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5 Things To Do To Have Better Sex!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

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Have you ever had a day when all you want to do is have EXPLOSIVE sex?  Sitting at work and thinking about it, hoping your partner is in the mood, wondering if tonight will be a good night for it.  This is a normal part of being in a healthy, sexual relationship.  We all want to have good – no, great – sex, don’t we?  Of course we do!  So, what are some things you can do to increase your chances of having better sex?  What can change it from the average, run-of-the mill, Tuesday night sex to out-of-this world sex?  Oh, I have you curious now, huh?  Well read on! 

1. ALL Day FOREPLAY:  Guys and gals, I have to tell you – FOREPLAY is not just for the moments before intercourse.  Oh, no.  Foreplay should start hours, even days, before you want to have amazing sex!  I know you are thinking, “But I work during the day!” No problem, foreplay takes the form of all kinds of things from a saucy text photo, a dirty phone call at lunch (NOT on the company phone), a sexy letter left at home for your lover to find.  Oh yes, getting them thinking about sex – and you thinking about it as well – is a great way to make sex that much hotter!  Prepare your mind and your body will follow!

2. PREPARE The TERRITORY: What do I mean by this?  I mean PREPARE YOUR BODY!  This means for the girls – SHAVE YOUR LEGS (and any other part you usually shave – or try shaving THERE for a treat!), shave your armpits, do your hair in that way he loves, wear some make-up.  Yes, make the effort to make yourself feel sexy and sexual in the process.  Men – SHOWER!  Put on cologne.  Perhaps pick the boxers without the hole in the ass.  Dress up a bit like it was your first date.  Put in the effort to look your best and you will feel your best and then you will feel sexy!  This helps the mood!  Trust me.

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3. TEASE to PLEASE:  In line with the all day foreplay, teasing is such an amazing part of sexual foreplay.  Imagine you are sitting at dinner and your lover takes her hand and squeezes your penis through your pants!  Or, your man comes up behind you and kisses your neck in that way you love.  Or, you can get even more blunt:  women, change into one of your nighties you know he loves, just to sit and read a book.  Men, take a shower and get all wet and shimmery for her!  You know, put on your best tease show – but remember that you need to please after you tease!

4. WATCH PORN: Yeah, I said it.  Watch some saucy porn.  Ladies, don’t pretend that it doesn’t get you hot and horny – it does.  Men, you know you have a favorite free porn link.  Use it.  Watch some porn together before hitting the sheets.  This gets us WAY in the mood for some super sex!  For men, the visualizations will amp him up to get you into bed (and, NO, he is not horny because of the porn girls).  Women, check out how confident these gals are!  Use that to channel your inner porn actress and take control of the situation....which leads into the next point.

5. CONFIDENT and AGGRESSIVE:  If you are not normally the aggressor before sex (the one who initiates it) then change it up!  Attack HIM with kisses and ear nibbles when you get into the bedroom.  Whisper dirty things in HIS ear.  Make HIM crazy for you!  Trust me, the change in attitude will get him going in a major way.  Guys, if you are usually the aggressor, take a different route.  Be more...romantic.  Women respond to romantic and love-gestures.  Tell her how beautiful she is, remark on how excited she makes you.  Set her on the counter and kiss her passionately.  Let her know you WANT her.  Being confident and aggressive with our partners can make all the difference once you get into the bedroom.

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Date 7/16/2015
we love teasing each other when were out and about
Date 7/17/2015
porn is an awesome way to heat things up omg
Date 7/17/2015
Ryder P.
My GF rarely gets all excited for the romance. She's an animal lol but I love her
Date 7/20/2015
watchin porn wit my hunnie is my fav
Date 7/21/2015
Me and my DH have a day every week set aside just for crazy crazy sex!!!
Date 7/24/2015
Shaving is such a pain but so worth it. That's kind of our "special thing" that we do. I only shave "Everywhere" like once a month. I put on perfume, lingerie, and put on SEXXXY music!
Date 7/28/2015
I wish my BF and I has a day set aside for crazy sex! I may have to start that up! I like to keep it spicy in the bedroom with lots and lots of oral. A blown BF is a happy BF!

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