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5 Things Mikayla Wishes A Man Would Do For Her In Bed

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
I think every person has a personal “Lust List” – or list of things we wish our partner would do for us in bed!  It is those things that make us feel desired, sexy, loved and, yes, sexually satisfied.  Sometimes these things are actions, sometimes words, and sometimes just putting in a little extra effort in the sack.  So, if you want to know what I would love my partners to do for me in bed, read on and you will find out.  Keep in mind that this is MY list – and your woman man not like these same things.  However, you could always ask her what HER list is (and ladies, ask him what his is!)
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SLOW YOUR ROLL:  Why the rush?  When I have a partner who takes his time kissing and caressing me BEFORE ripping all my clothes or lingerie off – well, it gets me smokin’ hot!  Don’t get me wrong,
5_things_mikayla_wishes_a_man_would_do_for_her_in_bedquickies and passionate lust are really appreciated too, but when a man takes the time to warm me up to a boiling state then I will be in a frenzy to get down and dirty.  Spend some time on my breasts – they are pretty great!  Lick my thighs, they are fun too.  Enjoy me!  Women like to be enjoyed; it makes us feel desired like you would not believe.

WANTONLY WANTED:  When I feel that NEED coming from a man that says, without words, ‘I HAVE TO HAVE YOU’ – mmmmm, I get chills!  How do you do this?  Come up behind me and grab me around my waist, kiss my neck and push your erection into my butt!  Push me on the bed and pull down my pants and panties and nibble my buttcheek!  Grab my hair when you kiss me, holding me still as you ravage my mouth with your tongue.  Show me YOUR heat for me!  I guarantee I will reciprocate that need.

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PASSIONATE WORDS:  Women (and me!) are very in tuned to spoken words.  Especially if those words are loving or passionate in nature.  Nothing gets me warmed up and feeling intimate more quickly than when my man looks at me and says something along the lines of,you look so beautiful tonight” or “I can’t wait to kiss you” or the best, “fuck, you are so sexy!”  Women need to feel beautiful, sexy, wanted and desired.  When I know that my man is admiring my beauty and appreciating me in this way, it makes me melt!
NO ONE AND DONE:  I may have mentioned in previous articles that I am multi-orgasmic.  This means, I can and want to have more than one orgasm.  Preferably, I would love to have about 20!  Sometimes I get a partner who gives me about 3 orgasms via oral sex and thinks he is a rock star.  Truth be told, I got at least another 10 in me so KEEP ON GOING!  Oh how I wish that every partner would keep pleasing me orally until I am just shaking with the need to for sex.
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  I LOVE A CONFIDENT PARTNER!  Period.  Confidence is sexy.  I am in bed with you and we are going to have sex.  Take me.  Yes.  Now.  Throw me around on the bed like a sexy raggedy Ann doll.  Spread my legs and thrust inside me.  BE IN CONTROL of OUR pleasure.  Does this go against all of the above?  NO, all of this goes together!  I am consenting to be your sexual plaything for the next few hours so take advantage of that!  This does not mean I am your sex slave – no, you can’t abuse me – but, you most certainly CAN and SHOULD respectfully use me.  Please.  You know you want to.

What Do You Want Your Man To Do For YOU?

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Date 5/19/2015
I wish he would talk a little dirty! I love that!
Date 5/23/2015
Miessa O.
I agree with all of these suggestions! I want my man to be taking his time exploring my reactions to everything he tries, and then telling and guiding me to do what turns him on! Confidence is sooo sexy, but so is someone who is attentive and eager to pleeease!
Date 5/28/2015
I wish my boyfriend understood the female need for FOREPLAY. Oh and the after sex cuddle. There are too many times when he'll just ask, "Wanna have sex?" yet not even touch or kiss me or make any kind of move first. SOO frustrating. I'm a very generous lover and just wish my bf would reciprocate more!
Date 5/29/2015
All I can say is sounds like you ladies have the wrong lover!! I love to give oral pleasure to women and talk dirty and all. My wife can only take me orally for about an hour then she begs me to stop. I can't get enough!!
Date 5/30/2015
mmmm Ladies luv to give oral mmmm till my tongue wears down lol and I have a long tongue made to lick clits !!!!

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