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8 Not-So-Sexy Things He Does That Make Me Hot

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
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I have been with my boyfriend (oooh, let’s just call him Keith) for three and a half years now.  This is the first serious relationship I have ever been in, and getting so close and so comfortable with someone has made me realize that there are a lot of offbeat behaviors that, for whatever reason, arouse me.  We have surpassed the chocolate truffles and roses phase and now have a very comfortable relationship with more domesticated methods of seduction.  If you are in a familiar relationship, maybe you can relate to some of these not-so-sexy acts that drive me wild! 

This is dedicated to my loving boyfriend, Keith. 

1.  Denim Freedom:  When Keith takes off his jeans to put on his bedtime pa’jams, it makes me sweat.  It’s not really the fact that he’s undressing, but his butt looks so good in his boxer shorts when he bends over to pull his pants off.  I get a front-row seat to the showing of his glorious buns.  I’m honestly not sure if his butt is a good butt – I’ve never liked a 
butt before.  But I like his.  Mmmmm.

2.  Breathe Me:  I find the smell of Keith’s mouth intoxicating.  If he’s talking closely to me or we are having a long kiss, his Keith-scented face turns me on.  If he just ate something interesting, it’s not really effective, but the typical smell of his breath sends a chill down my spine. 

3.  Helping Hand:
 I love it when he asks me to help him out with something.  Whether he’s just asking for my opinion or needs me to look over something he wrote (he’s a writer, too!), I get excited!  I guess I like to be reminded that he appreciates my skill and respects my suggestions.  I like to be a part of his projects, so as soon as I’m done servicing him, he can service me.  Yesssss.

4.  Perfect Presents:  Christmas was seriously competitive this year.  I am well-known in my community (family) as a rad gift-giver, so getting just the right gift for Keith comes so easily to me.  He was pretty confident this year too, so I knew it was going to be an epic exchange.  He got me the most perfect gift ever, and I cried my eyes out on the living room floor.  As soon as I unwrapped it, I just wanted him to unwrap me! 

5.  Say My Name:  At the beginning of our relationship, Keith never said my name.  I don’t know why… it was just a thing.  To this day, when he does say it, I know he means business.  He can wear it out if he wants.

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6.  Hot For Hair:  This is kind of like the hair brushing thing, but I love it when he touches my hair.  Whether he’s playing with it or messing it up or fixing it or stroking it, if his hands are touching anywhere from my forehead up, my hands will be anywhere from his forehead down. 

7.  Ha, Ha, Ha:  Nothing gets me off like a hardy laugh from Keith.  He’s not as emotionally animated as I am, so when he cracks up over something funny I said, ooooh.  I love being hilarious, and I love being validated for being hilarious, which turns into crazy (and sometimes, giggly) sex.  It works the other way around, too.  When he makes me laugh to the point it hurts, I just want to suddenly stop, pull a rip cord on my clothes, and yell, “take me, you hilarious stallion!” 

8.  Nature Walk:  We get along really well when we’re outside.  We talk about nice things, go to nice places, and breathe nice air.  We hold hands, laugh, and explore.  We connect in such a way that is bound to end with sex.  Just seeing him outdoors in his natural element gets me so in the mood, we don’t always make it home.

So, there you have it.  Maybe you can relate to a few of these intimate oddities or maybe you think I am some kind of kooky sex freak.  Either one works for me!  So, Keith, if you are thinking about bringing home flowers, don’t.  Just show me your butt, breathe on me, and comb out my hair while laughing at all my jokes.

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Date 2/3/2016
Carson W.
He could do a load of laundry lol that always excites me!
Date 2/3/2016
D. D.
Nothing beats a thoughtful gifts that's for sure!
Date 2/3/2016
lol funny. I like to see him working out. He sweats and smells (in a good way!) and getting toned so thats always a nice turn on ;)
Date 2/3/2016
love it when she comes home from a jog
Date 2/6/2016
so cute! Love it!
Date 8/15/2016
Oh,THANK YOU! Now I don't feel like such a weirdo! My husband and I have been married for 23 years and to this day, I still get extreamly turned on when I watch him fix or create! Fred is a 'jack of all trades' and his tool collection is, to say the least, MAGNIFICENT! I love his 'scents' too. I give him a hug when he gets home and bury my nose in his shoulder. The smell of metal,grease, or Bondo, are intoxicating reminders that my man is a manly man.I've never told him this, but sometimes when I watch him do his thing, I sneak into our room and masterbate with my head on his pillow. I call these my 'turbo flicks' 'cause it only takes a couple of strokes for me to achieve pole position!!

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