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Anal Sex For Men

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex
Anal pleasure for the hetero male
Yes, guys, you read correctly, this article is about anal pleasure for HETEROSEXUAL males! This article will enlighten, encourage and otherwise inform heterosexual males on the pleasure of anal sex. It is true, men can get a tremendous amount of pleasure out of anal stimulation – and this can be via finger (your own or your partner), toys or even strap ons! I know…slow down Mikayla, we need to crawl before we can walk, right? True enough, let me start at the beginning.

Statistically speaking, more and more heterosexual males are opening up to the idea and practice of anal fun. Whereas previously men were labeled ‘gay’ if they liked anal stimulation, the trend has changed. You do not have to be gay to like anal stimulation, and in fact upwards of 60% of MARRIED, HETEROSEXUAL men LOVE anal play. This is more than half (duh) and that is a tremendous amount of anal playing.

Of course, not all of these guys are going at it full thrust – most are just into the basics of anal play. It might have been an accident that they discovered this pleasure, or they might have specifically sought it out. Either way, knowing what you like and not being afraid to ask for it is a great step for any person – and in this realm, tremendous for any man!

More than likely how many men discover that they might like a little anal action is through an innocent act of rimming. If you do not know, rimming is when your partner takes their tongue and licks your anal opening. This can be done in any number of ways – but mostly it is done in conjunction with a blowjob. For many men, that first lick of their anal opening sends them instantly into orgasmic bliss….followed shortly by, “am I GAY? Why did I like that?” Dude, relax, you are not gay unless you want to HAVE SEX with another dude.

Back to the rimming, so your partner rims you, you like it. You get the guts to tell her, she says ‘cool’ and the next blowjob she is doing it again and you are thinking…”oh man, this is great! I wonder what a little more pressure would feel like….”

So then you lovingly ask your partner if they would have a little finger play with you during a blowjob or handjob. Remember to cut those fingernails ladies! Anyway, so then you are having your blowjob and a NICELY LUBED finger goes into your rectum just a bit, hitting that prostate and WHAM a massive orgasm hits you. Followed shortly by, “oh man, I sooo must be gay, I shouldn’t like this!” Relax dude, it is OK. Pleasure is pleasure. Look at the hot woman who is doing it to you. You are NOT gay.

So what begins as a tongue tease moves gently into a realm of various finger play. First, just the tip. Then, a little more. Then maybe, more than one! You are in a total spin trying to figure out why this feels so good. Oh man, what is going on!

SIDE NOTE: What is going on is, you have nerve endings in your rectum (they are the same as a woman has in hers) and you have the prostate. When the prostate is stimulated through anal play, it is very, very pleasurable. In fact, there are some men who notice this pleasure-like feeling during a prostate exam. Talk about confusing.

So what I am saying is, it is OK. Relax and enjoy.

So you are a real man, you can admit that you like anal play. You want to step it up – to toys. However, you do NOT want some huge butt plug, oh no, you want a teeny, tiny toy. Something to begin with. Luckily, there are tons to choose from in this realm….and beyond.

There are a few great starter kits and toys that I would recommend for the anal newbie (man or woman). The first is the ANAL ADVENTURE KIT. This kit has 3 separate items. There are 2 sleeves (one is smooth, the other is twisted) and an ultra-slim muli-speed vibrator. These toys are great for beginners because they are small in width, waterproof (sometimes beginning anal in the shower is a good idea) and they are easy to use.

Or, FUN FACTORY BENDY BEADS would be a great choice. These flexible beads are not too wide at all; they range in size from smaller to slightly larger – so you can go with your comfort. They also have a great handle for your partner to hold on while you play. Perfect for the newbie.

Or, if you want a little light show to go with your fun, MY FIRST ANAL TOY, is something that you might find enjoyable. This mini anal wand has 10 different functions and speeds, has lights and is just small enough for the newbie. It is really the perfect first toy.

Finally, I would suggest the manly black SLIMLINE ANAL EXPLORER. As the name suggests, this is a longer, thinner toy that is great for first timers. Made with a powerful vibrator, this soft, supple, bendable toy will enhance any person’s anal play – new or experienced.

OK, so if you are very secure in your ‘manly’ appreciation for all things anal, you certainly can advance to strap on sex. Granted, your partner would have to agree, but many women are very turned on by the idea of ‘being the man.’

Strap on sex with the man on bottom is a very interesting idea, and can be very fun. Just remember that you should not start with strap on sex, definitely move up to it. Here are a few great suggestions for strap ons: THE BRAZILIAN HARNESS is a slinky, sexy thong that has the strap on apparatus. Hey, you want the gal to be sexy right? Well, this will certainly do it for you. It is compatible with a wide range of dildos.

THE NEW COMERS STRAP ON SET will have you both enjoying your new found pleasure. This set comes with a small dildo and a harness. The dildo is definitely small enough for a newbie, but would be enjoyable for any level player.

TANTUS BEND OVER BEGINNER HARNESS KIT is perfect for first timers. This comes with 2 small silicone attachments.

Finally, if your woman REALLY wants to step it up, the revolutionary FEELDOE toy will satisfy you both. This item inserts INTO her and projects a dildo out of her (just like SHE has the penis). This toy vibrates and is designed to give her just as much pleasure as she is giving you. This would be my personal pick for strap on sex. I definitely think it would be the way to go.

OK, I suppose it goes without saying that you need LOTS of lube for anal play. Fingers, toys or whatever, lube is a MUST. There are plenty of lubes out there. I suggest SILICONE-BASED lubes if you are not playing with a silicone or cyberskin toy. Otherwise, use a nice, WATER-BASED LUBE. ASTROGLIDE, TOO TIMID PERSONAL LUBE, EROS, OR SWISS NAVY are all great lubes. Never be afraid to over lube – in this case, over lubing is better than under lubing.

It is my hope that this article has not only shown you the different types of anal play you can have, but also has assured you that trying, liking or even loving anal attention does not make you gay! Pleasure is pleasure, and I hope that more men can open up to the idea of anal stimulation. Of course, if it is not your thing, then by all means, do not engage. However, if you think you might like it, give it a try. This is just one more thing to add into your bedroom routine!

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Date 7/29/2014
I just read these articles and that is exactly how i got started . She started licking my ass and the next thing you know she had put her finger inside me while she was sucking my cock. Evidently she knew what she was doing , she made me start whimpering and i started going into a orgasmic bliss.After that i got some small vibrating dildos and i would let her milk the hell out of me. Now i let her fuck me with really big dildos with her strap-on. She bends me over on the corner of the bed and i tell her i need a good hard fucking so she will give it to me. In a couple of years i have went from normal boring sex to crazy wild anal fucking with dildos up to 3.5". I love getting fucked by women and they love fucking me , i promise you :)

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