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Mikayla's Favorite Masturbators For Men

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
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Are you thinking how in the world I can give ANY suggestions on a male toy – a personal masturbator?  Well, I’ll tell ya, I love to get my guy off in any way possible and this will include using a masturbator together.  Yup.  Make no mistake, I love blowjobs and sex, but sometimes it is nice to just give him some variety, change up the sensations a bit and a masturbator is a great product to use.  Especially if, like me, you have more than one and can change the sensations even DURING a play session.  Masturbators are fantastic for single guys and coupled up guys as well.  Ladies, get in on that action and help your man use his new toy – he will be VERY appreciative and it is so fun to experiment.  Not to mention there are so many varieties now – realistic look (like a mouth, vagina or even butt); vibrating, economy, travel size and extremely realistic.  Yup.  A man has to have options.

Why He Needs A Masturbator


The Fleshlight masturbator is probably one of the most popular toys available for men.  It is discreet (looks like a flashlight when in storage), but has a soft, pink, teasingly appealing inner canal that just begs to be used.  The outer entry looks like shaven vaginal lips – cute and sexy.  There are other entry options available from the Fleshlight line including anal entry and a mouth.  Also, this toy is uniquely made with metal casing which means you can prop it places to “buck into it” and it won’t move.  Or, you can have your partner assist you with it!  My guy loves his Fleshlight and has 2 varieties of it.  So sometimes, when we are in the mood, he just lays back and I entice him with this fantastic toy.  Definitely worth the investment as it is easy to clean and will last for years of play.


This was the first masturbator I ever bought for one of my past lovers and I have continually invested in this for my own personal toy box to use with my current guy.  It apparently a very powerful item that has sensation ridges along in the inner canals, a sucking action that causes a more “natural” sensation, and it is longer to provide an entire-shaft masturbational experience.  It is lightweight, easy to clean and VERY easy to use with your guy.  The lightweight jelly material will slide effortlessly (when you use some lube) over his shaft and the 3 suction chambers will give him the suction he craves.  Yup.  Voted toy of the year for a reason guys!  Get this.  Get this now.


The great thing about masturbators is because there are so many varieties, you can find the one that really hits home for you or your guy.  This clear little masturbator is not only SUPER affordable at under $15, but it is also TIGHT!  Some men really like a tight grip, as my guy does, and this toy works fantastically for him.  It builds him up into a frenzy very quickly, especially once I get going up and down with it on his shaft.  Whether he is playing alone or you are assisting, the little finger ring makes it easy to hold the super tight internal chamber will stroke him amazingly, the ridges and textures inside will drive him wild and the little curve at the end of the toy will provide some unique sensations for the head of his penis.  Yup.  This toy offers ALL that.  Now, if your guy doesn’t like a super tight grip this is not the toy for him.  If he does though, it is an absolute MUST have!


Personally, I think that my guy loves the toys that look a bit more like an actual woman – either vaginal or anal opening.  This toy does for sure.  A realistic-feel, soft, flesh colored vaginal opening entices him to enter.  The INSIDE of her canal is like no woman anywhere – adorned with ridges and little, raised bumps!  When he slides in he will be in sensation overload!  The suction action will pull him in and the soft nature of the internal canal will massage his shaft perfectly.  When I use this toy with my guy he LOVES the visual and the feel.  What is more sexy than having your real, life girl play with you with a realistically looking masturbator?  Seriously, try it.
There are many other varieties of toys – more expensive and realistic versions – which you can experiment with.  There are even masturbators that offer male entry (i.e. for those men interested in sex with other men).  You can make an investment in a realistic woman that includes hips, vaginal entry, anal entry and even breasts!  Or, you can simply browse the inexpensive versions and get more than one for variety.  In any situation, playing WITH your man is so exciting and you both will love it!  Then, when he is alone, he will have a toy to use and remember how you used it together.  Super-hot, right?

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Date 11/23/2015
John W.
Never tried a masturbator, always just did it the old fashioned way!
Date 11/23/2015
thinking of getting a flesh light herd good things
Date 11/23/2015
My bf loves his masturbator! I'm not sure what kind it is (its not realistic) but he says it makes masturbation so much easier and a lot more pleasurable!
Date 11/23/2015
sean berry
i like my stroker but it needs a lot of lube
Date 11/23/2015
Joseph K.
My wife and I use masturbators and vibrators together. Great for foreplay

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