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Back To Basics: The Female Sexual Anatomy

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
Back To Basics:

Knowing Your Sexual Anatomy (For the Girls!)

Did you read this title and have a little chuckle?  You're probably thinking to yourself, what, like I don’t know I have boobs and a vagina?  Well, before you laugh too hard ponder this fact:  according to an article in Self Magazine in 2011, 70% of women can’t properly identify their sexual anatomy.  Yes, 70%!  Shocking, right?  We all just assume that everyone knows, and the truth is, many do not (or, are mistaken)!  So, why is this important?  Well, how can you properly pleasure yourself (or allow yourself to be properly pleasured) if you do not know the whats, wheres, whys and hows of your own sexual anatomy?  So, put on your learning caps and let’s go take a journey though Female Sexual Anatomy 101!

BREASTS:  Or, boobs, boobies, ta-tas, “the girls,” jugs, melons....the list of names goes on and on and on.  While not technically part of the “sexual anatomy” I figured I would throw it in there as a sort of call to pause for us being WOMEN!  The breasts are something external and noticeable.  If you have big ones – people notice.  Small ones – people notice. Yes, people notice the breasts.  On the breasts are nipples.  The nipples and the breasts are very sensitive and fondling them (sucking,
licking, biting, rubbing) is often very pleasurable.  Also, the nipples have a biological purpose for women who become mothers.  Yet, I digress.  The breasts are the two, roundish shaped, fatty-tissued areas on the front of your chest.  I know, basic right?  Well, this IS back to basics.

THE VAGINA:  OK, let’s be clear here, the vagina is not ALL of the nether parts on a woman.  Nope, the vagina itself is the internal canal that leads up to the cervix.  It is the super highway that sperm travel to meet the egg.  Sexually, it is the spongy, warm and wet slip-n-slide that our lover explores with his penis (or fingers or tongue) during intercourse and foreplay.  So, when you refer to your vagina, you only refer to the internal pathway from the external vaginal opening up until the internal cervix (the opening to the uterus).

(Mons Veneris) - is the upper, external “mound” above the vulva that usually grows pubic hair.  It is an area of fatty tissue that is basically designed to protect the pubic bone (which lies underneath) from sexual intercourse.  This can be a part of the anatomy that women find pleasure in exploring.

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THE VULVA:  The vulva is not a one-trick pony as there is more than one part that encompasses it.  The vulva is the term that contains all of the external parts of the vaginal area: clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, the opening to the vagina, and the clitoral hood.

THE LABIA MAJORA:  (outer vaginal lips) - The vaginal area has two sets of “lips” which are basically flaps of skin of various sizes and lengths that make up the external area surrounding the vagina, clitoris and internal vaginal lips.  Pubic hair grows on the labia majora, they are "puffier" than the labia minora, and they usually extend from the clitoral area down to the perineum.

THE LABIA MINORA:  (inner vaginal lips) - Within the labia majora lay the labia minora (inner lips) which are also flaps of skin in various sizes and lengths.  These vaginal lips can be very small and close to the body, or protrude down and past the labia majora, depending on the woman.  The purpose of the labia minora are to protect the vaginal opening, the clitoris and the urethra (where urine comes out).  The labia minora also have glands (Bartholin’s glands) that create lubrication. 

THE CLITORIS:  Or, the “clit” is the pleasure center of the female sexual anatomy.   The clitoris is a small, roundish protrusion that sits slightly under the clitoral hood and in between the top of the labia minora (internal lips).  The clitoris can be large, small, medium and every shape in between.  When sexually stimulated it swells to sizes much larger (and sometimes surprisingly so!)  Contrary to what people THINK they know, the clitoris actually extends INTERNALLY as well, through branches of nerves that go down to the perennial area.  The clitoris itself has over 70,000 nerves endings, which is why stimulating it is so incredibly pleasurable.

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URETHRA:  the urethra is not a sexual organ, but, in the interest of giving a full lesson it is important to mention it. Besides, it is nestled within the vulva as well.  The urethra is a small opening that is located under the clitoris and above the vaginal opening.  It is used to carry urine from the bladder to outside the body.   There is no sexual function for the urethra, but, it is imperative to keep it clean to avoid bladder infections.  You should never stick anything inside the urethra!

the perineum, sometimes called the taint, is the area of taught skin that goes from the bottom of the vulva to the anus.  It doesn’t have any particular sexual function other than it can be sexually satisfying when rubbed or licked.

ANUS:  the anus (or anal opening or butthole / asshole) is the opening below the perineum where feces (poop) exits the body.  The anus is a sexual organ in that it can be used for sexual gratification through oral stimulation, finger stimulation or penetration (with toys, fingers, or penis).  It is important to note that bacteria run amok here so cross-contamination must be avoided!  Never, ever go from stimulating the anus (with any method) and then stimulate the vagina.  It is very important to avoid bacterial contact in this way!

Sum Up!  So, there you have it!  The basic guide the female sexual anatomy.  Did you learn anything?  Somehow I think you just may have!


Date 10/18/2014
It would be great to see diagrams-since I don't know that you can show pictures, of the areas that bring satisfaction to my lady and areas that don't. Good example-she doesn't like the g-spot stimulation as much as clit stimulation. Please help with the right areas for both. If you can show pictures, I am OK with that. Thanks
Date 10/18/2014
Renata cunha
Date 10/18/2014
Renata cunha
I World like thia toy
Date 10/21/2014
Here is a link to a diagram that may help you:

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