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All About Mikayla

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

Hi all! My name is Mikayla, but my friends call me Mika. I have been around TooTimid for going on 10 years now – that is a very long time and I have loved every second of it! I came to TooTimid for the same reasons that many of you have – to find great sexual enhancement products and to talk to others about all things sex. At the time I was struggling in my marriage and was looking for suggestions and help. What I found was a wonderful group of people who helped me to make decisions and see things clearly – and I subsequently ended my marriage (which was OK, because he was gay anyway!) That explains a lot, huh? I have stuck around TT to help other people, review fantastic items, write articles that hopefully help people to understand and be comfortable with all things sex, and to be a part of a company that I really believe in.

A lot has changed since I first signed on to TooTimid all those years ago. I have had another child – I have two wonderful and smart boys ages 13 and 7. I got divorced (as mentioned) and have had many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) lovers since then. I moved to Canada for a year to pursue my Ph.D. in English and am slowly working on finishing that here in the states. I work at a local university as a college English professor – yes, I have the professor glasses and everything – and I love what I do. I have written 4 books now – 2 children’s books, 1 murder / mystery book and am almost finished with a book of erotica. I love to write and hopefully one day you will see my work on a shelf in a bookstore somewhere. I absolutely love to cook and bake and make a fantastic tiramisu cheesecake! I love spending time with my boys, being a soccer mom, meeting new people, traveling and, of course, helping when I can at TooTimid. I have a lot of passions in my life and I am so blessed with good friends, family and colleagues who love and support me.

I get e-mails from so many people who ask me what my favorite things about sex are – or what my favorite products are. My favorite thing about sex is that it is a completely pure way to express love or intimacy with another person. Whether that person is your spouse or just a lover – sex is experimentation, expression, comfort, excitement, anticipation and pleasure all wrapped into an explosive activity! Sex is personal and enlightening – and having sexual openness and freedom is a way to find your true self! As for my favorite products, well, they are always evolving as new products hit the market. Here are my current top 5 favorites:

Lola’s 10 Function Pink Bullet

I love bullets. They, to me, are the every woman’s must have item. They provide direct stimulation where you want it – YOUR CLIT! I love this one!

Icicles #22 Glass Dong

Glass is one of my favorite materials for a toy. I love the stiffness, the coolness, the unbending nature of a glass dildo. This one is perfect in size and is beautiful to boot!

50 Shades Hard Limits Restraint Kit

I love restraints! There is nothing quite like a night of light bondage to make me squeal in delight! This is a fantastic and versatile restraint kit – HIGHLY recommend!

7th Heaven Rabbit

Dual action vibrators are a gift to all womankind! Insertion and external, clitoral stimulation all wrapped into one toy – gotta have it! This is my new fave! I use it often.

Magic Wand Massager

This is an item that never, ever lets me down. It is 100% full-proof for fast, hard, immense and frequent orgasms. It also feels great on tired muscles, just saying!

So I hope that satisfies your curiosities about me for now. I am honored that you wanted to read about little, ole me! I hope that I will be around TooTimid for a long time to come – helping people to experience good sex – and having good sex myself. If you have any questions, just send me a message on the message board! Goodbye for now. Muah!


Date 4/24/2015
childrens books? secret life huh? lol. great products, i have the bullet and the wand, looking to get some more so thanks for the suggestions!

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