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7 Ways To Touch A Woman

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
7 Ways To Touch A Woman

Do you ever feel like the romance has left your bedroom? Or, are you in a new relationship and really want to wow the panties off your new lover? Do you wish there was a secret handbook that outlines all the places you can stimulate your lover to make her go ga-ga? Well, there is and you are about to read it! We will deliberately avoid the one area that most men will go right for – the vaginal area – and concentrate on some other places that will make her moan. Stick with me fellas and your woman will be all yours in more ways than one!

1. Nape of the Neck.
Mmmmm, I literally get shivers when I imagine my lover coming up behind me, his hot breath on the back of my neck as he moves my hair aside and takes slow, hot kisses and nibbles on the nape of my neck while wrapping his arm around my waist. What a way to make me melt! Women LOVE to have the back of their neck caressed and kissed – as well as feel your growing arousal as you do it!

2. Wrists.
Imagine you are sitting together on the sofa; your lover is staring into your eyes. You pick up her hand and rub, gently; your fingers up and down her arm. Just gently caressing and then bring her hand to your mouth, gently kissing first the back of her hand, and then turning it over and kissing and licking her wrist! She will be puddy in YOUR hands!

3. Can you hear the sex coming on?
His lips are on your neck, kissing, licking, sucking. His hand caresses your cheek and moves to the back of your head, tucking your hair behind your ear. His moves in for the kill, his hot breath on your ear and then you feel it – his tongue on the edges of your earlobe! You moan, quietly, as he sucks and caresses your ear just gently with his mouth and tongue. Want your woman to grab your head and pull you in for a hot kiss? Then don’t neglect her earlobes!

4. Back of the Knees.
You place your lover on the bed in her panties and bra. You take your time enjoying her body. Your lips are moving all over and finally come to rest on the back of her knee. This tender, slightly-tickly area can elicit the best reactions! Kisses, licks and nibbles there will make her wetter than a slip-n-slide.

5. But What About the Butt?
Ahhh, of course while she is laying on her stomach writhing from the attentions on her legs, shaking her little butt seductively – what are you to do? Pay attention to it, of course! A woman’s butt is an extreme erogenous zone for her – and for you. You can lick it, bite it (gently, please), caress it, and spank it even.

6. Inner Thighs.
Maybe now it is time to roll her over onto her back. Get a view of those wonderful breasts, heaving in anticipation of what you will do next. Your fingertips trace up and down her legs, knees, thighs – oh yes, the inner thighs. Spreading her legs just enough, make small kisses from her knee UP to her inner thigh on one leg. Then, missing her vaginal area on purpose, skip to the other leg starting at the inner thigh and going down toward the knee. She will be moaning, writhing and begging you to touch her more, more, MORE!

7. Luscious Lips.
No, not THOSE lips. Her facial lips. What? Are you confused? Yes, I know, you have been caressing all over her body and now I say “lips.” Well, the number one spot to arouse a woman is her lips. You can skip every other spot entirely (you shouldn’t, mind you) if you know how to kiss passionately. Kissing is an intimate act. It is deeply sensual. It can cause arousal more quickly than any other activity. If you know how to vary your kissing technique, nibble her lips, use French kissing effectively – then you will have her melting at your touch! Yes, guys, the most important erogenous zone is her lips!

Mikayla’s tip: Always remember that women love to be seduced. We love our bodies caressed, admired, kissed, nibbled and licked. The entire body can be an erogenous zone if proper attention is paid! Make your woman melt – romance her with touches and kisses and she will be a hot ball of lust for you!

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Date 1/1/2018
ohhhh my inner thighs are so sensitive, drives me crazy when he licks or touches me there !!
Date 3/5/2018
she luv when i rub her back n move down to her ass

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