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Anal Positions, Lubricants And Orgasms

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Anal Sex

Does anal sex have to be painful?
The common myth is that anal play, certainly intercourse, has to be painful. It is true however that due to the extreme concentration of nerve endings in the anus that there can be extreme pain if mistreated. In order to fully appreciate and enjoy anal sex it is vital to eliminate all physical pain and trauma. This requires the passive partner, the person accepting something into their anus, to be ready to say "no" if they are not comfortable with continuing. It also requires the trust that the aggressive partner, the one who inserts an object into their partner's anus, will stop immediately upon such request. Once that trust is there, the two most important factors are to relax and use plenty of lubrication. It is important to use lubrication because the anus does not produce any natural lubrication or moistness like the vagina does. The most popular lubricants can be found by clicking here. A good method for learning to relax and trust your partner is to have a session where there is an agreement that no actual intercourse will happen. This will allow the passive partner to enjoy the pleasures of this erogenous zone without the fear or concern that they have to immediately move on to something larger.

Will I be able to have an orgasm from anal sex?
People can have orgasms from anal sex, but if one concentrates on the feelings solely looking for an orgasm, it is likely that the new pressure of seeking such an orgasm will prevent them from having one. That being said, it is most likely that a female will have an orgasm through anal sex due to the contractions of the pelvic muscle. Men will have an orgasm from anal sex due to the stimulation that is felt by the prostate. The most common way for people to have an orgasms while engaging in anal sex is to have some sort of direct genital stimulation as well while the anal intercourse is in progress. This can be done by rubbing the clitoris or testicles and stroking the penis.

What are some positions I should try?
Depending upon how experienced you are there are a number of different positions you can try. For people just starting to explore anal sex, I recommend a "spooning" position, this is where the couple would lay on their sides, one behind the other. This helps keep the couple close to one another so they can see how one another is reacting to various movements. This also allows the receiving partner to have the most control possible over the amount of penetration. A very common position for anal sex is the rear entry or "doggie style" position. Although this is most likely not the best position for beginners, it is a position that allows for the deepest penetration. This position does not offer the kind of intimacy and closeness of others, but when it comes to hot and fast thrusting and deep penetration, this may be the position for you. A third position is that which closely resembles the missionary position. The aggressive partner would approach the passive partner from the top, while the passive partner lays on their back calves over their partners shoulders thus enabling the anus to be exposed. This allows the couple to face one another and gives them the ability to easily caress each other all over.

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Date 9/22/2016
guy filled for pleasure
I have been able to with trial and error, have anal orgasms with my dildo. I just relax an concentrate on the massage my prostate receives and in little to no time cum is oozing from my cock. As I become more relaxed I feel the tension build and a little stroke of my cock and WOW! My legs begin to shake and I am almost breathless as I cum. The feeling is so overwhelming that I stroke my cock some more to have a penile orgasm right after.

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