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10 Must-Try Bondage Scenarios For Beginners

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Bondage is a great way to add a little spice into your sex life.  Oftentimes, though, people are not quite sure how to begin.  If you have ever researched bondage or watched bondage films or adult films you know that it can get pretty extreme, and for some people seem very scary!  I am here to tell you that there is bondage that any couple can enjoy and many different bondage scenarios that are great to try your hand at this sexy and erotic practice.  So, if you are a newbie and want to give bondage a go, read on.

All About Bondage

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage

Bondage is a fantastic way to spice up your love life! IF you are interested in learning more about all things bondage take a look here at our ultimate guide to bondage.

How To Try Bondage For The First Time

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Woman With Handcuffs
Bondage is, by simplest definition, the physical restraining or restriction of someone.  So, as you can imagine, this can take on many different forms.  Many couples are intrigued by the idea of bondage – specifically, sexual bondage – but they really have no idea how or where to begin.  If you are interested in experimenting with bondage, read on for some “how to begin” suggestions.

4 Foreplay Tips For Bondage Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Woman wearing lacy eyemask
Foreplay, being the activities, you engage in before intercourse, right?  Well, let me be the first to tell you that foreplay before sex involving bondage is different in some very important ways!  Bondage sex foreplay is on a whole, other level and it is part of what makes bondage sex so incredibly hot and so appealing to couples!

5 Popular Bondage Items and How To Use Them

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Sexy Woman With Restraints
Bondage is no longer viewed as the odd and scary sexual practice, but instead it is becoming something enticing and fun to try for many couples.  When people start to get into bondage play they often want to know what items are good / fun to have around.  Here are 5 of the most popular items and how to use them!

Sexy Beginner Bondage Ideas

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Sexy Tied Up Woman
With the newest 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out this Valentine’s Day women all over the globe are anticipating the continuing saga of Ana and Christian.  These movies have opened up the world of bondage to the general public in a way like never before!  So, in honor of this here are 50 MORE shades of beginner bondage ideas.

Weekly Wrap Up - 12/02/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage

Dominant Or Submissive Bondage Relationships
The Weekly Wrap Up is where we clue you in on all the new and exciting things happening on and at the TooTimid Offices!

This week, we want to know - Are You A Dominant Or A Submissive?

5 Movies That Got Bondage Wrong

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Sexy woman restraints
Over the years there have been many movies which portray sexual bondage as part of the plot or storyline.  Sometimes, these scenes are particularly erotic and sometimes not so much.  If you are interested in main stream (non-pornographic) movies that feature bondage and which ones got it a bit wrong, then read on!

Mikayla's Favorite Beginner Bondage Gear

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Beginner bondage sex toys for couples
Are you a naughty girl or boy? Do you watch movies like 50 Shades of Grey and wish you were being tied up? OR, do you look at your lover and wish YOU could tie HER or Him? Bondage play is such an amazing experience for couples, and you do not have to be hard-core Dominants or submissives to enjoy it!

Bondage Babe

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
Sexy BDSM Woman
Sometimes I get in the submissive mood and really want my boyfriend to take me in ways that are very Dominant. We enjoy those occasions where he can assert his Dominant side; and I my submissive, because we trust and care for each other. When we first started dating he was amazed at the sheer amount of bondage-related items I had. He had favorites right away, and these favorites usually make their way out when we are playing in this realm.

Dominant Or Submissive?

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
sexual dominant BDSM woman
How does one decide if they are a Dominant or submissive?  Do all people identify as one or the other?  Can you force yourself to change over from one to the other or learn to be Dominant or submissive?  Why is this type of identity sexually gratifying?  Should I try to be Dominant or submissive?  There are no hard answers for these common questions, but let's talk about the generally accepted answers and what it all means for your sex life!

Living Life As A Dominant (Domme)

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage
BDSM dominant

Have you ever wondered if you are a sexual Dominant? There are specific behaviors a Dom or Domme must follow in order to take charge inside and outside of the bedroom. Read this article and find out what characteristics make a Dom or Domme and find out if it sounds like you!

Top Roleplaying Ideas For Couples

Posted by Mackenzie to Bondage

Have you ever wondered what sex toys can help you live out a popular sexual fantasy with your partner? Well, you're in luck! Check out our list of the Top Roleplaying Ideas For Couples, as well as our adult toys and accessories to go along with them! Turn your fantasy into a reality with these sultry ideas!

How Do I Ask My Partner To Try Bondage?

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
Fifty Shades Submit To Me Kit
Do you want to get into the thrilling world of sexual bondage, but don't know where to start? No need to worry! Stirring up a little bedroom kink is easy when you know what you want and you are equipped with the proper sex tools. Check out our video to learn how to talk to your lover about sexual bondage and view our list of the best bedroom restraints!

Bondage Sex Positions For Beginners

Posted by Mikayla to Bondage

Bondage doesn’t have to be scary, or hurt, or be something only “Dominant and submissives” would like.  Heck no!  There are some simple and pleasing bondage positions and scenarios that any couple could enjoy.  Read on for just a few and bring some bondage to your bed!

7 Beginner Bondage Products for Couples

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage

If you're ready to steal away from simple sex and into the world of fantastic fetish, welcome! Bondage can be very erotic and like all sex, it only goes as far as you and your partner want to take it! Get ready and willing to take your vanilla sex to the next level and try one, two, or all of our 7 Beginner Bondage Products for Couples!

Top 10 Fetishes More Common Than You Think

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
The word “fetish” can stir up a lot of emotions. Change it to “sexual fetish” and your thoughts go racing! Some minds immediately go to something outlandish or disgusting. Others give a little grin when a sexual fetish crosses their minds. Whatever your first reaction is to the word fetish, the truth is, they’re very popular! Here are 10 Fetishes More Common Than You Think!

How To Restrain Your Partner

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
When a person is restrained there is a huge element of surrender, a surrendering of your body and will to your lover. Furthermore, in a trusting relationship, this surrender can be extremely erotic and intoxicating for both the restrainer and the restrainee. Honestly, it is an experience that you must try for yourself – and once you do, you will be begging to be tied in any manner of naughty ways...

The Products of 50 Shades of Grey

Posted by Angela to Bondage
The sex toys you've been curious about from the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy.

Being Submissive

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
After years of trying to deny it, I have embraced the fact that I’m a bit of a control freak.  It works well in my career but can occasionally cause problems in my personal life.  Recently my boyfriend told me I was too controlling in the bedroom with my sexual demands and it was making him uncomfortable.  I thought I was being a good communicator but I was obviously pillow talking him right out of his sexual excitement.  It was time to try something different that would put him in the driver’s seat, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my own sexual satisfaction.

How He Can Increase His Size And Stamina

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
Loving Couple Kissing In Bed
Here is some information for you.  This is just information to use as a guideline.  You should follow the recommendations for proper use with the particular product you purchase.

Beginner's Guide To Bondage

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
sexy woman BDSM restraints
If I say this phrase – BDSM – what comes to mind?  Leather, whips, chains, high-heeled boots, gags, heavy restraints and probably PAIN, right?  For most people, the image of Bondage, or BDSM, connotes all of these things and probably much worse.  They can't find even the remotest interest in exploring it because of the way it has been portrayed in the movies, media or in our own imaginations!
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