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7 Sex Positions To Make Her Orgasm!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Why do people engage in sex? It is an intimate experience to share with someone who you are attracted to and care about, it is fun, it feels amazing, and you hopefully with have an orgasm! While it is no secret that men are almost always guaranteed an orgasm, lucky guys – women are not always in line for the same! Orgasms can come easily for some women – but for others it may take a little bit more effort. A question I get asked all the time is: what positions are going to help my girlfriend / wife / lover to orgasm? Well, while there really are no guarantees when it comes to the big O, there are certain positions that can make the chances a little more likely! So, read on my curious friends and discover 7 positions that are likely to cause an orgasm!

1.  ORAL SEX: Even women who have a difficult time orgasming during sex – otherwise known as an internal orgasm – can usually come with clitoral stimulation. In fact, approximately 85% of all women require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. So, it stands to reason, then, that oral sex would be a fantastic – and fun – way to deliver your woman to the land of the big O! If you want to ensure this lovely occurrence make sure your lady feels comfortable and relaxed. Lie her down on her back, kiss her fro
m her mouth, to her neck, breasts, tummy and end up between her legs. Let her be co7_positions_to_make_her_orgasmmfortable and secure. Wrap your arms around her hips and your mouth around her vagina! Use your tongue to circle her clit and any other number of fantastic oral tricks to get the job done! The key here is that your woman feel at ease, her body relaxed and her arousal maintained! Then, you just have fun pleasing her and hopefully her body will do the rest!

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2.  MISSION MISSIONARY: If we are talking orgasm potential we HAVE to talk missionary. Standard man-on-top missionary position offers a few things that can make a woman all wet and O’ey. First, it is very intimate as she can look lovingly into her partner’s eyes. Second, it is a deep position that will rub her the right way. Third, it offers clitoral stimulation when his pelvic arch is positioned in the right manner. So, the tri-fecta of orgasm potential! The key to this one is to allow and encourage her to move her hips in a way that creates the friction between her clit and his pelvic area. She will know it when she feels it. The man needs to be lower, grinding his hips into her. She needs to wrap her legs around him and meet his thrusts. In this way the insertion is deep and full and the clit is getting what is needed to orgasm. So, before you snub your noses at “vanilla missionary” think about the potential for some serious orgasming!

3.  ON THE EDGE: Sometimes a woman needs a magical mixture of relaxation, deep penetration and clitoral stimulation. Not many positions can offer that, so sometimes you have to help it along. A great way to do this is any place you can have your lady lie down flat on her back, hold her legs apart and enter her while you are standing. Think edge of bed or perhaps the dining room table. This allows her to be comfortable with him in control, the penetration will be deep and he can very his thrusts to stimulate her in all sorts of special places, and she (or he) can provide clitoral stimulation manually! Nothing is sexier than having your man reach down and rub your clit while he is pumping away! Now that is a way to guarantee going over the edge to orgasmland!

4.  WOOF WOOF: Listen, ladies, doggy style is NOT just for the men! Sure, they enjoy it because it is a deep, deep penetrating position and they can grab your hips and just pound you! What does that do for you, though? Um, a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT! The doggy position offers you the possibility of having a G-Spot orgasm! If you know how to let yourself go in this way, the doggy position puts his penis right where your G-Spot is – and he will hit it over and over. If you change the standard doggy to downward-doggy (where your head is on the bed) – then you change the angle even more! Plus, you can reach between your legs and give yourself some great clitoral pleasure and that will almost certainly push you right over the edge!

5.  RIDE 'EM COWGIRL: Some women don’t believe they can orgasm in an “on top” position, but this is so not the case. Especially if you are riding him while he is sitting on a couch or chair. This is an intimate position that allows you to kiss and fondle – which heats up the woman’s arousal for sure! He can fondle and suck on her breasts, wrap his arms around her; squeeze her hips and whisper how amazingly hot she is in her ear. Also, if you sit astride him with your knees bent and your feet flat, you can get a deeper penetration and lean back to allow him to fondle your clit! So, if you are not getting the friction you want, just lean back a little and let him play with you! This is a great position to orgasm in – and it will drive HIM mad to watch you in all your glory!

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6.  REVERSE COWGIRL: Woman on top, but reversed! This position actually works better for some women because they can lay down flat, get some serious G-Spot rubbing AND have clitoral grinding going on! Jump on top of your man facing his feet, then slowly move your head and arms down toward his feet. You can even grab his calves to help you to pull yourself back and forth. He will be able to grab your butt and enjoy the view and you will get some killer clitoral attention and a full penetration position that will drive you wild!

7.  FANTASTICALLY FLAT: A position that many do not consider one to cause orgasm is a position where the woman lies on her stomach, flat (or with a pillow underneath her pelvis). The man gets behind her, usually in doggy first, enters her, and then she lies flat. He thrusts up and into her while hovering above her, perhaps kissing and licking her neck or upper back. The flat position offers two important things: deep, deep penetration and clitoral friction. The bed will rub her clit with every thrust of his hips and the deep penetration is so stimulating for both! Also, if you find you need a little help with the clitoral stim, you can easily place a small vibrator or bullet down between your vaginal lips and let it buzz away. The pressure from your lover will keep it in place buzzing away! This is a definite must try new position for the big O!


Date 2/21/2015
Oh baby, I can't wait to do all of these. My man and i do the edge and dogie style, and I ride him ,but not backwards. That's a new one we need to try. It all sounds so sexy reading about it.
Date 3/28/2015
I do agree with all but The last postition is by far The best

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