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Andrea's Favorite Silicone Sex Toys!

Posted by Andrea to Sex Toy Discussion
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their adult novelties. I personally have a taste for high quality toys with strong vibrations that don’t break the bank. I have very sensitive skin (and little patience for replacing toys) so all of my favorites are made of non-porous and long-lasting silicone:

Amp It Up

Amp It Up! Gyrating Massager

Full Price Only $34.95 
This vibrator wins the coveted spot in my bedside drawer because it is super versatile. The vibrations are amazingly strong so I can reach for it regardless of whether I need clitoral stimulation or penetration. The motor is really powerful and high quality. I've abused this toy by leaving batteries in it long term and using it on high for multiple orgasm sessions. So far it has shown zero signs of wear.
Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny 

Full Price Only $31.95
I turn to this toy when I want clitoral vibrations and penetration, but I don't want to use both hands. The rabbit and tip are flexible, which lets me have a comfortable ride in any position. Both spots have their own separate motor. I've been rubbed the wrong way by silicone rabbit ears that were too firm before, but these are nice and soft, caressing your most intimate parts sensually with some intense power!

Vibe Rite Cordless Massager

Full Price Only $59.95 
This toy is my very best friend, and partner in multiple orgasms. It has all the power of a wand massager, but without the cord. This is NOT the toy for you if you need something quiet, but I would highly recommend this wand if strong vibrations help you orgasm. The multi-speed wheel is easy to access while you're using it, so you can adjust the vibrations according to how sensitive you feel. Since I get much too sensitive for powerful vibrations after orgasm, the wheel lets me still tickle my fancy during that pesky post-orgasm refractory period. Strong vibrations, no cord to get tangled in, and complete control over the vibrations? Check. 

Dual Pleaser

Full Price Only $39.95
This toy is wonderful because of its unique shape and, once again, strong vibrations. The shaft is perfect for anyone who likes smaller toys for penetration. The powerful vibrations come from the tip of the flexible clit stimulator and resonate throughout the toy. The shape of this vibe makes it PERFECT for rocking your way to orgasm. Most toys work best in a laying down position, but any cowgirl aficionados out there will love this petite vibrator. With you on top, the vibrating stimulator makes direct contact with your clit for leg-shaking orgasms.

Purity Silicone Vibrator

Full Price Only $34.95
The Purity is a super smooth vibe with a multi-speed dial. What this toy lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in reliability. Every time I grab this toy, I start off using the strong vibrations clitorally and then move on to penetration. It has the strongest vibrations in the tip, which means it's great for pinpointing your pleasure points: the clit and g-spot. I love that this toy is waterproof and I sneak it into the bathroom for more showers than not.


Date 7/31/2015
great info ... thx ... will be looking into these ...
Date 8/3/2015
i have the viberite and u r soooooo "rite" it is GREAT!!!!!
Date 8/27/2015
The Amp It Up massager is so pretty!! I need one!

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