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10 Lubes You Both Need Right Now

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
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Sexual lubricant is a fundamental aspect of all kinds of intimate play, so it is essential you are equipped with the best lubes for you and your partner!  Sex lube is not something to overlook as it offers the glide men, women, and couples need for truly pleasurable sexual experience.  Spice things up in the bedroom or find the perfect lubricant for your needs right here!

Find Out Why You Should Use Lube!


One of our best-selling sexual lubricants, Astroglide is a super slick lube for women, men, and couples!  This water-based lubricant gives you the glide you need to enjoy sexual intercourse or masturbation and works as a moisturizer for vaginal dryness.  It is the perfect go-to sex lube for all kinds of sexual play!

Gun Oil

Long-lasting and water-resistant, a little of this ultra-thick sexual lubricant goes a long way!  This silicone-based lube is concentrated for super slippery play.  It's perfect for use during masturbation or sex for smooth penetration and extra wet sensations!  It's unique formula contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to protect and moisturize your skin.

Moist Heat Warming Lube

Heat things up with this gently warming lubricant!  This long-lasting, water-based lube gives you and your lover the glide you need while it mildly heats on contact!  The subtle warmness will add a little spice to your sexual play while it moisturizes and lubricates your intimate regions.

Climax Bursts Cooling Lubricant

Keep it cool while you heat things up with this sensational cooling lubricant!  This refreshing lube cools on contact for an exciting chill that will arouse your senses.  This intimate lubricant is water-based and can be used alone or with a partner for enhanced sexual pleasure.

Wanna Be Explosive Clitoral Arousal

This lickable clitoral arousal gel for women is the perfect way to heighten sensations during masturbation, oral sex, and sexual intercourse!  It offers kinky, tingling sensations on contact, increasing clit stimulation and sexual pleasure.  Just a little dab goes a long way!

Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricant

Turn your lover into a tasty treat with an edible, flavorful lubricant!  This edible lube comes in a variety of delectable flavors that are perfect for foreplay and oral sex.  Plus, each yummy lube is sugar-free and easy to clean up.

Pjur Med Natural Glide

This water-based lube offers a more natural glide for men, women and couples.  It contains only the necessary ingredients for slickness, making it a great option for those of you with sensitive skin.  It is non-greasy and moisturizing, and it is perfect for all kinds of sexual play.

Sliquid Organics Gel

Get closer to nature with this gentle, water-based lube!  It is made using basic ingredients and is infused with certified organic botanical components for a wholesome feel.  This mild sexual lubricant is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Defense Protection Lubricant

Made with organic extracts, this anti-bacterial lubricant helps protect the skin during sex.  It is water-based and contains Aloe to moisturize and heal skin.  Its special formula is designed to give couples a more natural feel while offering the extra glide needed for truly satisfying sexual play.

Silicone Anal Glide

This silicone-based lubricant was specifically formulated for anal play.  It is ultra-thick for a seamless glide, making all kinds of backdoor stimulation safe, comfortable, and pleasurable.  This long-lasting anal sex lubricant helps ease penetration and gives you the slickness you need to indulge in the thrills you seek.
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Date 3/22/2016
I don't get as wet naturally anymore so I have been using Astroglide for years. It makes a huge difference :)
Date 3/22/2016
sometimes if im not wet enough or we dont have enough foreplay
Date 3/22/2016
Candy 83
We use a silicone lube for anal toys and anal sex - can't imagine it without it!
Date 3/22/2016
i would love a warming lube but 1 that works really well not a massage gel but a lube, tried cooling lube its fun
Date 3/22/2016
Nice thick lube for masturbation and using my fleshlight toy. Its great!
Date 7/28/2016
Hubs likes the Fleshlight lube for his FL but says its still sticky. Just got the FL fire and ice in the mail today. We will try them out later! In our safe, just sitting there we have: Pjur silicone analyze me lube- it was just ok, the Wanna Be clit stuff-did nothing for my clit but tasted ok, Sliquid Organic Botanically Infused- just feels like an ok lube that barely has a warming sensation, Climax Bursts Anal and Climax Bursts Tingling-both sticky as hell. We've tried almost everything you can buy at WalMart-all just ok. We both LOVE organic unrefined coconut oil!! We buy a huge container at Costco or Sam's and stick it in our closet and use a fresh measuring cup to dip out a huge scoop when needed. We love to get it everywhere and if we thought it wouldn't ruin our toys we would use it on them too!

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