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Are some orgasms better than others?

Posted by Mikayla


"Dear Mikayla - My orgasms feel amazing, but I feel like some are more intense than others. I am single and I have different toys that I use depending on what kind of mood I'm in. I love it when my orgasms are intense! Why am I finding some are better than others? I am a woman by the way..."


Dear Awesome Orgasms:

You are not imagining this! A woman’s orgasms (and men’s too) can feel totally different depending on a number of factors and can be or feel more or less intense. To begin, there are more than one kind of orgasm: clitoral, internal, G-spot and anal – or combinations of the aforementioned! Clitoral orgasms are the most common and happen when the clitoris is stimulated causing orgasmic release! Most often described as a full-body, gradually increasing in intensity, hot, tingling sensation that lasts a few seconds from start to finish. A clitoral orgasm can become more intense when combined with internal stimulation through intercourse or vibrator play. The combination of clitoral arousal with stimulation of the G-spot or P-Spot (internal points on the inner vaginal walls) can cause the most intense orgasms! Not to mention, there can be a difference in intensity depending on HOW you stimulate your clitoris (fingers, tongue, vibrator). The body is a wonderful and ever-changing thing!

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Orgasms can also vary based on these factors: the amount of time since you have last orgasmed, the amount of foreplay, the level of arousal, the nature of the play, whether you are masturbating or with a partner, outside stimuli (watching porn for example), and your menstrual cycle (hormones can play a part too!). Statistically, orgasms given by a partner are stronger than orgasms we give ourselves. Similarly, if we are taking the time to be fully aroused – whether alone or with a partner – through foreplay and anticipation, our orgasms will be stronger. Furthermore, the more of your erogenous zones that are stimulated, the more powerful the orgasm! Have you noticed you are way hornier in mid-cycle or right before your period? This is not a fluke! This is nature’s way of ensuring reproduction – and these are high times to have great orgasms!

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So, what does this tell you? If you want to have a powerful orgasm make sure you: have given yourself (or you and your partner) enough time to be completely aroused. This means seduce yourself if you are masturbating! Watch some porn, tease your nipples, run a vibrator all over your body, fantasize – get yourself HOT, HOT, HOT before going for the orgasm! Then, your orgasm will be full-body and A M A Z I N G! Also, experiment with different toys. You say you have different toys for your mood – this is great – just experiment with them. Try double penetration (anal and vaginal penetration simultaneously), or a G-Spot vibrator (G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time). Use your vibrator to stimulate your whole vaginal region instead of just going for the insertion. Play around with yourself!

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Also, you can try to delay your orgasm a bit. The key here: get yourself worked up as much as possible, take yourself UP to almost the orgasm, then back DOWN a bit only to build back up! By the time you have your orgasm your body will literally be ripe for it! You should do this with a partner too – enjoy the ride so that once you hit the top the sensations are nothing short of jaw-dropping! You seem to have a good handle on your body and understand its beautiful complexity and possibilities for pleasure. This fact alone will help you to have wonderful orgasms so always remember the most important factor in your own pleasure is: YOU!

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