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Mikayla's Favorite Sex Toys For Couples

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Favorite Sex Toys For Couples

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I have to confess:  I love bringing sexual enhancement products into my bed every so often.  Sex toys are always enhancements to sex – bringing something new and fun – and never a replacement for your partner.  I have been asked many times, “if you have a partner, why do you need a sex toy?”  The answer is:  you never NEED a sex toy, but man is it fun to include one (or four) into your sexual routine.  Sexual enhancement products are great ways for couples to connect on a new level, to bring heightened arousal, to aid in lubrication or erectile issues, or to just live out a fantasy.  There are so many options for couples depending on your comfort level, but here are just a few of my favorites.  I will warn you, they are not the standard items!

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Edible Sex Lube For Couples
Couples can always benefit from massage gels, edible lubes, or sex oils.  This product is a bit different in that it is a balm (which is not as liquid as an oil or gel) and it is edible.  Not only that, but these balms create a tingling sensation WHEREVER you rub them in!  So, yes, it would feel great on muscles when used in a standard massage – but also it feels amazing on your special, intimate spots like your clitoris or penis.  Imagine giving your lover a slow hand job with a nice, tingling pleasure balm that you can lick off!  Yeah, now you are getting it.  I highly suggest all couples have some sort of edible massage oil – and this balm is the bomb!


View Vibrating Cock Ring For Couples
Intercourse stimulators allow you to use a vibrator type item during sex, hands free AND also have the added value of a cock ring.  Cock rings can be used even if you do not need a little help with your erection.  Plus, adding in a little clitoral stimulator makes the experience a win-win for both of you.  This particular enhancer has a soft and stretchy cock ring, which should be easy for any man to use, and a “rabbit-esque” clitoral stimulator for that extra stimulation for her.  This type of item is an extremely affordable, fun to experiment with, adds hands-free stimulation for her (and for him as well), and can be used in different manners.  Definitely a couple’s must have.


Vibrating Strap On Dildo Sex Toy
Hollow strap ons are a FANTASTIC invention!  Not only can they become very helpful with erectile dysfunction – as they slide over the flaccid or semi-erect penis – but, they can be fun for those couples who don’t want the fun to end after ejaculation.  So, if you are going to invest in a hollow strap on, I highly suggest one that is large and in charge!  This 8 inch, silicone dildo ALSO has a delightful curve for G-Spot stimulation AND it vibrates!  You can’t go wrong with that.  Whether you are using it for those times when his little guy doesn’t want to cooperate OR to keep the fun happening until SHE is satisfied – a hollow strap on is the new “must have” in couple’s toys.


Prostate Massager Sex Toy
Until your man has experienced a blow job while he has a prostate massager in place, he has not had THE ULTIMATE blow job experience.  This item is for ALL men – gay or straight – and it is an item like no other.  The  Why is something for HIM a couple’s toy?  For the same reason a vibrator is a couple’s toy – it is FUN and brings a new experience that you both can benefit by.  Part of having a successful relationship in the bedroom is pushing the envelope and experimenting with different sensations.  Prostate massagers are a new sensation for sure.  Plus, if you already experiment with some anal play – this just brings it up a notch or two.


Beginner Bondage Sex Kit
If I have said it once, I am going to say it a thousand times – light bondage in the bedroom is a must try for ALL couples!  It is something that can bring you so much closer together.  It is a true couple’s experience because you need to have a partner whom you trust.  This set for couples has everything you need to create a bondage experience.  Soft, flexible, easy to use restraints, a blindfold, and a padded paddle.  That is all you need to bring your typical Thursday night sex to a whole, new, amazing level!  Doesn’t matter who is the one being tied up – you can experiment and switch it up.  I am telling you guys, bondage is the way to go when it comes to vamping up your sex!

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Date 11/23/2015
I love cock rings because I can keep going even LONGER and make her cum over and over again before I get close to climax
Date 11/23/2015
Mmm I would love to try a little bondage ;)
Date 11/23/2015
Flirty 13
My husband and I just started incorporating bondage and it has been a lot of fun so far. He usually ties me up but I think we are going to try it the other way around tonight
Date 11/23/2015
I have a hollow strap on dildo I use on my wife when I can't get very hard or I already finished. It's really great because I like to perform until she's had hers
Date 11/23/2015
my bf and i love to have sex in the kitchen and the shower thats how we keep things hot after 13 years
Date 11/23/2015
Cindy 7
Ooooh tingly lubes are nice looking to add cooling or warming gels to our collection
Date 8/23/2016
I would like to try a strap on with my wife is ejaculate to quickly and I know she hasn't yet so Iwoud love to get her off as well.

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