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Sex Around The House

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Spice Things Up With Our Top-Rated Vibrators

A few years back, I remember reading a study done by the University of California of 1000 married or co-habitating couples.  The study was to determine where most couples have sex in or around their homes.  While I can’t remember all the specifics of that study, one number sticks out in my head vividly – 78%. This number represented the percentage of those 1000 couples who ONLY have sex in the BEDROOM!  I was astounded by that number, and generally assumed that those couples must live in one bedroom studio apartments!  That leaves only a mere 28% of couples who have sex in places OTHER than the bedroom!  If you are one of those people who is figuratively (or literally) chained to your bedposts – let me enlighten your way OUT of the bedroom and into other parts of your house!  Let me assure you – while your bed might be soft and cushy and oooooohhhh so comfortable for sex – you can spice things up and have some fantastic romantic rendezvous with your lover all over your house!


OK guys; let me remind you that the kitchen can be a super hot place for lovin’!  While many people cringe at the thought of having sex on the kitchen counters or on the tiled floor (as I once did – who wants their ASS where they make their food) – let me be the first to tell you this:  Couple Kitchen Sexthat is why we have Clorox wipes!  If you are fretting over getting bodily fluids on your pristine counters – have your fun, then clean up!  I guarantee that it will be much better than cleaning up after dinner!  Why the kitchen you may ask?  Well, why NOT!  There are so many things within an arm’s reach to help you spice things up.  In fact, that famous scene in 9 ½ weeks staring Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke comes to mind.  The refrigerator has FOOD, WHIPPED CREAM, ICE CUBES, and a whole bunch of other pleasurable pantry items to indulge your lover’s senses with.  There is nothing more sensual than lying naked on the floor or counter and being sprayed with whipped cream from head to toe!  Or, having your lover tease you with a sex toy of the most natural materials (i.e. a cucumber!).  The possibilities are endless when food is involved – and let us not forget the ICE!  New sensations in new rooms make sex HOT and in the moment – and every couple needs that.

Furthermore, if you are not one into food play – the kitchen offers stable, high counter tops.  I can not begin to tell you how many times I have had my butt planted up on the kitchen counters with my hubby fingering and licking me to heaven!  The height is just right for blowjobs (if you want to stand up) or for oral reciprocation for you!  Just hoist your behind up there and let the fun begin!  There are also many kitchen items that can be used in a pinch for stimulation.  You'll see just how much fun a spatula can be!  Really – it can!  Think about having your lover bending over and paddling her ass with it!  Or, the wonderfully erotic sensations of a pasta spoon!  Really, there is no limit to the possibilities except what your own mind will allow!  So, the next time you find yourself hot and horny in the kitchen – STAY THERE – don’t retire to the bedroom!


If you have never looked at your dining room table as a place to have sex – LOOK AGAIN!  Whether it is a planned event, or if you were just overcome with passion – the table is a great place for indoor fun!  In fact, I have – on more than one occasion – made dinner for my hubby, sat there totally nude – eaten dinner and then offered myself up as dessert!  What better finale to a fine meal than “pie” a’la mode?  Seriously!  I know it is a daring thing to do – but it will be well worth it, and your man will LOVE his dessert and eat every, single bite!  Now, if you are thinking more about actual sex – the table is a great place!  You are the perfect height for sex – you pick the position.  Either on your back with him entering you at the edge of the table, both of you on top of the table, or you flat on your back with him entering from behind!  The possibilities are there – just make sure you have a sturdy table that can withstand the weight!

Also, do not forget the dining room chairs!  Simple and plain, yes – but opportunity for some great sex – YES!  You can do a little post-dinner strip tease and then lower yourself onto your hard honey while he sits in the chair – facing either way!  Or, you can (if you are flexible) get on top of him and place your feet on either side of his hips on the chair seat!  Bouncing up and down and grinding all you want.  Dining room chairs are wonderful for these positions – or – for being tied to!  A napkin as a blindfold, a few tied together for impromptu restraints and you can be the host of unending oral while tied spread eagle on the chair.  Do not forget the dining room guys and gals – it can be a sensual ending to any long week!

7 Places You Want To Have Sex... But Aren't So Great


While the bathroom was the number 2 pick for places to have sex outside of the bedroom – I think it should be much more utilized than its meager percentages suggested!  The bathroom has varied and wonderful places to have whoopee!  The shower or tub are the most obvious choices.  Long, steamy showers offer a sensual background to sex – the hot water spraying down all over your parts, soapy hands running around your body, slithering bodies writhing together in ecstasy!  There are so many soapy possibilities for the shower.  If you have a small shower – do not fret – the closer you can get, the better!  Squeezing in on top of each other – or – perhaps being picked right up and pressed seductively against the wall as you slowly grind under the hot sprays.  Any size shower can work – and will work – if you are willing to try it out.  Bathtubs are not just for kids’ ladies and gents!  Bathtubs of all sizes can make for happy love making.  Granted, we would all LOVE Jacuzzi tubs for 4 people – but most of us have standard size tubs.  If this is what you have – get in TOGETHER.  Grind atop your man and slink around his soapy body.  Or, if you just can’t fit the two of you in the tub – the bubbles offer cover for daring hands to go diving!  One of you outside the tub, the other inside the tub – both of you getting sensual with each other.

Let us not forget that bathrooms also have counters – counters of just the right height for SEX!  I can not tell you the number of times (or the number of places) where I have scotched my behind up onto a bathroom counter while my hubby pounds me from between my legs!  The mirror behind most counters also offers a seductive viewing of what is happening and this is the perfect opportunity for clitoral fondling and hip smacking FUN!  So, the next time your honey is taking a shower – or even shaving – just go on in and join him or her.  Show your lover just how versatile the bathroom really can be!  Oh, and if you have a pulsating shower head – LOOK OUT!  These are the BEST bathroom clitoral or penis massagers you can have – and they are great SOLO or with your partner!


I am willing to bet that most people have had sex on a couch – at some time – with somebody.  So, why is it once we get married or get into a comfortable relationship the couch becomes “off limits” to many people?  Sex can be such a wonderfully spontaneous event – why waste a passionate moment taking time to move from couch to bed?  The couch is PERFECT for all kinds of lovin’ – and it should be used more often.  Any position that you can do in bed, you can do on a couch.  In fact, some positions may even work better on a couch.  For example, I love to have my hubby sit on the couch – naked – while I tease him orally.  When we are ready for sex – I can jump atop him and ride or grind him all I want and he is supported by the back of the couch.  We can switch positions and I can face away from him – also while he is supported.  You can lie down on the couch, sit on the couch, or BEND OVER the end of the couch.

Truly, once again, the couch can be a heavenly place for sex!  Let us not forget 2 things that the living room has that many bedrooms don’t – public windows and a TV.  While some bedrooms do offer televisions, the living room is often away from children’s rooms – so watching a racy adult DVD while cuddling on the couch can be an excellent way to begin the evening.  Also, let’s not forget if you are feeling a little daring – leaving the shades partly open to reveal your nasty deeds to passers by can really make it HOT and urgent!  Whether you are utilizing the couch, a chair or a chaise lounge – the living room is such a smoking place for sex that I am amazed more people do not get down and dirty there!  I love having sex in my living room – and do it quite often.  When the mood strikes I am ready for action – no time to walk up the stairs to the bedroom – just take me NOW, in the living room!


I can not recall how many Adult DVDs I have seen where some semblance of sex was started or finished on stairs!  Why stairs?  Well, while admittedly not always the most comfortable – stairs offer something very unique to the frisky couple – difference in height.  You can find the perfect height for oral sex just by ascending a few stairs.  There is normally a handrail to hold on to, and at least one wall to brace your feet on – it is the perfect place to start – or finish – sex.  Imagine your lovely lady bending over a couple of stairs – her ass in the air ready for the taking!  You can come up and finger her, lick her, or grab her from behind for some lovin’!  While I do not usually partake of sex ONLY on the stairs, I have been attacked by my hubby on our way up to our bedroom at night and have enjoyed some great oral and even some anal once – all on our stairs.  Now that is what I call a Stairway to HEAVEN!


Finally, please, please, please DO NOT forget all the places outside of your home where sex can be started or finished.  Semi-private backyards provide ample cover for at least a little friskiness!  Hot tubs are WONDERFUL for sex – cause those bubbles hide things very well.  Swings, hammocks or porch swings can be GREAT places to get down and dirty – as long as you are private enough not to get arrested!  Plus, the garage or even a shed can offer important cover for that sexy something you have been thinking of.  Having sex outdoors can be the one way that you can really spice up your sex and take it to the newest level.  The chance of being caught alone is enough to make most couples crawling with anticipation!  Remember those times when you had to sneak to have sex?  Well, relive that feeling with some outdoor escapades!


This article is intended to demonstrate just how good sex can be OUTSIDE of your bedrooms!  Now, while I am a gal who loves sex on her comfy bed with the thousand pillows – I also LOVE impromptu sex that takes me or my hubby by surprise in other parts of our home.  Now, while having children poses a problem – those of you who are free to roam your home naked should do so!  Go from room to room – utilize the space and the unique opportunities for such things.  Getting sexual outside of your “comfort” zone can be – and usually is – the number one way to spice things up!  So, tonight when you are cooking dinner – look at that spatula in a different light.  Or, when your man is taking his nightly shower – JUMP IN THERE WITH HIM!  Attack your lover on the couch after the news!  The possibilities are there – just let your sexual imagination roam and do it all over your home!!

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Date 3/2/2015
mr. + mrs. diaz
we are one of those "boring" couples only the bedroom but might change it up now since reading all of this ...
Date 3/17/2015
The kitchen so much food and so many ways to fuck!
Date 4/11/2015
Delilah and George
There is something REALLY sensual about bath time and we have a garden tub so generally we do a lot of stuff in there when we really need a "staycation."
Date 5/5/2015
I really like the couch :) Hubby likes the garden lol.
Date 6/12/2015

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