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Mikayla's Favorite Oral Sex Supplies

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
See All Oral Gels For Men And Women!

Ahhh, did you even know that there WAS such a selection of delicious goodies?  Items to make oral sex seem brand new and extra fun and exciting for both of you!  Oh yes, over the years I have had the joy of testing and loving so many products that add that extra something-something to oral sex!

Try These New Oral Sex Techniques On Her!

flavored oral sex lubricant for couples


One of the very first items I ever reviewed for TooTimid 10 years ago were the Sex Tarts Oral Sex Lubricants.  In all honesty at that time I had never tried an oral sex lubricant with any of my female OR male partners; nor had any or my partners used it with me.  We tried it out and they were a HUGE hit.  I, personally, loved the tartness of the gel, how smooth and soft it is, the fact that it wasn’t sticky and left no residue.  It really was fantastic.  It was easy to go from oral to sex without worries of getting it “up inside” as it is safe for that as well.  It even added a little extra fun and slipperiness when giving a BJ.  Who knew?  Well, now I do and I am telling you, oral sex gels are so super fun and this one is fantastic!

throat numbing mints for oral sex


Scientists and sexologists have been experimenting with oral sex numbing products for years now, trying to find ones that will reduce the gag reflex (you know, when his penis is down your throat and you gag).  It is something that many women hate because it can stop oral sex dead in its tracks!  I, personally, do not have a gag reflex – or I fight past it – so these products just make it even BETTER for me.  There are gels and sprays as well, but personally, I think the mints work the best.  Not only do they make your breath super minty and give your lover a little cold menthol-y chill, but because they are a mint and you suck on it (get the pun there?) the dissolved mint will go smoothly down your throat, effectively coating everything.  I have found that I can really feel the gentle numbing after a few seconds of sucking and you can even put one in your mouth DURING the Blowjob so that you get continual blasts of the numbing sensation – and so will he!  Yup, if you have any trouble deep throating this is the way to go!

Intensifying Oral Sex Gel


Sometimes the purpose of an oral sex gel is not for taste, but for sensation!  A woman’s clitoris is the epicenter of her pleasure and climax and when it is pampered in a way that adds sensation, the stimulation becomes super heightened!  This gel offers a cooling sensation when applied or rubbed on the vaginal area.  Then, the sensations switch and you feel almost a heated sensation, which is due to the blood running to the clitoris.  When a woman’s clitoris is engorged like this, the chance of climax are much higher.  These type of gels work great for women who may have difficulty climaxing, as they create a much more sensitive clitoris for all the stimulation through oral sex or even masturbation.  Plus, this one tastes great!

View sexual enhancement cream for women


While not technically an oral sex gel, this is a product that I firmly stand by.  The Viva cream is a stimulation cream that is rubbed around the clitoris and a gentle warming sensation occurs.  Blood is rushed to the clitoris, making her very, very sensitive.  This product is well tested and has been repeatedly successful with women who may have some orgasm difficulties.  For women like me, who luckily have not had any adverse issues, this cream makes oral sex or any sexual stimulation AMAZINGLY powerful.  I strongly advocate this product for EVERY woman.  Period.
Vibrator and oral sex gel kit for couples


If you are looking for a fun little kit to spice things up, this is an excellent and affordable pick.  It comes with 2 tubes of edible pleasure gels which taste pretty darn good, are non-staining and surprisingly non-sticky.  There is also a little mini-massager that I would use all by itself, it is pretty powerful and can add wonders to oral sex, masturbation or even be added into standard sex.  Finally, there is a little “tongue” attachment to add to the mini-massager.  It is fun and flirty and can give your partner a small break if needed.  Not as good as the real deal, of course, but fun all the same!
How Do You Enhance Oral Sex?
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Date 11/23/2015
Mindi QT
I love edible gels! They are so much fun to use!!
Date 11/23/2015
Taylor L.
Practice makes perfect when it comes to bj, but a numbing spray or mint or even a cough drop can help alot
Date 11/23/2015
Katie Kat
Looks Yummy! what flavor sex tart gel do you recommend?
Date 11/23/2015
We like 69ing so we both enjoy
Date 11/23/2015
I like to keep an icecube in my mouth for a little surprise for my partner ;)
Date 11/23/2015
I've tried different gels that I like I even tried the spray I didn't like the chocolate mints but it numbs the throat but whether I use any thing or not i've gotten good at giving my man a bj he loves it awesome is what he say

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