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Anal Sex - Go from "Ouch!" to "Ooh la la..."

Posted by Angela to Anal Sex
Anal Sex-Go From Ouch! to Ooh la la!

Anal sex is a great way to take sex to another level! How do you go from vaginal sexual intercourse to anal sex?

Its important when trying anything new in the bedroom to always make sure your partner is 100% comfortable.

Note: It is very important to remember whether youre using a toy or you are with a partner, to never go from anal to vaginal play without proper cleansing as it can possibly cause infection.

Pain or discomfort during Anal Sex

It is okay for anal sex not to be as easy as 1-2-3 at first. Know that you are not alone with the ouch! accompanied with anal sex in the beginning. Its important to use a lubricant during anal play. Our rectums do not naturally lubricate themselves which is why using anal lubricants are absolutely essential. If we do not use anal lubes, it can cause pain for the giver as well as the receiver. Here are anal lubricants that are perfect together or with your partner:


If you are concerned with the pain, you can always use a numbing lubricant or an anal relaxing lubricant:


"How will I know I'm stretched enough to fit my partner?" (Or toy)

Take your time when you are experimenting with anal play. You do not want to damage or tear your anal area by forcing something that is too large into yourself. You will get there. Here are some great products that are perfect for any first timer, or experienced anal user. Anal Plugs An anal plug can be vibrating or non-vibrating and is perfect to stretch yourself to your desired size. You can also wear them during intercourse that will bring your sex an amazing dual-stimulating experience Here are some anal plugs that are perfect to help introduce you to anal play:


Anal Toys

There are anal toys that come in different textures and sizes that graduate in size, making it the perfect toy for you to bring yourself to enjoy anal sex! They also come in vibrating or non-vibrating.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are one of the first anal toys ever invented - and they are still popular today. For good reason-they deliver outstanding orgasms when used correctly! Designed to be inserted into the anal canal and then slowly removed. You can use graduated anal beads with different sizes which make them perfect for anal introduction! Here are some anal beads (some vibrating, some non-vibrating):

Anal Kits

Anal Kits have everything you need for anal stimulation. Check out these kits that are perfect for beginners, or experienced users:


Date 10/3/2013
My problem is that I am a petite (like 98lbs) woman and my partner is very well endowed. I love sex with him, he's gotten me out of my shell so to speak I used to be very reserved (I never used to like giving a guy or any guy oral until I met I ABSOLUTELY LOVE giving him oral, I've even done something that used to make me throw up everytime the thought came up...I got him to cum by oral and I swollowed)...but he loves anal. We've tried it a couple times and it hurts way too much for me, so I think he's getting bored with just regular sex and oral. What can I do to save my relationship?
Date 1/5/2014
Sinelia Louis
Do not try all at once, he need to entering you slowly once he in where it hurt he is not suppose to go any father just work that spot.And you on your part you need to relax your muscles pooch like you want to poop your anal will open and you will feel it sweet inside.You need to do it step by step on-till he can get all in there where you will not feel much pain.Remember not to stop doing it,because it will close tighter.
Date 4/9/2015
Sandra Moulton
I would love to try the double walbanger I think its called but can't with the cost. If it every comes up as one of the free items, count me in. I just can't afford the high price items at this time. I'll cross my fingers I'll get a chance to try it sometime. I love what I have but just wanted to add somethng new. Thank you

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