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3 Oral Techniques For Her That NEVER Fail!

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
3 Oral Sex Techniques That Never Fail

Oral sex is a quintessential activity for all couples. It is highly pleasurable, extremely intimate, and provides mind blowing orgasms. In fact, for upwards of 80% of women, this may be the only activity that will render an orgasm during a sexual encounter! So, you had better pick techniques that are sure to please. While not everything works the same for every woman – we do like variance – there are certain things that are the “go-tos” when it comes to oral pleasure. Here are the 3 oral techniques that you can do on her that won’t fail you when you need to please!

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If there is ONE area on your woman’s vaginal area that you need to make absolutely sure to give attention to it is her CLITORIS! This is the most sensitive part of her female anatomy and it responsible for most of the sexual gratification she will have. So, you have to make sure you concentrate on this area. While there are different strokes for different folks – meaning not all women like the same pace or pressure – one technique that seems to be universally pleasing is to flick your tongue on the clitoris either up and down or back and forth. This provides direct stimulation to her clit (much like her tongue flicking back and forth on your penis head) and you can change the pace and pressure to her preference. You should be able to feel her clitoris engorging as you stimulate her and this is your cue that you are doing good! Whatever else you do during oral, this is a must-do technique!

How Oral Sex Can Help Her Orgasm!


Underneath the very sensitive clitoris are the vaginal lips – the labia. There are inner lips and outer lips. The inner lips frame the vaginal canal and are very sensitive. During oral sex it is IMPERATIVE that you not ignore her labial lips! You should suck on them gently, use your tongue to lick then, and use your fingers to massage them. If you alternate these actions with the above mentioned clitoral attentions your woman is sure to be writhing beneath you. This will make her extremely wet and slippery, making it easy for your tongue or fingers to caress her intimately and pleasurably.


When women have the one-two combo of external stimulation (via your tongue and fingers as mentioned above) AND internal stimulation (via a toy or your fingers) they are more likely to have a powerful orgasm! That is what you want. So, while you are doing the above techniques also employ some internal stimulation. You can do this via your finger(s) – usually 2 will do – or a toy (like a small vibrator or dildo). Then you continue on with your tongue flicking and vaginal massaging while stimulating her internally with your fingers or toy and she is sure to explode around you in a breathless, sweaty, moaning, exhaustive orgasm!

Say it with me: Flick the clit, lick the labia and finally, fingers! Orgasm and repeat!!!

How Do You Like To Please Her Orally?
Let Us Know!

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Date 4/13/2015
David Schiesl
Great ideas ALL ! I got it down ! THANX ! wish I had a lady that loved getting ORAL as much as I like giving ! Great tongue Sexersize ! come 1 come ALL (THE TIME) ! PEACE TO ALL THOSE UNKISSED CLITS out there ! LET ME AT THEM ! CANDY ! *****************THANK YOU GIRLS***********************!
Date 5/1/2015
love giving guys who are willing to eat. i'd never date a guy who wouldn't! one of the best ways to get a woman to orgasm.
Date 5/23/2015
Possibly one of my favorite things. Gets her off sooo quickly so she just cums again and again. She tastes so good too. Im getting hard just thinking about it.
Date 6/10/2015
never understand why guys halfass oral. really useful when done RIGHT
Date 6/13/2015
being a lesbian, oral is my number one go to for the lady in my life. listen up, straight guys: coming from a woman, and a lesbian at that, you ALWAYS want to go down on her whenever you can. my straight friends are ALWAYS complaining about how lazy their boyfriends are when it comes to this. these tips are on point, and they work. USE THEM!
Date 7/22/2017
I used to have multiple orgasms with tongue and finger oral sex; but since I have been using a clitoral vibrator... tongue oral sex does nothing for me… No reaction
Date 7/23/2017
My girlfriend was to deep throat me, but says I'm too thick. Any recommendations for her?
Date 10/16/2017
One of the techniques I've perfected after the usual slow build up and sucking on her clit etc. Is to then create a sucking vacuum around her clit and start using my tongue massaging the clit up and down while keeping that vacuum. Then release and repeat, through in a few of her other favorites and end with my techique more prolonged and hopefully she won't rip your hair out when she exploads. It's worked with every woman I've been with.

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