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5 Ways To Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Prostate Cancer is a disease that affects 1 of every 7 men and usually strikes after age 45.  Prostate Cancer affects the male prostate gland – a walnut shaped area in the man’s reproductive system.  With proper diagnosis and treatment it has a high rate of survival, but too many men still die from this disease.  Are there any ways to prevent prostate Cancer?  Unfortunately there is no 100 % guarantee of prevention, but there are well documented methods to helping to reduce the risk.
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  It has been scientifically proven that ejaculation (through masturbation, sexual intercourse or nocturnal emissions) can lessen the occurrence of prostate Cancer in men who ejaculate 21 or more times a month by approximately 33% (Garnick).  5_ways_to_help_prevent_prostate_cancerThis opposed to those who ejaculated 7 or less times a month who had a higher incidence of Cancer.  So, ejaculating on a regular basis seems to have definite health benefits when it comes to this.

Healthy weight:  Studies show a definite link between obesity and prostate Cancer, specifically with those who had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30.  Most of the time when a person is obese they do not eat healthily and therefore are not enriching their bodies and the immune response with the vitamins and minerals necessary to ward off disease.

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Eating right:  It seems to be common sense that eating right and having a balanced, portion-controlled diet is healthy in general.  Specifically, when healthy fats (Omega 3s) such as present in fish are consumed it has a general affect on all the vessels in our body, helping to lower cholesterol and keep us at a more appropriate weight.  Increasing the amount of green vegetables is also essential in boosting the immune system and fighting off diseases of all types, including Prostate Cancer.

Exercise daily:  It goes without saying that exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, but also to a healthy body.  Specifically, 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise helps the body to fight off all sorts of diseases and Cancers as well as helps to maintain a healthy weight.  Studies show, repeatedly, that those who exercise have a much lower occurrence of Prostate Cancer.
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  While screening for the disease is not going to prevent it, per se, it can aid in the help of fighting it early when it is detected.  Having your doctor screen for Prostate Cancer at the appropriate time in life as well as notifying your doctor if you have any signs or symptoms of it before the disease can take hold is essential in fighting against this disease.  Do not ever be embarrassed about being screened – this is what doctors are for.

Information for this article taken from various sources, including the Mayo Clinic online page and Dr. Marc Garnick, M.D. who is the Editor in Chief of Harvard Medical School’s annual Prostate Diseases.

What Do You And Your Partner Do Together To Stay Healthy?

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Date 5/28/2015
we have LOTS of sex... that's my cardio for the day :D
Date 5/31/2015
well if cumming alot helps prevent then i guess im in the clear lolol
Date 6/4/2015
Old Guy
I am a prostate cancer survivor. I remember my first prostate exam and massage performed by an attractive young female physician's assistant. I had a prostate infection and she knew exactly what to do. The ejaculation was massive and a total surprise. Women should learn to perform the digital rectal exam (DRE) as performed by doctors and make it part of sexual play. You could literally save a man's life. Get a box of exam gloves and a tube K-Y jelly from your local CVS and have some fun. You might embellish it with a naughty nurse costume. Done on a regular schedule, like coinciding with your menstrual cycle will allow you to monitor for any change in shape or hardness of the prostate that could be an indication of cancer that should send him to a urologist. You can Google "how to perform DRE" The PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test which may be an indicator of cancer but can give false high results if the sample is taken too soon after an ejaculation or prostate stimulation. It would be great if you would expand on this for one of your blogs. I could help but the input of a urologist would be better.
Date 6/5/2015
We run together and take turns making healthy meals. I love these suggestions though. Never thought about doing it for health but its true!
Date 6/5/2015
sarah t
@Old Guy- is that true? Either way, sounds like a fun thign to try!
Date 6/7/2015
Old Guy
sarah t, What part of what I wrote do you question? I think you can verify most of it with a little on line research.

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