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Advanced Sex Toy Play

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
In all my years at TooTimid I have written many articles that address sex toy play for the newbies!  How to introduce your man to your toys, how to pick a first toy for your lover, or even how to incorporate sex toys into your bedroom.  What I have never done, until now, is write an article designed for those of us who are sex toy aficionados and who have a rather experienced history with sex toys!  You may be asking yourself, “Well, if I know about toys already, why do I need to hear more about using them?”  The answer is simple:  we never stop learning!  So, if you consider yourself to be a master toy user read on, you may just learn something new!

DOUBLE THE PLEASURE:  OK, so whether you are a single lady who is used to using a little bullet for your solo time or a couple who plays with a standard vibrator, there is a step up as far as vibrators are concerned:  DUAL A
CTION VIBRATORS!  Dual actions are larger toys (mostly) that offer both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL stimulation, oftentimes with a lot of bells and whistles!  So, what makes a dual action “advanced?” The orgasms that most women report having are very strong and quick with dual action vibes.  If you have never experimented with a dual action vibrator you MUST try one post haste!  If you are alone during play you will immediately notice the intensity of being filled internally (vaginal insertion) as well as stimulated clitorally!  Most duals also have rotating and vibrating shafts, spinning pleasure beads and a variety of speeds and vibratory power to get you off as quickly as you would like!  If you have a partner, he will love to see you wiggling in pleasure while he stimulates you easily with one toy (which leaves his hands and mouth open for other things!)  So, if you have only experienced bullets or the standard vibes NOW is the time to pick up the advanced vibrator: a dual action vibrator!

Check Out Our Best THRUSTING Dual A
ction Vibrator!

GO FOR THE G:  Have you considered the possibility of having a G-Spot Orgasm?  Does it seem like an impossible mission to you?  Well, it may not be!  While not every woman can squirt every woman CAN feel the pleasure of having her G-Spot stimulated!  One of the best ways to do this is with a toy made special for G-Spot stimulation - A G-Spot Vibrator!  Why bother trying to stimulate your G-Spot?  Um, it feels AWESOME!  Once you have experienced G-Spot stimulation and (crosses fingers) a G-Spot orgasm you will want to try again and again!  Most of the time during standard intercourse our partners are unable to stimulate this spot long enough to bring us to orgasm.  During oral sex this spot can be more easily stimulated, but not every guy has the stamina for this.  However, lucky for us ladies a g-spot sex toy never gets tired and whether alone or with the loving help of a partner, you may be able to have this experience!  So, what do you look for in a G-Spot toy?  Each toy should have a special “curved” tip which is meant to stimulate the G-spot more easily, a firm body (you need hard, constant pressure to really give the G-Spot the attention it deserves), and an easy to hold handle or shaft (you need to be able to comfortably reach the spot for an extended period of time).  These are the basics for G-Spot stimulating toys.  Once you have the right item, you can attempt G-Spot stimulation. I would tell you how to know when you have found it, but trust me ladies – YOU WILL KNOW!

The PERFECT Beginner G-Spot Vibe!

SAMPLE SOME SIZES:  You know ladies, not all penises are alike!  Nor are all sex toys!  Standard vibrators and bullets are small for a reason: they are standard sized.  Easy for all women to use and enjoy!  Well, if you have been using the same standard sized 5 inch vibrator why not go a little larger?  TooTimid has SO many vibrators and dildos that come in many different sizes.  You can even get a 10”, super LARGE, wide-girthed dildo!  Why would you want to?  If you are thinking, "Why do I want that?  My boyfriend is an average size..."  HEEEELLLLO!  Why WOULDN’T you?  Sex toys allow us to sample the rainbow without leaving our own bedroom (or boyfriend!)  We can try different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, curves.  We can explore a whole world of sensations just by ordering a new vibrator or new dildo!  Plus, our lovers may enjoy watching us pleasure ourselves with a penis that is different than their own!  Fantasy is very important in a sexual relationship! 

Our Top-Selling Vibrating Male Masturbation Sleeve

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS:  You know guys, there is a way for you to advance your toy play too!  If your idea of “toy play” is a new lube and your other hand, I have news for you – THERE ARE SEX TOYS FOR MEN!  Yup!  If you want to add a little va va voom to your masturbation time, why not invest in a masturbation sleeve?  These little gadgets are a revolutionary development.  They are portable, small, easy to clean and come in a variety of textures and, um, orifices (simulated oral, vaginal, anal).  Masturbation sleeves are step one in advancing sex toy play for you.  Step 2 is a realistic vagina!  Yes guys, TooTimid offers a variety of affordable options for you.  So, whether you are currently single and just want to change it up – or – whether you want something to supplement your sex life with a partner, realistic vaginas are all the rage!  Pick a color, size, material – and, sometimes – a replica of your favorite adult film star!  Why should you guys be left holding the lotion and a tissue when you can have a masturbation EXPERIENCE too?  So, invest in your pleasure guys, search for a masturbation aid today!

What's Your FAVORITE Sex Toy?

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Date 1/29/2015
Bonnie Marash
I am looking for a very strong vibrator. One that is a blast for a reasonable price. I would like to use it on my clit.
Date 5/27/2015
Hey Bonnie, answer to your qeustion, try the "my first bullet" it's very strong! Only 10.00.
Date 5/27/2015
@Bonnie, I have the Basix Rubber Jelly Egg, and it's crazy strong for the price!
Date 6/6/2015
I love the simple clit vibes. They give me that little extra something during sex to come!
Date 8/25/2017
I love to use clit arousal cream with silver bullet on my clit while dildo vibrates away in my pussy! Wow!!!

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