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5 Toys that ALWAYS Make Mikayla Cum

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

I have been hanging around TooTimid for about 9 years now and in that time I have tried A LOT of toys! I mean, A LOT! Probably around 1000! That is a lot of toy play! In those years, and with those fun play sessions I have found my “favorites” that I just can’t live without because, well, they make me CUM! That is the goal of using a sexual enhancement product, right? To bring yourself or your partner pleasure? The ultimate pleasure for masturbation is to orgasm – and these toys are the ones that absolutely, positively ALWAYS get me to the O! 

See below for 5 Toys that ALWAYS Make Mikayla (ME) Cum!  

The Big Cherry - Vibro Dong

Sometimes I just want to be stretched and feel like my ultimate fantasy has slid into bed with me! The Big Cherry Dong is, well, BIG! At an impressive 11” long and 2" of girth this bad boy will fill you to the brim! This is one of the few items that can give me an internal orgasm without clitoral stimulation. It's so filling, it rubs me in all the right places. When I pull out my BC to play I know I'm going to need a lot of lube to be prepared to accept his girth! I warm up with a little bullet play and then once I am gushy wet I will slowly – SLOWLY – insert him into my wet tightness! It doesn't take long for my body to accept him and I can go faster and faster until I feel that delicious tightening that brings me to my O! I don’t even need the vibrations, but they are nice too. The BC is a BIG thrill for me and always leaves me happy (and a bit sore)!

Bendable Butterfly Silicone Vibe

This is a new toy that I recently reviewed and since then I have pulled her out for encore after encore! This dual action, G-Spot reaching vibe is amazing! There are so many options and variations - G-Spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, deep penetration - and I am trying them all! My favorite with this toy is to use it for little G-Spot orgasms. The toy is curved so it can stimulate your insides and your clitoris at the same time. I will place her into me, find my G-Spot, set the vibration to the intensity I want and then maneuver the clitoral stimulator onto my clit and let the butterfly rev me up! The Bendable Butterfly is definitely a new fave!

iVibe Rabbit

Oh how I love a good rabbit vibe! The combination of internal stimulation, rotating pearls, a rotating shaft, and the patented and oh-so-pleasing clitoris-stimulating bunny ears creates a sensory extravaganza that always leaves me breathless! This particular rabbit is waterproof, so when I have had a long day and want to soak in a hot bath and just have a nice release, I pull out my trusty iVibe Rabbit! Candles lit around the room, soaking in the warm, soapy water I will slide the I-Vibe in and slowly change the vibrations to the one that gets me where I want to go! Usually, I push the toy in as far as I can and just let the flicking bunny ears work their magic on my clitoris! The I-Vibe can usually bring me multiple orgasms because it is quite a powerful toy. Definitely a keeper in my toy box!

WOW! Mega Bullet

I LOVE bullets. I had a favorite that is no longer in production that I bought, oh maybe 10 times over the years. I rode that sucker until it broke every time! My NEW fave is the WOW! Mega Bullet because it has a tapered end, multiple speeds and vibration options, and it's easy to use internally or externally. Personally, when I use my bullet I will concentrate directly on my clit, slowly teasing myself to orgasm.  Because bullets are petite, it makes it easier to place the power where I want it! My usual method is to spread my legs wide, get my clit taught and eager to tease and then to just experiment with the different vibrations to either tease or bring myself to orgasm quickly! This bullet always does it for me!

Original (Hitachi) Magic Wand

When I want quick and powerful orgasms I ALWAYS grab my Magic Wand because, well, it’s MAGIC! It will hands down bring me to orgasm in less than 10 seconds and bring me back again and again for as long as I decide to play! This toy is basically a powerful motor with a flexible “marshmallow” looking head on the end. There are 2 speeds – low and OH-MY-GOD – and I don’t even need the high setting to make myself go off like a rocket. When I am in the mood for multiples I strip down naked, plug in my Original Magic Wand (and, incidentally, there is a cordless version of this now too!), I spread my legs place the pad on my clit, turn it on and brace myself for the ride! This toy provides intense vibrations to my entire vaginal area all at once and, as a result, quickly brings me to orgasm over and over again! Definitely my top pick for an item that will make me cum!


Date 8/2/2014
sweeetbabi ;)
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