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5 Toys That Feel Like a Tongue

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

Oral sex - almost every woman I know loves receiving oral sex.

The feeling of a tongue running up and down your clit is so stimulating that sometimes it is the only way a woman can experience an orgasm.  Stimulation of the clit is absolutely essential when you want to bring a woman to orgasm.  After all, what other reason could we have a clitoris for?

As much as we love receiving oral sex, sometimes our partner gets too tired or when you’re left without a partner to please, you're left craving the feel of a soft tongue against your clitoris and the intense orgasm that follows.  This list of vibrating tongue toys are ready to treat you and tease you until you orgasm, and you can be sure they won't tire out on you.

You don't have to use these toys by yourself.  Tell your partner how much you love when they eat you out and tell them to combine their tongue with any of the toys below.  They will feel just as satisfied as you will feel knowing they can still please you, but with just a little help.  Whether you like penetrating passion or a flick on your clit, here are 5 Toys That Feel Like a Tongue!

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Gyrating Tongue Vibe

Not only does this clitoral kisser come with a long, soft tongue, it MOVES like a tongue, flicking with all of the dexterity of the real thing!  The Gyrating Tongue Vibe vibrates at two climax-inducing speeds and laps you up with three inches of licking, flexible tongue!  Plus, this tongue toy is totally waterproof, so you can enjoy realistic wetness while you play.  This is easily one of our fave oral sex simulating vibes we've seen so far!

Marvelous Flicker

Enjoy the passionate licks you crave with the Marvelous Flicker!  It is made of silky-smooth silicone that is body-safe and completely waterproof!  It is USB rechargeable to give you the most powerful stimulation.  It has 10 fantastically fluttering functions and is a great choice for beginners or women who just love clit vibes!

Euphoria Tongue Vibe

If you want incredible, pinpoint stimulation, you need the Bliss Euphoria Tongue Vibe!  It has a narrow tip for spot-on clit stimulation and 7 mindblowing vibration functions!  One side is covered in teasing nubs to pleasure you like never before!  It is made of velvety-smooth silicone that is hypoallergenic and waterproof.  This sex toy is also beginner-friendly and great for travel.

Bumpy Betty Tongue

This soft, silicone sex toy is adorned in erotically stimulating nubs!  The Bumpy Betty Tongue Vibe has seven escalating and pulsating modes of vibration and is totally waterproof for wet and wild fun.  The hypoallergenic silicone shaft is firm and gently curved, making it perfect for pinpoint clit stimulation or massaging your vaginal walls.  Plus, the narrow tip offers spot-on stimulation that will make you cum HARD!

Turbo Tongue

If you want a little more stimulation with your lick, the Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue is your kinda oral stimulator.  With its suction cup base, this tongue can be positioned right where you want it, and a few squeezes of the bulb pump means a firm kiss and a soft lick to your sensual bits.  It’s made of plush, flexible jelly material and the multi-speed vibrations are controlled by the remote dial.  This is the ideal adult toy for achieving that intense orgasm you crave almost effortlessly!

Tingling Tongue

For a big vibe in a small package, you deserve the strong (and shhh quiet) Tingling Tongue.  With a curved and flexible tongue tip, this tantalizing clit vibe can easily pinpoint your every hotspot.  The little loop on the bottom slips over your finger, and you control how much, or how little this tongue gets to lick.  What a tease!  This stimulating tongue toy is ultra waterproof, so go ahead and dip into wild and wet situations with three speeds of vibrations!

Nubbie Tongue

Here’s a silicone licker that lets you enjoy your time alone and your love for licks too!  By adding this little enhancing intercourse stimulator to your favorite vibrator or dildo, and you’ve instantly got a dual stimulator!  The Nubbie Tongue cockring stretches to fit, and the mini bullet vibe has super strong vibrations that will push you over the edge.  It's perfect for use during female masturbation or sexual intercourse!  Plus, this sex toy is waterproof for aquatic play.

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Date 5/13/2014
that suction one looks weird
Date 1/10/2016
Jessica Santillo
Oh very nice! I would love to try the the tingling tongue and the auction tongue!
Date 4/12/2016
Cindy Renolds
Yes!!! I love tongue vibes when I can't get oral! Especially waterproof ones so I can get it all wet like a real tongue. :)
Date 4/12/2016
Mmm oral sex is the best it makes me cum easily.
Date 8/7/2016
Mawe kaba
Date 8/28/2016
Oh I want to try all of them. I love oral, just reading made me want to use them so I could squirt my wetness all over.
Date 9/3/2016
Serena Phillips
OMG I want them all love oral!
Date 10/7/2016
Mmmm my pussy all wet just thinking about getting licked. I must get one!!!! ??????
Date 10/14/2016
Love ieal sex have to try these toys ASAP.
Date 10/16/2016
I love to have my clit sucked and licked ! It is the best climax I can have. I fantasize about a friend doing it to me as my husband does it !
Date 11/16/2016
Getting hot and bothered just viewing the toys.
Date 11/28/2016
I cnt get enough of a hot tongue
Date 11/29/2016
Sharon Dale
I grave oral sex real badly but my partner don't like giving it often ,he doesn't really like it . What can I do to get him to participate more in oral. ..
Date 12/1/2016
mary allen
Its my escape when i want to be alone. Its the thought of knowing can enjoy myself whenever i please for how long i want. My preference is still my boyfriend but variety without cheating sure is good.
Date 12/6/2016
Mmm reading all the girls comments made me want to cum so bad im playing with myself now omg ;)
Date 12/11/2016
I really want it to feel real.OMG to actually have the feel of a real tongue inside my clot whenever I want it sounds sooooo! hot.
Date 12/11/2016
I really want it to feel real.OMG to actually have the feel of a real tongue inside my clit whenever I want it sounds sooooo! hot.
Date 12/13/2016
I love oral sex! These toys I'd grab since I'm in a long distance relationship and cannot always get that warm licking
Date 2/24/2017
I love oral sex I have a vibrator that is for my clitoris it drives me wild But looking at the tongue vibrator OMG I want to try them all
Date 3/19/2017
Mmm...yummy...horny for the first time after having my second child in December. I would love to try the liquid i secretly have with this to give it an extra slick glide. I may even be prone to use my other toy in the other spot I have not touched in years...
Date 6/17/2017
Kimberly Mcmillian
i love getting my pussy like but the man that stay with me he don't do it i that batter then sax help i won't my pussy like
Date 7/28/2017
Dqomen like getting eaten out and have a dildo in the ?
Date 8/22/2017
I have to say I ordered 3 of these in the listings. I totally loved them. Beyond amazing. It honestly felt like the real thing. I had my girl Friend over the other night. I woke up to her tongue on my clit & inside my wet pussy I thought it was a toy... MMMMMMM...
Date 8/27/2017
Absolutely love oral, nothing beats my husband's magic tongue but something to come close,wow.
Date 11/7/2017
Best orgasm ever getting my pussy eaten and clit licked
Date 11/7/2017
Best orgasm ever getting my pussy eaten and clit licked
Date 11/13/2017
.......too fat 165 pounds, 5’5”, horny as hell for a man’s forceful tongue
Date 11/13/2017
.......too fat 165 pounds, 5’5”, horny as hell for a man’s forceful tongue . Oh. Please don’t post this, i just would like a tongue
Date 11/21/2017
Mhhh m craving for those toys now. The thought of a tongue inside my pussy any time no want it make me horny mhhh

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