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Slippin' N Slidin' Down Anal Avenue

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
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I know the question you really want answered – it is burning a hole in your head and you are just too embarrassed to ask. Come on, do it - ask the question! TRUST ME, I have heard everything! You want to know if there is truly a lubrication that is the best for….well…..for Anal sex!

Don’t be embarrassed! Anal sex is actively practiced by more heterosexual couples now than in the last five years. It is also practiced by more STRAIGHT males than ever before. What does that mean? Well, that more women are taking pleasure in anally stimulating their straight partners! Anal sex is no longer “a gay man’s pleasure” – it is everyone’s pleasure – including mine!

So, why Anal Sex? Well, a few reasons. Anal Sex is an equal opportunity pleasure center. Unlike the vagina – which only women have (DUH) – both men and women have rectums. Therefore, both men and women can experience the pleasure from Anal Sex. Often times for women, the pleasure experienced via anal stimulation can be more intense than vaginal stimulation. In addition, if she chooses, she can experiment with double penetration – where she is penetrated anally and vaginally simultaneously! This can be achieved by the insertion of a toy in either the vaginal of anal canal and her partner’s penis in the other (or with toys in both!) This intense double penetration often leads to very intense orgasms!

What makes this so enjoyable are the thousands of nerve endings in the rectal lining. When stimulated, they cause pleasure. This is why men find having THEIR anal canal stimulated so pleasurable as well. In fact, many men report that prostrate stimulation during a blow job will render the most intense orgasm they have ever had – sometimes leading to experimentation with further anal exploration. In many cases, this experimentation will culminate with full-on penetration by their partner – their female partner – with either a Strap-On or an Anal Plug!

Many people ask – does this make me “bi-sexual now?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Enjoying anal stimulation does not make you “gay,” “bi-sexual,” “bi-curious” or anything more than open to new sexual experiences! In anal play, what is good for the woman is also good for the man – equal opportunities at its best!

Now, whether we are talking about digital penetration (fingers); toy penetration (Anal Toys, Vibrators, Dildos), harness play (Dildo Harnesses where a female partner may penetrate her male partner), or plain old-fashioned penile penetration (gay sex) – whatever your pleasure – YOU NEED GREAT LUBRICATION! This article is not only going to teach you some basics about Anal Sex, but it is also going to demystify anal lubricants for you – all so you can slip n’ slide down anal avenue – and have great, safe Anal Sex!


I would be totally remiss if I did not take a moment to discuss the basic safety rules associated with Anal Sex. There are many concerns, especially for first-timers, when it comes to taking the Leap into Anal Land! Of course, one of the major concerns for everyone is PAIN! Let me assure you – Anal Sex – when done correctly, DOES NOT HURT! If there is pain, you are doing something WRONG! Read these simple rules and you will be well on your way to a safe first time experience!

Learn EVERYTHING About Anal Sex- Click Here!



The NUMBER 1 RULE of any sex act is SAFETY! For anal sex or vaginal sex – the use of Condoms is ALWAYS a wise idea – especially if you are with a new partner. Anal sex is one of the top ways that STDs and the HIV virus is transmitted because of the sensitive nature of the rectal lining. The lining tears easily, causing bleeding and thus the intermixing of bodily fluids. When in doubt – use a condom!

In Anal Sex, many couples find the use of condoms to aid in the “cleanliness” factor. Whether they are using toys, digital (finger) stimulation, or penile stimulation – using condoms will help keep things clean and sanitary. This will make the residual factor less of an issue!


Couples should NEVER, ever participate in anal play if they are inebriated, or impaired in any way. The urge to “numb the pain” may be high, but is NOT EVER RECOMMENDED! Especially the first time a person experiences anal penetration, she or he needs to be aware of all the sensations, the level of discomfort, the pressure experienced or if there is any pain. The rectal membranes are very thin and delicate – it doesn’t take much to damage them. Being cognizant of what is happening makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Conversely, the person doing the stimulation needs to be fully aware of what he / she is doing to his / her partner and be able to control the action, the depth, the speed or remove the stimulus (finger, toy, penis) if necessary. If the person is impaired, they are not as readily enabled to do so, and may end up hurting their partner.


Ah yes, lubrication…..the “Golden Rule” of anal sex. In a phrase: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH LUBRICATION DURING ANAL SEX! The anal canal has no natural lubrication – and lubrication is IMPERATIVE during Anal Sex – therefore, lubrication is an absolute necessity. In fact, the more lubrication the better! It may be necessary to add more lubrication during insertion and again during anal play to ensure that the canal is properly lubricated. If the anal canal is NOT properly lubricated, the stimulus (finger, toy, penis) will “rub” harshly against the inside walls and cause PAIN. You do not want pain in Anal Sex. Lubricated condoms can help – but additional lubrication is necessary.


The anal canal is not meant to have things inserted into it – therefore, the first time it is stimulated can be a slow going process. The anal canal will stretch, but it takes time. It is imperative that the person stimulating his / her partner takes time and is patient. Wait for instruction from the person receiving the stimulus (finger, toy, penis). Once the stimulus is completely inserted – add more lubrication – and then continue with the removal and insertion process. Take your cue from the person on the receiving end, if there is PAIN – STOP and wait or withdraw! It will become easier, and it will be very enjoyable, as long as the main rules of anal play are observed.


The bacteria that is present in the anal canal (fecal bacteria) is much different from the bacteria found in the vagina or the mouth. When engaging in anal play, you should NEVER CROSS CONTAMINATE by inserting the same finger, toy or your penis into your partner’s vagina or mouth after it has been in their anal canal. Either use a different toy, wash your finger or penis, or use condoms and switch before changing locations. To not do so could result in yeast infections, bladder infections, intestinal infections or other nasty infections that neither of you want to deal with.


Many couples also like to engage in “Rimming” – which is licking around the anus and inserting their tongue inside the anal canal. As one might imagine, this practice can seem “uncleanly” to some people. If you plan on engaging in Rimming, wash your anal opening before sex – trying to clean a bit into the canal. Using an unlubricated condom may help a beginning couple become more comfortable with this practice – and it is safe sex. Or, if the couple doesn’t want to use a condom, suggest flavored lubrications – such as Sex Tarts – to help sweeten the experience.


If these above major rules are followed, your anal experience is sure to be a win-win situation! Anal sex is one of the top fantasies that men have about their female partners. The taboo nature of it causes excitement and adds to the sensations. The woman, initially pensive about her actions, finds it enjoyable but knows it is supposedly “off limits” and this causes her to enjoy it more!

As previously discussed, Anal Sex is on the rise, and because of this there are more toys available than ever to support those curious couples. One of the hottest commodities out there now are harnesses! Many couples – lesbian and straight – are exploring harness play – and the women are not only wearing the harnesses to penetrate their female partners vaginally, but anally as well!

Something completely different and revolutionary, in my opinion, is the Feeldoe Stout! This remarkable toy is inserted into the vagina of one woman, and that woman instantly has an erect penis with which she can penetrate her partner! Also, because the Feeldoe inserts into her, she will experience different sensations than if she were just wearing an ordinary harness! This toy also vibrates for extra stimulation – and what lover wouldn’t love that?

Perhaps you are not ready to take the plunge into harnesses quite yet and you want to start a little slower. Hey, I understand…baby steps, right? Well there are many toys available to get you where you need and want to go. A popular item that has been around for a long, long time are Anal Beads. Anal beads are a wonderful product for couples, individuals, straight men or gay men. They are universal in that you can also use them vaginally if you prefer (just remember rule #5). Anal Beads are a great way to introduce anal play because they are generally not too large, and are not intimidating. The idea behind anal beads is to insert them anally, and then to remove them just as you are about to orgasm – and this enhances the orgasm – but it takes practice to get the timing just right!

Anal beads have come a long way, the traditional CHINESE ANAL BEADS are a series of plastic, “acrylite” or jelly beads connected on a string with a safety loop at the end. These are usually available in different sizes, sometimes different sizes on the same strand. Traditional beads are not exactly easy to insert, but they can be a lot of fun, and they are generally good for beginners as they are usually smaller. If you prefer, you can go with these Mega Booty Beads, which are flexible – and insertion will be MUCH easier. My personal favorite are 10 Function Silicone Anal Beads, which vibrate for extra pleasure! You can’t go wrong with vibrations!

Now, if you are ready for anal play, and you want to gently “stretch” your anal opening – or just stimulate your anal canal for pleasure purposes with something a little shorter than anal beads, you can try Anal Plugs (or butt plugs as people call them!) Anal plugs are also a wonderful product for couples, individuals, straight men or gay men. They are a great way to prepare for Anal Sex by gently stretching the anal canal. Many women and men simply enjoy the sensation of having a plug in their anal canal – and for many women, having something inserted into their anal canal during vaginal sex can heighten and increase the intensity of their orgasms. The most popular plug is probably the TRADITIONAL JELLY PLUG, such as the Anal Plug or if you want something smaller, the Mini Candy Rimmer! Plugs come in different shapes and textures, sometimes long, short, bent, ridged – find what “fits” your anal request!

If you want a little something MORE – than perhaps a vibrating butt plug like the Dare 10-Function Silicone Anal Toy is the way to go! Many anal plugs now come with a vibrating feature – which most people find extremely enjoyable. The vibrations can be used for stimulating around the anus, or while inserted completely. These also come in different shapes and sizes – some are smooth, some not. Some are even wireless, which is a very nice feature on any toy.

Finally, when you have advanced to the stage of anal play where plugs and beads are just not enough – ANAL VIBRATORS are the way to go! Anal vibrators are similar to anal plugs, except that generally they are longer. Anal vibrators are not usually recommended for beginner play – unless the beginner understands all the rules of stimulation. Anal vibrators are available in smooth textures or with “pleasure bumps.”

SPECIAL NOTE: DO NOT USE A STANDARD, VAGINAL VIBRATOR FOR ANAL PLAY! Anal vibrators are made so that the risk of loosing the toy up the anal canal is minimal or impossible, vaginal vibrators do not have this safety precaution! My top pick in the anal vibrator category is the Prostate Massager!

I am most confident that no matter what your interest in Anal Sex, one of the above products will fit your “anal needs” to a T! Experimenting with Anal Sex – with or without toys – can be an extremely erotic experience for the giver and the receiver!

Best Beginner Anal Sex Tips


It was a long, hard road – but somebody HAD to do it! In my search for the “perfect” anal lubricant, I forced . . .no, coerced…, persuaded….no, pleaded… hubby to have endless nights of anal sex with me! OH, ALL RIGHT - so he loved every minute of it, and it wasn’t so hard….but I still did it all for you! OK, so for ME too….and for HIM! Geesh…what is with the 3rd degree here??? Do you want to know if I found the perfect anal lubricant or not?

There are quite a few of lubricants available that are marketed specifically for anal use. I decided to test the major ones. What I discovered is they all have their positive attributes, only one of them was just not cut out for anal use and all but that one would work in a pinch. However, did I find the “perfect” anal lube, or did one stand out above the rest? Let’s find out!

View K-Y Jelly Sexual Lube


I think K-Y is a household name – pretty much everyone has heard of good ole’ K-Y jelly. I had never personally used it for Anal Sex before, so I was interested in how it would “hold up” against the added friction of the anal canal. K-Y is an excellent lubricant for personal dryness and for use with condoms, but I just wasn’t sure about for Anal Sex.

Good Qualities: K-Y is fragrance free, non-staining, non-greasy and easy to buy. You can get it at any drugstore, Target, Wal-Mart – pretty much anywhere. It is water based, which makes clean-up a snap – just some soap and water and the residue is gone.

Bad Qualities: K-Y is a water based lube, making it dry quickly. While this is a nice feature for vaginal lubrication, it is not sufficient for anal lubrication. The anal canal does not self-lubricate, so continual lubrication is necessary. The K-Y jelly started out nice and smooth, but literally within seconds we had to apply more….then more….then more. It doesn’t keep up with the demands of Anal Sex. It simply is not made for it.

View Anal Lube


Hey, who wouldn’t want any lubricant that smells like cherry? This lubricant, simply called ANAL LUBE, seemed like a logical choice for my experiment.

Good Qualities: Anal Lube comes cherry scented (nice), or unscented, non-staining, thick and soft. It has a decent lasting quality – probably due to it’s thickness. It is water-based, which makes clean-up a snap – soap and water. My hubby and I had to reapply this lubricant three times during our session, making it a fairly long-lasting lubricant – considering how long we were lasting (hee hee).

Bad Qualities: This lube gets slightly sticky – not too sticky, but enough to notice it and you have to use quite a bit to get the desired effect once play has begun.

View Pjur Silicone Lubricant


This lubricant is made in Germany, and is highly concentrated. It is designed as a personal lubricant, a massage oil and is a moisturizer (hey, who wouldn’t want all that???) It is also Doctor recommended! It comes in a very small vile, so I assume a little would go a long way.

Good Qualities: This is a Silicone lubricant, which makes it extremely long lasting! A little bit goes a long, long way! We only applied once, albeit it came out in a gush - and it lasted our whole session! It is non-scented, non-staining, non-sticky – although it is similar to a massage oil in texture. It is very, very smooth feeling when it comes in contact with your skin – or rectal membranes. In addition, since silicone lubes are never fully absorbed into the body, you can add a little saliva to “revive” the lube. Cleans up nicely with soap and water – although takes a little more effort than with a water based lube.

Bad Qualities: Due to its Silicone base, this lube CAN NOT be used with SILICONE or CYBERSKIN toys – it will erode them. You would have to use a condom to play with your toys when using this lubricant. If you get it on your hands, it will stay on your hands until you can wash with soap and water – making it necessary to “prep” carefully for play.

View Best Astroglide Lubricant


Ahhh, finally, my personal choice – my tried and true friend for Anal Sex and toy play – ASTROGLIDE! I have been praising Astroglide in my reviews for some time now, and it is time to rank it against the other contenders…how will it hold up?

Good Qualities: Astroglide is a Ph-balanced, water-soluble lubricant that is said to be “second only to nature” – and I would agree. It is non-scented, non-staining, non-sticky and super smooth. Similar to Pjur, the Silicone based lubricant, Astroglide is long lasting. One or two applications will do you – or at least it does my hubby and I. Astroglide is easy to clean up – just warm water and soap.

Bad Qualities: Similar to Pjur, if you get Astroglide on your hands, it will stay on your hands until you wash it off – making it necessary to “prep” carefully for play. However, unlike Eros, Astroglide is NOT oily, making it less of a mess if some does get on your hands.

So, now that they are all tested….who will reign supreme? Tune in next week for the results! No, I am just kidding. I actually have 2 favorites….and yes, Astroglide is one of them!

In order of preference my picks are: Astroglide, Pjur, Anal Lube, and K-Y Jelly.

Choosing between Astroglide and Pjur was hard – they are both spectacular lubricants. They were long lasting, smooth feeling, non-staining and just plain good. What set my tried and true Astroglide ahead for me was the “oily” nature of Pjur and the silicone factor. What makes Eros so great is also what makes it NOT my favorite. I do have some silicone toys – and I would hate to ruin them by using the wrong lube. I like lubes which are universal – like Astroglide. I also just could not get over the oily nature of the lube. Astroglide has a slick texture, but not quite as slick as the Pjur. So, for me, those two factors pushed Astroglide ahead, and Pjur behind.

Now, the nice thing about Pjur is that it can be used as a massage oil – and I definitely can see how that would be wonderful! The smooth sensation of it as it hits your skin would definitely make for a long-lasting massage! I will be using my Pjur, just not for Anal Sex!

Now, the runner’s up – what put them behind? Simply the inability to hold up AS WELL during play! While they all were fairly thick – which you would think would be a nice feature, right? Really, it doesn’t play into Anal Sex too much. What you want is a lubricant that LASTS! Anal Sex REQUIRES lubrication, so if you have to constantly stop to reapply, you loose your groove a bit. Now, all of these lubes (except K-Y – it simply is NOT made for Anal Sex) help up decently. I just prefer the other two. Honestly, any of the lubes (besides K-Y) would be adequate for anal play, as long as you reapplied when necessary.

I will say if you are a beginner looking to explore the realm of ANAL TOY PLAY, either the Anal Lube would be a safe bet. They are thick enough to wrap around the toy, and would be smooth and sensual for the play. For that purpose, these lubes would be more than adequate.

I hope that this article has given you an enlightening glimpse into the realm of Anal Sex – and that you and your partner will take the leap and explore new pleasures! Anal Sex is not something to jump into lightly – a discussion of the actions and the proper precautions should always be taken! Always be prepared with lubrication and MORE LUBRICATION to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable! Remember the 5 rules of safe Anal Sex – and never cross-contaminate with your sex toys!

I also hope that I have demystified Anal lubricants for you – and that you will also find one that is your personal favorite – as Astroglide is still mine!

Anal Sex - Yes Or No?
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Date 5/11/2013
tony y
Going through my experimental stage with my much older wife, I learned to appreciate the fact that it was not just about my penis. She agree to anal sex if I agreed to be anally penetrated by her. We went to a sex store and chose a couple of dildos of different sizes along with a bottle of Probe lube. If you ever used Probe, you know that it is long lasting and can be re-utilized by adding a little feels slick and pleasurable. My first experience ended up with me having an orally ind
Date 2/4/2014
My boyfriend and I have been looking for a toy which he can wear in order to penetrate me vaginally and anally, simultaneously. Does this exist in a form which also gives him a butt plug - something like a feeldoe for the anus? Thanks!
Date 2/13/2014
Fantastic article, humorous, factual and fun. I enjoy anal play, wearing butt plugs out, etc. I have even made myself some butt plug underwear (should market that, bet it would sell). But I have not mastered which lube to use and have found your suggestions very valuable and will be trying them soon. Thanks

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