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Bring In The New Year With A BANG!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Sexual Health
Bring In The New Year With A BANG!Ring In The New Year With New Toys!

Oh yes, it is that time once again – the new year is just around the corner! If you are like the majority of people, you are thinking about all the things you will do differently this year: going on a diet, saving money, stop smoking, eating healthier, more exercise. There is no limit to the different New Year resolutions that we think about. However, do we ever think about revamping our stagnant sex lives? Probably not, because for most people sex is NOT on the forefront of our “to do” list – and why isn’t it? Having a healthy sex life is instrumental not only to our relationship but to our health in general. Doctors have proven that having a satisfying sex life has tremendous health benefits – such as lowering blood pressure, reducing depression, providing mild exercise and generally making us happier individuals. So, why is it that many of us don’t pay attention to our sex life? It is normally the first to go when we are stressed, tired or feeling down – when in reality it is one of the quickest fixes to making us feel better – inside and out!


As the holiday festivities come to a close, many of us find ourselves tired. We are seemingly not in the mood for sex – and if we are it is a quick fix just to satiate our primal need for hormonal release. It is this thinking that results in most of us going to bed unsatisfied and horny or feeling like something in our lovemaking is lacking. So, the first order of personal business this year should be to STOP THE SLUMP! Sit down and analyze your sex life. How often are you having sex? Is it satisfying? Does your partner want it more or less than you? Are you having sex and it is the same ole’ same ole’? Do you want to act out a fantasy and are afraid to ask? Once you have analyzed your sex life and discerned what may be lacking – it is time to take action! There are solutions for your sexual slump – you just have to be willing to take action! IF your partner has a higher sex life than you then you might want to try and meet his or her drive. They apparently are finding sex beneficial, so why not try to get in the mood a little more often? People are misinformed when it comes to sex – they think if they are not raging in horniness then they shouldn’t be having sex! Well, this is simply NOT true. We can’t always be super horny – we have to get into the mindset that sex is adult play – and as we begin to play with our partners, as we connect with then, then the horny level increases and soon we are raging with hormones!


Perhaps, you are not finding sex satisfying. It may be lacking a little something. Try to find out what. Is your partner stuck with one or two positions? CHANGE IT UP – try new positions. Is your partner not into oral sex? Try to vamp up the foreplay! Getting yourselves worked up with some hot oral sex can really change your sexual experience! Are you wishing you could introduce toy play into your bedroom! BUY SOME! Don’t wait for approval from your lover – get a toy, bring it into the bedroom and watch the fireworks ignite! Whatever the reason you are in a slump you can make it your mission to get OUT! If you and your lover are committed to being happy – and more importantly, if you are committed to making YOURSELF happy – then put in the time and imagination to make it happen!


OK, so maybe not for tots…but definitely for you! If you do not have any sexual enhancement products and have found your love life in the slumps – then consider getting something to spice up your relationship. I have written in countless articles and posts on the Discussion Forum about the benefits of sex toys and couple’s enhancement products. If you are of the mindset that “your relationship is not so bad that you need to “replace” your lover with a sex toy” – then get out of that mindset! Toys are so much more than a replacement – they are an ENHANCEMENT! Maybe you want to start a little slower – not quite ready for the big boy vibrators. Well, then why not pick out some great couple’s products. Items such as massage oils, gels, or creams can really do the trick. I know, you are wondering how some lotion will improve your sex life. Well, the first thing is, sensual massages help to reconnect you with your lover. Whether you are the masseuse or the massage-ee – you can feel the benefit of it right away. These massage products get your lover naked beneath you, they allow you to touch in a non-sexual or pseudo sexual manner. It is low pressure, low expectation – but almost always leads to something more.


Perhaps you are looking for something a little more….aggressive. Well, if you want to really boost your sex life – and perhaps live out a few personal fantasies – then I highly suggest a bondage toy, such as a restraint system or handcuffs. I know, I have preached the value of light bondage forever – and that is because it truly works! Playing submissive or dominant in the bedroom can really turn the tables on a bad sex life. Many women or men have some level of dominant or submissive fantasies – so why not level with your lover and execute those fantasies! I guarantee you that by simply introducing some restraints or even just a blindfold; your sex life will take on a whole new level.


If you have a satisfying sex life – but just want to bump it up a bit – then why not experiment with some anal play? Many men have the fantasy of having anal sex with their lover – perhaps your lover has even asked you about it and up until now you have said “no.” OR, your man might have expressed and interest in anal play for HIM – hey, times are changing, anal play with heterosexual couples I definitely on the rise! Whatever your situation, Too Timid has a plethora of anal toys for you to choose from. If you are new to anal – then start slow. Begin by picking a good lubricant – something like Astroglide or Swiss Navy. This way, even if you never get around to a toy, you can still lube up and try some finger insertion. I am telling you ladies, nothing will spice up a blowjob quicker than a little finger up the butt action! If you want to go further, then I would suggest a small butt plug or anal beads. All of these products are smaller and easier to use. Make sure to play safe and use lots of lube – and NEVER continue if your partner is uncomfortable. That will bring you from good sex to BAD VIBES in no time flat! If your man is looking for more anal play – why not try a strap on? I know, you are wondering why your heterosexual lover would want “gay” sex. Well, it is NOT GAY sex, it is anal sex – and if you have never tried it, don’t knock it. Our goal as a good lover is to pleasure our partners in any number of ways – and sometimes those ways may seem strange to us, but normal to our lover. SO, why not indulge in some anal fantasies. As always, make sure you play safe, use lots of lube, and have an open mind.


Now, if you are finding that the main issue with your sex life is that you simply don’t enjoy it as much as you think you can, there are many ways to fix this as well. For women, if you are finding your sex life lacking – perhaps you do not have orgasms as often as you would like – or at all. Well, then girlfriend we need to remedy that – cause we are all entitled to our orgasms! The key to finding your orgasm with your partner is being able to do it yourself first. Once you have read up and discerned what your issue is, you can make a determination on what products to purchase. For example, if you have found that you need clitoral stimulation to orgasm – hey, don’t fret – this is the norm! So, if you are looking for just a little help – then I HIGHLY suggest a bullet or vibrator! This is my standard go-to toy choice for clitoral pleasuring. These toys are smaller, and great for clitoral pleasure solo or during intercourse. Believe me, your lover will love watching you please yourself and getting to climax over and over – it is the perfect thing to help a stagnant sex life!


If you need some extra help – perhaps you are looking for a real shocker – then I would suggest purchasing a standard vibrator. This item is great for solo moments – and we all need those – and for playing with your partner. If this is out of your comfort zone, then rethink it a bit. Men are visual creatures, they love to see you naked, playing with yourself – I guarantee it! Plus, these toys are hands on – you can use them together. I always say that the best toys for couples are toys for HER –because when she is horny and happy – he is hornier and happier! A classic slim and simple vibe is always good – just for something standard and phallic. If you really want to take the plunge, go for a Dual Action vibrator! These provide insertion and clitoral stim at the same time. Shop together – imagine the possibilities – I guarantee you both will love it!


If you truly want something that you both can use together – then I would suggest any of the items in our Romance Collection. These kits have everything from massage oils to candles to weekend kits with a little sampling of everything (powders, massage oils, lubricants). Indulge your fantasies without major commitment and surprise your honey with a couple’s kit. If you are looking for more of a product to use during intercourse, then any of TooTimid’s vibrating cockrings – such as the Diving Dolphin – will do you well. These stimulate the man and the woman and bring you closer together – literally! This could be the first step to a healthier, happier sex life!


Perhaps you are looking for something to ignite the fire – well, then I would suggest to you an erotic DVD! There are so many options available now, and TooTimid’s review team does a great job of telling you which ones are good for women, men – or are just plain bad. Watching a sexy film with your lover is sure to get both of you hot and ready – and then the rest is up to you. If you are a woman who has shied away from adult films, why not give it a try now? Things have changed, and while there are still hot sex scenes, many of the directors have taken to putting storylines into their films. Particularly, PAUL THOMAS and CANDIDA ROYALLE are known for this technique. Give it a shot! If you prefer, adult educational DVD – these have live couples, having sex or performing foreplay, but it is more educational and tasteful. These DVD’s can liven up your sex life by increasing your knowledge, inspiring you to try something new, or even just getting you hot while you watch!


In approximately half the couple’s with sexual issues Erectile Dysfunction is the culprit behind bad or decreasing sex. When impotence rears its ugly head, there are things that you can do. First, talk to your doctor. Make sure that your issues are not medically serious. I know, it might be embarrassing, but hey, if you want to keep your lover and your life happy –then it is worth the embarrassment! Once you have discerned that it is not something serious – perhaps just stress – then you can take action. The use of cock ring or male enhancement creams can really help to fix the problem. While no product can guarantee results, if you are honest with yourself and your partner – I am confident that you will overcome the ED issues that are keeping you from sharing your love with your partner! You are not the first nor will you be the last to have ED issues – so why not take action? Trust me, you will be glad that you took action and soon you will be back to performing at top game!


I hope that this short article has helped to shed some light on what may be holding your sex life back from being all that you want and NEED it to be! Don’t wait until 10 years have passed to fix what is wrong in your relationship – work on it now! Be honest with yourself and your partner. Talk about what is going on – or not going on – with your sex life. Not every issue can be solved by sex toys or porn – so if you discover a more serious issue – go to counseling or talk to someone. Not all relationships survive – but if you truly want it to, then some of these ideas can really help you to get back on track. So, until next time I wish all of you only the HAPPIEST, HORNIEST and HEALTHIEST of new years! Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled – so please take my best advice and don’t allow your relationship to fester in unfullfillment – take action NOW! I think you will find that when your sex life is in order the rest of your life seems better as well!

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Date 12/22/2017
Anal sex
Date 12/27/2017
Kim Banks
I love the idea of massage gels and massage candles! Would love to try some of that!

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