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8 Sex Positions Both Partners Actually Enjoy

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
8 Sex Positions Both Partners Enjoy

There are a lot – and I mean A LOT – of different sex positions. Some are intended to increase pleasure specifically for women while others focus on men. If you are looking for sexual positions that are extremely satisfying for both you and your lover, check out these eight moves and find out why they work!

Couple missionary sex
You’re probably sick of reading about the missionary position, but there is a reason it’s the go-to move! Missionary is a very intimate position that is easy to do, requires little energy and flexibility, and satisfying for both you and your partner. Simply adjusting your hips to a different angle or moving your legs a little can increase stimulation and make this classic position feel like new.

Doggy Style
Couple doggy style sexual intercourse
Doggy style is another commonplace position because it’s GOOD. It promotes deeper penetration and is easy to do. Because of the angle, doggy style is great for G-spot stimulation and there is plenty of room for clit stimulation, too! Neither you or your partner has to lie down for this position, making it possible for the both of you to thrust and really get into it!

Cowgirl sex position
This is a great position for men and women because men get the benefit of easy thrusting and deep penetration and women get to control the speed and the angle. When you are on top, she gets to find a speed and angle that gives her the most internal and clitoral stimulation. Plus, this position frees up his hands to grab your hips for greater thrusting, massage your breasts, or rub your clit!

Romantic sex positions for lovers
This one can be a stretch for ladies, but it is ultimately worth it. Throwing your legs over his shoulders puts you at a great angle for intense G-spot stimulation. It also helps to make your vagina feel tighter, which is pleasurable for you and him. Alternatively, you can put a few pillows under your hips to prop you up and achieve similar results in a more missionary-style position.

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Lie Flat
sexy positions for couples
This is a very comfortable position as the woman gets to lie on her stomach while the man (in either a sitting up or missionary position) enters from behind. He can straddle your legs for a tighter feel and easily rock in and out. You can also put a few pillows under your hips to do a more relaxed doggy style position and increase G-spot position.This is personally one of my favorite positions because I am very lazy and this position is a win-win for me.

Sitting Up & Facing One Another
Sexual positions for couples
This is a great position to do at the edge of the bed or on the couch. The man sits and the woman sits on top of him. It’s not only intimate, but it’s easy to do. This puts you in control of the speed and angle while your partner is free to grab your hips and thrust more deeply or tease other parts of you! He can sit back and relax while you take control. Awesome.

Wrap Around
Couples new sex positions
In this position, the woman lies on her side. The man straddles your bottom leg while your top leg wraps around his hip. While in between your legs in this position, you and your partner get the benefits of missionary and doggy style. The penetration is deeper, but this position is still very intimate. Plus, he has plenty of room to touch and tease the rest of you!

Side sex positions for lovers
Both partners lie on their sides in a spoon position and the man enters from behind. This is a very easy position that is intimate despite not being face-to-face. He can hold on to you for stability while he thrusts or he can massage your breasts and clit! You have leverage to sink into his every thrust, increasing stimulation for the both of you.

What's Your Favorite Sex Position?
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Date 3/10/2016
I love missionary and doggy style... they are the standards in the bedroom but I still like it!
Date 3/10/2016
doggie style bc I can get really rough with her and she loves it
Date 3/10/2016
We've only done this a few times, but sex while standing and he holds me up against a wall is amazing. It's so intense and passionate and he fucks me so hard, it's definitely my favorite.
Date 3/10/2016
All of them ;) ;)
Date 5/3/2016
In my knees giving him great oral sex
Date 5/4/2016
I'm 6'2 200 lbs she is 5'0 300 lbs. what's the best position to please her.
Date 6/23/2016
I loved doggy style, until one day he suggested missionary. Ok. Sure. But then he got up on his knees and put my ankles over his shoulders. OMG, LADIES!!! OMG!
Date 7/28/2016
Annette - this is called the "Folded lawn chair" and it is the BEST for G-spot stimulation. I came here to say this position! Missionary with legs on his shoulders is the easiest way for me to have a gushing O!
Date 7/28/2016
I like all positions that dont require me to get all crazy like Im playing Twister! Right now Im pregnant so Doggy Style and Cowgirl are good and Wrap Around is really good. He says he likes to see my boobs jiggle when we are doing it Wrap Around! Lol. Not pregnant, I dont know. They are all pretty good. I dont really have a favorite but missionary is always nice b/c I can see and kiss him really easily. Plus feeling his body on me...I love it.
Date 7/29/2016
Lewis, ignore that other comment. I'm only 200lbs and I've looked up the best positions for larger women, and many of the articles you find will say doggy, or missionary with some adjustments depending on size, and even pleasure. Just do a little research and I'm sure you'll find what's right for the both of you :)
Date 4/10/2017
I love doggy style, his favorite is reverse cowgirl, he loves to watch it from behind, while still holding on to my hips. he gets great angles with my feet on his shoulders licking my toes..... I never thought I would like someone licking my toes, but when he does it, it is crazy and it makes me squeeze his dick so hard. he loves anything which will make me squirt all over him.
Date 8/4/2017
My favorite would have to be missionary and cowgirl. My husband enjoys using a dido on me while I massage his penis with a warming lubricant. I like these positions because I love feeling his hairy chest on my boobs. We enjoy role play and dress up in sexy lingerie along with sex toys and good warming gel to get the party started.
Date 8/4/2017
Guitar man down face up,girl over him facing up to,rear penetration,right hand in the pussy,left hand in her left nipple,you playing guitar whit
Date 11/24/2017
I love missionary and spooning for the intimacy. I like to feel close to him and all wrapped up in his arms. I like to put my legs around him or feel his hands exploring the front of my body. I like to be able to kiss, and feel his hot breath on my face.
Date 11/29/2017
Doggy style with a mirror or her on top. Love to see her boobs bounce as I pound her or she rides me hard
Date 12/2/2017
I enjoy all positions especially when he takes full control. I’m a strong, independent woman. It’s nice to let go of the control with the one person I trust the most.
Date 3/29/2018
I love them all, sometimes some more than others depending on what kind of "sex mood" I am in.
Date 6/10/2018
We almost always do missionary or doggie style. I am more willing to try new positions than my wife, hopefully my wife will change and be willing to try new positions.
Date 8/19/2018
I love them all.. I truly believe in fucking my man back in whatever position we are in. Like missionary, I move and lift my hips and put my legs in different angels, it spices up the oldie but goodie position. Same with spooning and doggy. Cowgirl is my go to if I want to cum multiple times back to back. I like straddling him while he's sitting on the couch and slow grind it while we passionately kiss, then stand up and bend over, grabbing my ankles and let him have his way with me.

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