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8 of Mikayla's Favorite Sex Positions

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
8 Favorite Sex Positions For CouplesSee Our Sex Toys For Couples!

Over the years on TooTimid I have been asked consistently what my favorite sex positions are and why.  The great thing is, over the years (and with age and differing partners) my favorites have definitely changed!  Sure, I still have a few tried, trusted, and true pleasing positions that will remain in my arsenal, but, I do have some fun ones that are new to the list.  It is important to note that these are MY favorite positions – meaning, these positions may not work for you.  This is a fun article about what I find pleasing to me (or to my partners)! That being said, I would love for you to try any or all of these and tell me that #5 is now on your favorite list, too!  Read below for 8 of Mikayla's (MY) Favorite Sex Positions!


I can’t write an article on my favorite sexual positions without mentioning 69ing!  For those who may not know, the 69 position is when you and your partner position yourselves so that his genitals are by your mouth and yours are by his for the purposes of oral sex!  You can do this woman on top, man on top or even side by side.  The goal is mutual oral pleasure! I love using the 69 position to warm up.  Also, it should be noted that when I play with a female partner, I love to have her in my mouth while I am in hers!  The 69 is a standard, yet favorite, position of mine!


Over the years I have found that deeper stimulation really pleases me AND so does taking more control in bed.  So, a position that works in both departments is when I ride my partner’s lap – preferably when he is sitting on the couch or a comfy chair.  This way, I can lower myself onto his cock as deeply as I want and control the depth or speed and how I grind against him.  Plus, if I am facing forward he gets to play with my breasts and if I am facing away from him, he can reach around and finger my clit, grab my hips, bend me forward.  Yeah, I am a fan of the lap dance position.


I will admit, I once laughed at those ‘spooners’ out there.  Now, I am a spooning convert!  I had a lover who really loved intimate, morning sex.  He would snuggle up behind me, throw my left leg over his thigh, enter me from behind and just slowly tease me to beautiful orgasms!  I love this position because it is intimate, slow, feels amazing and your partner can reach around and fondle your breasts and clitoris.  Also, whispering sweet (or naughty) nothings in your ear while he is inside you really takes the sexy up a few degrees!


I know, “missionary is boring” right?  WRONG!  The missionary position is an extremely intimate position that also offers clitoral friction that I (and many women) find extremely pleasing!  Standard man-on-top missionary position provides a deep penetration combined with clitoral rubbing that you can vary by arching yourself up or down.  You can also snake your legs around his and grind up into him, which often will give the proper clitoral stimulation.  Furthermore, you can kiss during this position which can bring the arousal to new heights!  Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it, I love missionary position!
Sexy Woman Riding Partner
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This is not a position for the weak as it takes quite a bit of strength – but, if you can do it, HOLY MOLY!  To do this, the man will lay flat on the floor or bed (floor can be easier, less sinking) and you squat over him, holding on to the headboard or the wall or whatever else can give stability.  Then,  you bounce up and down on his cock as fast or slowly as you want.  This is a tight position for him with a great visual AND it is a deeeeep position for you!  I love it because I can go fast for a few strokes and then lower and sit still or go tantalizingly slow.  This always makes me cum – hard – and always makes him beg for more freaky frog!


As I have gotten older and my knees have gotten less stable I have found that certain positions work better than others.  This position is easy on the knees and can work well if you are getting a little pudgy in the tummy department.  Either partner can be on top.  If it is woman on top, the man will lie down or hold himself up on his elbows.  The woman “scissors” herself over one of his legs (perhaps using his knee for stability) and you gently rock back and forth in a scissor-like motion.   It is great for clitoral stimulation and for a nice build up!


Otherwise known as “edge of the bed” this position is a wild favorite of mine!  The woman lies on her back, legs up or spread and the man stands at the edge of the bed (or table, or counter) and enters her.  Then, the woman can arch herself up to meet his thrusts.  This is a deep position, creates a very visual scene for him, and doesn’t stress either partner so it can be a long lasting position.  You can change the tightness by closing your legs, or, spread them wide and play with your clitoris!  I love this position for all of the above reasons and it always makes me cum!


My number 1 favorite position has always been – and still remains – DOGGY STYLE!  This traditional woman-on-hands-and-knees position is super deep, always drives him crazy, and has options as well!  You can place a pillow under your stomach for support, lean forward and place your rear up further, keep your legs together, spread them – anything goes with the doggy.  My favorite thing about the doggy is the “mmmmmm” that I always get when he enters me from behind, feeling that tight way I surround his cock as he grabs my hips and puts me where he wants me.  Then, just before he is about to go nuts, I use my favorite bullet on my clit and give him the orgasm to end all orgasms!  Also, if you happen to be a fan of anal sex, you can transition right into this position as well. Just remember, never go anal to vaginal!  Yeah, sorry but the Doggy Style is still the top sexy spot for me!

What Are Your Favorite Sex Positions?
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Date 8/24/2014
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Date 6/15/2017
i love it when my wife rides me and im propped up in a chair or with pillows behind me while i lay against the headbored. I can still touch and tease her all over, and it makes her ride me harder. sometimes i look over her and can see her reflection in the mirror while she rides me and nothing is hotter than that.

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