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Why Your Guy Wants YOU To Stimulate His Prostate!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
Let’s begin this article by asking this question, “Do you know what / where a prostate is?” First of all, only men have a prostate gland. It is a tiny, walnut shaped gland located between the bladder and the penis. The urethra, which is how urine exits the body, runs through the prostate and into the penis. The prostate can be reached (and stimulated) by placing a finger (or a prostate stimulating toy) into the rectum approximately knuckle deep. It is located on the bottom floor of the rectum. During sexual arousal, the prostate swells (sort of like the female G-Spot) and stimulating it can be very intensely pleasurable. Read on to learn more...

Everything You Need to Know About Anal Sex

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex

Check out TooTimid's ultimate guide to anal sex!  Find out everything you need to know about anal play, penetration, positions, and toys right here.

10 Thoughts She Has During Anal Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Woman's Butt
Anal sex is quickly becoming a more regular part of many couple’s sex lives. Be this as it may, for many women anal sex isn’t all fun and games the entire time and may take a little getting used to. So, if you ever wondered exactly what she is thinking during anal sex (and believe me, she has many thoughts) here are just 10.

5 Anal Toys You Have To Try

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Textured Anal Plug
Have you decided to try some anal play? Are you simply curious about how anal sex could be added into your sex life? No matter your reason, no matter your anal experience – there are anal toys you simply must try! Here are just 5 of them.

What People Never Tell You About Anal sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Woman's Butt
Nowadays it is a healthy part of sex for many couples. However, there is a fairly “ugly” side to anal sex that no one wants to talk about. Yes, anal sex is fun and feels good (to those who do it right) but there are some things to beware of. The following things can and do happen post anal fun, but if you take precautions many won’t happen at all.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Woman's Butt
Anal sex makes many people (both men and women) cringe at the various misinformed thoughts – it will hurt, it will be messy, if I like it I must be gay – and really there is no reason why every couple can’t be enjoying anal sex!  So, if you want to know how to prepare yourself for anal – read on!

10 Best Anal Sex Positions

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Woman In Bed
Do you and your partner enjoy anal sex? Do you think that doggy style is the only way to achieve it? Well guess again my little friends, there are many different positions to try for anal sex! So here are the 10 best anal positions for the next time you are doing it booty style.

What Do Men and Women Get Out of Anal Sex?

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Woman Wearing Sexy Panties
This is a question that I get asked a lot:  “what do I get out of having anal sex?”  Are we REALLY still living in a world where anal sex is taboo and people still think it hurts?  OK, so do you want to know what you really get out of anal sex?  Here’s what!

8 Normal Things To Expect When You Have Anal Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Female Butt
As a woman who enjoys anal sex on the regular, and has for most of my sexual life, I am pleased to see more people (both men and women) giving this is a shot!  So, from someone well versed in anal, here are 7 normal things to expect when you have some anal.

5 Steps To Have GOOD Anal Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Couple Embracing Sexy Butt
Anal sex is one of those sexual activities that many people don’t try out of fear of it “hurting” or it not being pleasing at all. Let me assure you, anal sex can be extremely pleasing and even fun! You just have to know the steps to having good anal sex!

5 Best Vibrating Plugs

Posted by Randa to Anal Sex
Vibrating Butt Plug
Vibrating anal toys offer the thrills of a typical butt plug but with the intense vibrations you crave!  If you love anal play, you need to try a vibrating plug!  Here are just 5 of the best!

7 Best Beginner Anal Toys

Posted by Randa to Anal Sex
Candy Rimmer Silicone Butt Plug
Whether you want a sex toy to enhance your stimulation or if you are a first-timer looking for true beginner toys, you have come to the right place! Here you can find a few tips to help get you started as well as the best anal toys for beginners!

10 Facts About Anal Sex

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
Sexy Womans Ass
Anal sex is not something to be feared!  A lot of opinions regarding anal sex stem from inaccurate information and poor preparation.  I want to dispel a few false rumors regarding this intimate sex act.  What are the facts about anal sex?  Here are 10 things that I think are most important for you to know.

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Anal Sex

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Beautiful lingerie woman ass
Even though anal sex has become quite less “taboo” than it used to be, it is still an activity that is seen to be out of the “normal” realm of sex play.  However, if you are still curious about anal sex – and I know you are – then read this article for the truthful (and perhaps entertaining) facts about anal sex.

Mikayla's Favorite Anal Toys For Newbies!

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Anal sex toys for beginners
Whether you are a man or a woman – anal play can be an extremely fun and super stimulating added extra to solo play, foreplay or the main event!  There are many different anal-play products which are perfect for new players.  Here are just a few of my favorites!

Toys To Keep It Hot In The Bedroom

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Adult sex swing for couples
While there is NOTHING wrong with going with your faves, it is nice to sometimes thing outside your toy box a bit!  Also, if you are a couple experiencing a bit of a down-cycle in your bedroom, then bringing in some toys can REALLY heat it up!  Check out some of the hottest toys out there for couples to try – whether you have toys already or are just beginning!

Mikayla's Favorite Anal Toys

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
anal sex toys
There is a wide range of anal items from plugs, to beads, to vibrators – and all of them can be used on females or males.  There are, however, special items just for prostate stimulation (for males only) which, I hear, are fantastic!  So, whether you are an experienced anal player or new to the game – read on to find some of my favorite anal sex toys!

Anal Advice For Newbies

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex

Have you been considering trying anal sex?  Well, if you are a newbie to anal sex and are contemplating taking a stroll down anal avenue, this article will give you some great advice for the anal newbie!  Anal sex can be a very pleasant and exciting part of a sexual relationship that doesn’t have to be scary, dirty or painful!

Best Anal Toys For Beginners

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
First Time Anal Stimulators
Do you have a desire to try something new in your sexual repertoire?  Have you thought of anal play before but were worried that it would hurt?  Fear not!  Anal toys and anal play can be very pleasurable, especially when added on to treats like oral sex!  Here are our Best Anal Toys For Beginners!

How and Why to Use a Butt Plug

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
Sexy Woman
Do your rectal muscles contract when you hear the word "butt plug"? Does the thought, "nothing is going UP THERE" cross your mind immediately? Well, never fear! This article is all about how to safely use a butt plug as well as all the positive and fun things that you can use a butt plug for! By the end of it you will be ready, willing and even excited to try out an anal plug!  Read on for all the answers to How and Why to Use a Butt Plug!

5 Ways To Get Your Partner To Try Anal

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Romantic Couple
So, how can you get your partner – whether male or female – to experience the joys of anal?  Read on and I will give you some suggestions.  Here is a nice progression of activities to get your lover ready to take the anal plunge!

Petite Toys

Posted by Angela to Anal Sex
Slim Sex Toy
As a beginner whether it be vaginal or anal toys it is important to start with toys that are very slim to help with any discomfort.  In some cases due to health issues, a lot of women are more sensitive with insertion.  Here are my top slender toys that are great for anyone who wants something small with big pleasure!

Anal Sex : From "Ouch!" to "Ooh la la"

Posted by Angela to Anal Sex
Anal sex is a great way to take sex to another level! How do you go from vaginal sexual intercourse to anal sex?

Slippin' N Slidin' Down Anal Avenue

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
I know the question you really want answered – it is burning a hole in your head and you are just too embarrassed to ask.  Come on, do it - ask the question!  TRUST ME, I have heard everything!  You want to know if there is truly a lubrication that is the best for….well…..for Anal sex!

Anal Sex Toys Primer

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
If you are new to sex toys you might not know what the different type of anal toys are available.  This is a basic primer on the different type of toys you can use for anal sex.  After reading this article, you will be able to tell the difference between butt plugs and anal beads.  Yippee!
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