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7 Glass Toys You Need

Posted by Kaitlin to General / Misc Info
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to experience one of the sexiest, safest, and up-and-coming materials on the market.  Glass!  Glass is an excellent new material to wrap your hands and bodies around because of its non-porous quality.  That means it won't give you any trouble when cleaning, because there aren't any nooks to take a toothbrush to!

Along with being incredibly easy (and fast) to clean, glass exudes an air of danger, desire, and luxury!  Who would have thought that the same material in your kitchen cabinets would make such elegant and sexy pieces of pleasure.  They are hand blown, handcrafted works of art created to make your love life sensational!

Plus, glass toys are spectacularly compatible with all kinds of lubricants and can change temperature with a quick dip in hot or cold water.  Imagine how sensual an experience it is to grasp a cool glass dildo and run it all over your skin, before it meets its warm, wet destination.  We would love for you to experience a beautiful and stimulating glass toy, so here are
7 Glass Toys You Need!

Inked Glass Probe

It may be difficult to think of glass as “rugged,” but this tattooed mister has the makings of a real man. The smooth glass has been “inked” with a traditional tattoo design on its smooth shaft. The gentle curve and wide tip of the Inked Glass Probe makes this the perfect little penetrator for G-Spot stimulation!

Icicles No. 40

Glass doesn’t always have to be smooth , and this slightly petite dildo proves just that! The Icicles No. 40 glass dildo has a nice deep ridge under the tip and rows of raised veins swirling around the shaft. The realistic texture and added testicles add a good grip for powerful, stimulating penetration!

Icicles 28 Glass Massager

You’ll be tickled pink with this beautifully sculpted massager. The Icicles 28 Hand Blown Glass Massager boasts a strong tapered tip and incredible massaging ridges that corkscrew from the tip to the base of the shaft. The perfect curve provides a tantalizing way to tease your G!

Crystal Kegel Eggs Pink

This stunning pair of glass eggs could double as decoration for Spring, but they are far more functional than that! The weight of the seamless Crystal Kegel Eggs assists in strengthening your pelvic floor as you go about your day! These discreet pink beauties will help you tighten and tone for remarkable orgasms!

Awesome Blossom

With a mesmerizing, tightly-ribbed shaft, the Awesome Blossom provides your vaginal walls with row-after-row of massaging texture. But this is no ordinary dildo! At the end of the long shaft sits a tapered tip, and inside that tip is a blooming golden blossom. This flower pleases the eyes and the body!

The Rainbow Nubby

I just love the colors that shine through the shaft of this superior glass massager! The little colored-glass beading lets you feel every inch of The Rainbow Nubby as you experience what it's like to pleasure yourself with glass! Glass can be heated up or cooled down for an added tantalizing temperature-changing treat!

Icicles No. 24

The exquisitely elegant Icicles No. 24 will easily glide wherever you desire, and stay on point with the help of its sturdy, curling grip ring. The curving shaft with ribbing AND raised nubbies tickles and teases when you use this sparkling gem to massage your G-Spot!

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