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5 Ways to Help You Orgasm Easier

Posted by Mikayla
Getting to the ‘O’

5 Ways To Help Reach Orgasm During Masturbation

Masturbation is a fun, stress-relieving experience that upwards of 98% of all people do from time to time. However, achieving orgasm is not always a guarantee, especially for women. For women, orgasm during solo play can sometimes be harder to achieve because of psychological blocking. Said simply: we women get too much in our heads to achieve an orgasm, so we give up. However, there are some ways to help ensure a greater chance of reaching orgasm (cause nothing is a guarantee in this realm) as well as having a deeper or even more frequent orgasms.

5. Set The Scene
When we invite that special someone into our bedrooms what do we often do? Light candles, make the bed with the special sheets, put on some saucy jazz music and wear our sexiest lingerie. We set the scene for seduction in every way we can. It should be no different when we are trying to seduce ourselves.

4. Let Go, Let O
We women are the “do it all” people in the world. We are mothers, career people, cooks, chauffeurs, doctors, lawyers, wives and lovers. We have so much on our minds that taking 15 minutes of our day to give ourselves some pleasure seems impossible. However, we need to do that. We need to be able to let it go and just BE in the moment, with ourselves in order to achieve an orgasm. So, clear your mind, enjoy the feelings of your fingers or whatever B.O.B may be your date and let that orgasm COME!

3. Outside the Box; Inside the Box

Occasionally, as we get older we find that the same things do not excite us any longer. We can no longer imagine kissing Brad Pitt and cum like a firecracker! No, we need something different, new fantasies, new experiences. So, do something outside of your norm. Watch some racy porn, but a toy that is powerful and larger than you are used to, or indulge in a taboo fantasy such as girl on girl. To get into your sacred box, practice getting outside of it.

2. Buy a new B.O.B.
Nothing can bring on an orgasm more quickly than a new “friend” in the bedroom, even if he is electric or battery powered. Perhaps, try to add in a new sensation. If you are a bullet girl, try adding in a dildo to give yourself some insertion sensations as well. Or, if you use dildos try to use a dual action vibe. Or, go WAY out of your comfort zone and try some anal play. My point: trade in your old B.O.B. for a new, modern version.

1. Self Seduction: We women often put everyone in front of ourselves. We don’t take the care to relax and enjoy even the few moments of silence that we may have. So, when orgasms are elusive we need to remember to seduce ourselves. Take a nice, long, warm bath. Plump up our pillows. Set the scene as in #5. Get our new B.O.B. ready and seduce yourself by slowly, intimately touching yourself. No rushing, no “getting it done” as quickly as possible. Just allow yourself to enjoy yourself for as long as you want.

Mikayla’s Tip
Remember that orgasms are more than a quick thrill. Releasing tensions and spending time with ourselves in this seductive way is important to our overall mental health. Make sure you give yourself the benefit of this experience whenever you can.

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Date 10/26/2013
What nice thoughts and ideas for women to enjoy during masturbation. I will definitely use your advice and thanks for all your sex tips I luv it

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