fantasies of dominating my husband actually. I think it would be fun to tie him up and do anything I want with him. He's expressed some intrest so idk :)
Date 3/8/2016
I have an m/m/f fantasy but i think it would cause more trouble than its worrth
Date 3/8/2016
I had a threesome in college with two friends a lot better than bringing a partner or a friend bc there was no jealoussy it was OK. I wouldn't do it again now that I'm married but it was a grea t experience!
Date 3/8/2016
I have a lesbian sex fantasy. I feel like my husband would like to see me fuck a woman and that turns me on
Date 3/8/2016
Paul 71
My fiancee told me that she has a rape fantasy. Im a little weary of trying it because I dont want to be so rough with her but I think its worth trying because she would like it and I agree she really trusts me
Date 3/8/2016
anal fantasy but not ready for anal still using beads someday
Date 3/31/2016
sexual surrender to a group of men outside a club in the parking lot and pleasing all of them.
Date 4/21/2016
Tawny Transbian
Having my woman forcibly feminize me and transform me into a sexy woman but then we make love to a third woman who doesn't know I'm a man until I take my clothes off, then we do a threesome until they take my anal virginity with strapons, first my girl then the other woman take me anally alternating like that all night long.
Date 4/21/2016
Ah... the fantasies that I have...there are very few fantasies that I have had that I have not had the pleasure of experiencing, I've always fantasized about trans women (M2F), either in a three some with my hubby or just myself, to be with another woman, a three some with hubby a man or woman and myself. Plenty of bondage/SM fantasies of all kinds, pegging fantasies and forced feminization of men... no need to fantasize about anal as it's a regular in my sex life repertoire. I practice during self pleasure and hubby pleasure. One of those people who leave the house wearing a butt plug!
Date 10/8/2016
All women should know that men would love them to take charge and run the show. Love it to be tied down and blind folded . Pinch nipples and do what ever you want . Love prostate massage. Women have all the control ....................use it !
Date 2/28/2017
My girlfriend somewhat reluctantly shared a long-term fantasy that she has. Before she even told me, she assured me that it's nothing more than a fantasy, without any interest in ever acting on it, and i believe her. Also, beforehand, I knew that I must be completely accepting of the possibility that it might be "way out there" and I must not allow myself to ever hold any resentment toward her for it -- realizing that it could involve another man/men. I mulled that possibility over for a while & once I was confident it would bring me no jealousy, I told her I wanted to hear it. There really has to be a lot of trust for each other in any couple, I think. I still believe to this day that she never wants to act on it. She shared it: She was riding me in bed, then a guy appeared in the doorway & watched. Only I knew he was there. He started pleasuring himself & it was obvious he wanted to participate in whatever way I'd allow. I gave him a nod & he entered her from behind. The thrill of her surprise made her go nuts & she'd have the best orgasm ever -- and then again. Often, during sex, if I pleasure her with a toy in the rear plus either my cock or 2 toys at once, I'll remind her of that fantasy at the same time. Like "Oh baby! You're getting two cocks at once!" OR I'll even whisper the whole narrative while we're having sex. Just hearing me describe what's happening in the fantasy (in my words) always make her go wild! Now I'll whisper other various fantasies during sex & she loves it. I would have never guessed she'd be turned on to that or the other stuff I come up with -- mostly exhibitionism, with or without other's touching her -- or her holding another guy's dick while I'm in her. It's kind of ironic. She does not want to ever hear about another woman touching me, but she's fine with all this ''her & another dude" stuff. Lol. But that's okay. Anything to excite her is great for me too. It's thrilling to see her thrilled.
Date 2/28/2017
I have fantasies about penetrating my fiance's anus with my finger or a strap-on. I would like to see his response or even make him cum that way. My biggest fear is that I'd turn him out to the point that he'd rather have a guy do it, you know, wanting the real thing. But I also have rape fantasies as well.
Date 8/7/2017
Jackie Falls-Crowe
No. I don't. I have some realities I want to experience but no fantasies.
Date 12/16/2017
Catching my wife masturbating and just watching for a bit then coming in and saying she's going to be "punished." I tie her up forcibly and take the toy in my hand and use it on her. Then kiss her from head to toe and do as I wish to her.
Date 1/5/2018
I would really love to be tied up and kept silent by my husband while he had his way with me ;)
Date 1/11/2018
I really want to introduce my husband into anal play and finger him during oral and eventually penetrate him with a strap-on
Date 1/11/2018
I love to be dominated Marry me Julia !!!!
Date 1/11/2018
We often play in bondage / D&S. Sometimes the dom, sometimes the sub. You'll never get what you want if you don't ask. But sometimes better to just take. Lots of fun teasing and edging until climax is demanded cause "I need to cum"!
Date 1/11/2018
Can we please stop acting as if women all want to submit if they're into bondage? Not all women are submissive. Some would rather have the other person submit.
Date 1/17/2018
Wishful Virgin
I have always fantasized about being "the other women". I have pictured going to a city for the weekend with my husband . We would part ways in the afternoon for me to go have a makeover. This would include maybe a wig, new and different makeup and clothes. We would meet at a bar in our hotel and he wouldn't know it was me. He would try to pick me up and we would end up role-playing a one night stand.
Date 5/4/2018
Threesomes, I have in fact had a few. I have two couples as friends. I see them separately, On occasion, more with one couple than the other. Strip poker or something like that has come up. all were willing. I was at first surprised , but the wife just peeled off and off we went. With the other couple, it was something that came up in conversation and we said why not. I am a squirter, I cum a fair distance. The wives sort of liked that.made them laugh . The wife would stroke me until I shot across the room. then the husband would take over and screw her. Penetration was never discussed. It really wasn't necessary, it got me off and they had fun. It was at such a level that it did not interfere with our social relationship. Sometimes I would play with her clit, but not always. Just plain good American fun.. I did like the feel of soft hands stroking me, in fact as I write this, it's still a bit of a turn on.
Date 5/5/2018
My girlfriend and I live 1000 miles apart for family reasons. We don't see each other as much as we would like but text and email and skype daily. We've had a great time with phone sex and she told me of a fantasy of hers that I love and have told her to set it up any time. She calls me and tells me how much she needs to fuck and I feel bad because I can't help her. She asks me what I would do if she had a friend help with her problem. I said sure, I think that's hot but I want every detail or I want to watch. She says great and hangs up. 20 minutes later she skypes me to introduce me to her friend, and her husband. Not knowing what to think, she sat the phone beside the bed and they all started to strip each other. Before I know what's happening they are both pleasuring my girlfriend and before long I hear that familiar sound of her orgasm. The proceed to take care of each other for the next hour with all 3 of them expressing their joy in loud sounding orgasms. It's the hottest thing I've ever seen and can't wait for her to do it again.
Date 6/17/2018
Constantly fantasize about my wife raping my ass with a large strapon! Or surprising me by bringing home a bisexual guy and she gets off watching him take me anally...........

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