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6 Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Sexy

Posted by Kaitlin to General / Misc Info
Long distance relationships (LDRs) can make or break a couple. The are time consuming, often awkward, and can be quite lonely for both of you. But there is hope! Just because you're however many miles away from each other doesn't mean that you can't still spice things up every once in a while! Don't let your LDR get stale! Play with new technology, take a hint from what worked in the past, and enjoy your independently-connected sex drives with these 6 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Sexy!

CALM THE COMMUNICATION:  The most common trap that long distance lovers fall into (and the first thing to avoid in a sexy LDR) is over-communication!  When your contact isn’t spontaneous, and scheduled phone calls or Facebook chats get too regular, you can slip into a rut of chatting about the same things over and over.  Blah, blah, BLAH!  In order to keep the allure alive, use one of the best features of an LDR - space!  Take time away from each other and let your senses heighten again.  Go about your day and spend time dreaming about your lover.  When you do get a phone call a few days later, you’ve got new things to say, and your lover has a new sense of sex appeal about them.  Once you get some space to build sexy anticipation, start to play with the rest of the ways to keep your long distance relationship seductive!

Enjoy Your Independence With Our Best Rabbit!

PEN A LOVE LETTER:  The lost art of letter writing is really a fantastic form of romance.  For those of us consumed by techno-babble, we've lost touch with the real art of writing.  There’s a definite difference between “<3 ILY” and “I hang on your every word because I adore you.”  Handwritten letters are also fantastic at slowing your mind down so that you are not falling into the above mentioned trap of over-communication.  You only have a few pages, only so much ink to tell your love how you feel.  Break out that thesaurus and get to scribblin’!

PEN A LUST LETTER:  Oh you already know EXACTLY where I’m going with this one.  Step away from the 2-second response time of texting (or sexting) and pen something SEXY!  Need some help crafting a raunchy and stimulating letter?  Head to a bookstore or library and thumb through the erotic fiction for bit.  You know how it goes, “The scent of your cologne still dances through my bedsheets, and as my fingers brush against my thigh I can almost feel your breath on my breast.”  Hot, right?  Imagine getting that from your lover!  Take a tip from “Marty Maraschino” in Grease and spritz a bit of your most sensuous perfume on the pages.  When he opens the pages he’ll be surrounded by your scent and captivated by your sexy handwritten lust letter!

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SKYPE STRIPTEASE:  The art of striptease from miles away!  With technological advances in video conferencing and such, you can Skype or FaceTime with your significant other in the most sensual of ways!  Set a date to seduce, and set the mood.  Instead of chatting at the desk where your computer resides, think of yourself as a porn star and create a “set” for your “movie” to take place.  Dress the bed in silky sheets, clear the side tables or mantle and fill them with candles, and of course, put on your sexiest lingerie under a slinky or skin-tight outfit.  Remember this is a striptease!  You don’t want to greet your Sig. O. without anything on!  They have to work for it!

BE A VIRTUAL VOYEUR:  Kick up your "SkypeTease" with a little voyeurism!  Imagine how hot you’ll get while watching your lover masturbating while watching porn.  It gets better!  What if you were watching the same video, at the same time?  Then you both could not only get turned on from watching the movie, but also from watching each other touch yourselves!  With a wide array of XXX videos online, you can send each other the same video and watch each other viewing the vid. in sync!  Or, spice things up and send each other mystery links and see each other get hot and bothered in real time.  Just make sure to take a few moments after you, get down to business, and talk about the movie.  What did you like, what would you like to see next time, and what do you want to do to each other the next time you’re in the same town?

SHIP IT:  If writing isn’t your forte, but you still want to convey a message through the mail, send some gifts!  You can play the romantic card with some flowers, chocolates, the usual, or ship away something sexy with a quick note.  What’s sexy?  Frilly undies!  Your red lipstick kiss on a napkin and a promise for something exciting coming in the next gift!  Get creative with what your man likes and what he would want to imagine you doing.  Feeling extra naughty?  Send him a stunning vibrator and get a matching one for yourself, and tell him to meet you on Skype for a special show!

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