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10 Facts About Anal Sex

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex

10 Facts About Anal Sex

Anal sex is not something to be feared! A lot of opinions regarding anal sex stem from inaccurate information and poor preparation. I want to dispel a few false rumors regarding this intimate sex act. What are the facts about anal sex? Here are 10 things that I think are most important for you to know.

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I can’t stress this enough. You need to use sexual lubricant during anal sex! The vagina naturally lubricates, but the anus does not. Whether you use lube for vaginal intercourse or not, you need to use lube for anal. The anus is tighter and dry, and it is biologically unfit for penetration. This does not mean you shouldn't do it, it just means you need to take special care to use PLENTY of lubricant to correct the lack of slickness. Use a lot to start and keep it nearby for reapplication. It will be the difference between an awesome experience and a terrible one. Also, hemorrhoids and anal fissures can occur. No one wants that. Help avoid this issue by using LUBE!

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This is a very common misconception regarding anal sex. If you do it right and take your time, anal sex doesn’t need to hurt (even for beginners). No sex act should ever hurt (unless you are into masochism, but that’s different). Many people refuse to try anal for fear of pain, but if you move slow, find a comfortable position, slowly graduate to a larger size, relax your muscles, and use lots and lots of lube, it won’t hurt you. Will it be uncomfortable? It may be uncomfortable for first timers. But there is a big difference between being uncomfortable and being in physical pain!

How To REALLY Prepare For Anal
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Why are so many people having anal sex? Because it FEELS GOOD! Most couples don’t talk about their anal sex experiences openly, but no one would be having it if it wasn’t any good. For the man penetrating his partner, there are new sensations and it’s extra tight. For women receiving, the anal canal is filled with sensitive nerve endings that typically require only a little stimulation for intense pleasure.

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Anal sex is a cultural taboo, but it is not as uncommon as many seem to think, especially among heterosexual couples. It is another satisfying sex act to add to your collection. It doesn’t replace vaginal sex or upset your sex life in any way. You are far from the only one having anal sex or considering it! Even though it’s not a popular social topic, couples are doing it anyway. Don’t let society prevent you from trying something new and amazing!

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The vagina is not a place any girl wants bacteria, so after anal sex, you need to change condoms or wash before you go to vaginal sex. Due to digestion, there are a lot of bacteria in the anus that would not be at all welcome in the vagina. Improper transition from anal to vaginal can cause nasty infections. Is that the way you want to remember your anal sex experience? Of course not, so be clean!

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In general, anal sex is not as messy as people tend to imagine, but it can be a little messy. The anal canal is fairly clean and there is a very little chance that you will actually poop during the act, but there might be a little residue. That’s okay – it’s normal and to be expected. Before you get started, you can use the bathroom and clean yourself to reduce any anxiety about accidents. If you are extremely concerned, you can give yourself an enema – but this may cause irritation.

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There are so many heterosexual couples having anal sex – are they all dirty? Do they mourn their innocence? Are the men all gay now? No, because this is about two people coming together and enjoying some mutual sexual pleasure. Look at anal sex for what it is – a sex act. It does not define you. If you are only attracted to the opposite sex, you’re not gay! Nothing can just, make you homosexual. It has nothing to do with what you do in the bedroom with your partner, so put that out of your mind. If you like it and it brings you and your lover satisfaction, there is no reason to not do it. The same goes for any woman who might feel like her sex life is contingent on sex acts. Anal sex doesn’t make you dirty – dirt makes you dirty.

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This is a common concern among many couples. Your ass is not going to fall apart if you have anal sex. Not using enough lube or moving too quickly can cause things like hemorrhoids, but those can be avoided. If you do get a hemorrhoid or fissure, it’s not the end of the world! If it happens frequently however, you may need to reevaluate your preparation methods – use more lubricant!

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Anal Sex

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As a matter of speaking, men may derive even more pleasure from anal sex than woman do. For men receiving (which can be done with a female partner by pegging) you get to experience prostate stimulation! The male p-spot (or the prostate gland) is extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation and massaging the p-spot can lead to extremely powerful orgasms. But ladies should not be discouraged – the derriere is still very sensitive for women!

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If your first or first few anal experiences were a little uncomfortable, don’t worry – it takes time to get the rhythm down. Many woman worry that if they do have anal sex with her partner, it has to become a part of the sexual routine. That’s not true. For many couples, it's just a once-in-a-while thing. For other couples, it is standard. It’s ultimately up to you and your partner what role anal sex plays in your intimate life. If it is something you both love, you can do it all the time! If you think it’s kind of eh, then you don’t need to add it to your permanent itinerary. If you hated it, never do it again! But no matter what, you tried something new. If you are willing to try new things, it can only get better!

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Date 4/6/2016
P. L.
My husband and I just started having anal and at first it was uncomfortable but we got the hang of it and it feels really good
Date 4/6/2016
Lillie V.
I don't want to try anal sex yet but I do want to try a small buttplug and see how I like it :)
Date 4/6/2016
hubby has a prostate vibe and i have a vibrating butt plug but we never had anal sex for real
Date 4/6/2016
maybe someday
Date 4/6/2016
Cira Mahoony
I like anal sex and dual penetration - I think its a lot more satisfying and it keeps things interesting
Date 4/7/2016
I absolutely love anal sex.. of course you need to have a special bond with your partner so you're extremely comfortable. I deal with constant back pain and anal sex is wonderful to help relieve the back pain.. :-)
Date 4/7/2016
Anal sex is great when you are stimulating your clitoris with a vibrator at the same time. It is very important also to relax otherwise it can be very the guy should know to ease into it and not just plunge right in...a little anal foreplay goes a long long way...
Date 4/12/2016
Anal sex can be very good, but like has been commented you don't just ram it in. Little foreplay goes a long way as well as lube... I enjoy it
Date 4/12/2016
My wife enjoy anal sex with me it is awesome she do it to me I do it to her we have the best time always.
Date 4/14/2016
Anika Foster
My husband really wanted to try anal sex and for a long time I really hated it, but mostly because i didnt like the idea of it. We tried some plugs but they were really no good, especially hard plastic ones! For women that may still be a little on the fence I want to say, when you get used to it its amazing! Having a good anal experience for a woman is really dependent on wether or not you are really in the mood! Lots of foreplay is in order! Also a good lube! Start with just the tip and you should take control of how it goes in. I reccomend the reverse cowgirl position because it gives you the control and your partner will love to look at your backside. It also frees up your hands to rub your clit or use a toy on it. If you are doing it right, this should be giving you some of the best most intense orgasms you've ever had!
Date 5/10/2016
Miss Sid
I consider myself fairly experienced in this area of sex. I've always loved being fingered anally while receiving oral sex. I've also had anal sex a few times in the past. But recently I've come across a partner whom is REALLY into anal, anything. And he's introduced me to sex toys and all sorts of pleasures. We started small with a dinky glass plug (which is now my favorite plug material) and have worked our way up to really nice size plugs and I can now take his penis fairly easily. I LOVE anal stimulation and wear plugs out and about and practice on my own without hubby. Although there have been some instances that have led to it not happening and we have to start slow all over again. But I don't cate, I'm never going to stop trying. I love it, and so does he. I highly suggest all people try anal pleasure. Lube is a must. I must confess that I have done quite a bit of anal play with just the lubrication from my vagina and saliva. Even though I am quite experienced, there are times, even for me where it is still somewhat uncomfortable.
Date 6/19/2016
I enjoy anal play but am nervous about asking my boyfriend to actually do it to me. He's kind of big and if I try it & can't do it... well, I hate to disappoint the man! Thanks for the lube advice, though. Perhaps practicing on myself is a good idea.
Date 9/22/2016
guy filled for pleasure
I have been enjoying self anal play since 9 or 10. I had my first real cock when I was 34. What a difference the real thing was. I had some gay encounter with a guy for a little while. I am back to using dildos only for my anal pleasure. I also love to be the top for either men or women. Patience is key whatever role you take and lots of lube.
Date 7/2/2017
I really need to please my man by having him giving me Anal sex but I am scared I think he's too big. Help! advise me what to do. Because he really wants us to try it.
Date 2/2/2018
i love double penetration during sex. i love feeling full and it makes my orgasms insanely intense.
Date 2/3/2018
I'm still new to anal sex and I don't love it but it is exciting to try. Hoping to get a little better at it and find more comfortable positions so my partner and I can have a good time. I started off with a buttplug and that helped
Date 4/7/2018
jackie hill
i'm a crossdresser believe my ass is my asspussy and needs filled and used
Date 5/26/2018
Since our children where born she has developed herroroids and kind will not even talk about it! Like to have some advice on the topic!
Date 4/25/2019
Ive always been so worried about getting stretched out ahhhhh!
Date 5/16/2019
I love anal. I love the way the feeling of her vagina changes when something is in her bum, even if it’s just a single finger it makes a difference. And I love prostate stimulation. Being pegged is amazing for the physical sensation and power dynamic switch - plus orgasming without touching my penis is fantastic and let’s me have multiple orgasms (yes guys, those are both things that can happen).
Date 5/17/2019
Me and my wife do anal every night and love it.

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