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5 Things Men Should NEVER Do In The Bedroom

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

Okay fellas, we understand the excitement of getting into bed with some sexy woman (or man), but you've got to think about your actions! Don't let the power of your penis take over your sensibilities, or you'll quickly find yourself in your own hands, if you know what I mean. With these tips, we give you some ideas on how to keep you sex running smoothly, without a hitch, and keep you out of the doghouse. If you want to enjoy your next adventure, make sure you know these 5 things you should not be doing in the bed!


When you’re enjoying the pleasure of a lover on his or her knees giving you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, it’s easy to become distracted and...latch on. You’ve already got control of “your head” (and feel free to thrust a bit) but do not grab the back of our head and push our necks into your junk. As odd as it may sound, most women don’t want to mimic having the flu when they’re trying to pleasure you. Gagging isn’t sexy to us, it’s a gross feeling, and it’s not pretty! We’d much rather look up at you and tease you with licks than choke on your bits. So, feel free to help pull our hair out of our faces and watch us take you in our mouths, but don’t push us. Granted there are plenty of men and women who love the dominant and submissive, hardcore behavior, but until you know what your partner likes, keep your hands to yourself! If you can’t, we just might need to tie you up!


We know we’re sexy. We know you’re sexy. But let’s take a minute to appreciate each other’s bodies! It’s important to know the art of the build-up, and learn how prep yourself and your partner for incredible sex! Learn some teasing techniques and ease your way into a passionate encounter by focusing on various areas of the body that will heighten sexual sensations. One thing I’ve heard over and over is that foreplay does not equal nipple pain! So instead of twisting our nipples like they’re volume knobs on a radio, try kissing, sucking, and gently brushing your hands ALL OVER our bodies. There isn’t just one way to please us, and appreciating our bodies before the main attraction will make us much more likely to enjoy preparing your package for penetration...if you know what I mean.

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Hey! Slow down! This isn’t a race! One of the worse things that you can do - even if you’ve spent some time foreplaying with us - is to rush in the bedroom. We understand that women and men have different orgasmic timelines, and that sometimes it’s difficult to match up sensations to cum together. But please, please, TRY to calm yourself and take your time! We want to take in every inch of you. We want to touch your chest, your arms, your face, and enjoy what you’re making us feel. But if you slip in and start thrusting at max speed without any regard for our needs, you’ll quickly find yourself out the door. Again, there are plenty of partners who want a deep, fast experience - it can be very thrilling to have a quickie! - but don’t take us for granted. If you need a little assistance, consider a desensitizing cream to keep your sensations in check, and last a little longer for us. A few extra minutes can make a huge difference!

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No matter what, don’t penetrate when she isn’t wet! Part of this goes along with the whole foreplay, speed-thrusting issues above, but I mean it. Don’t try to get in there without a lubricant at the ready. You have to help prep our bodies to accept your manhood! Try massaging our clits a little longer next time to get us wet! In some cases, women simply cannot produce enough (or any) natural lubrication. It’s more common than you think, and their bodies just have difficulty getting wet for whatever reason. It can even be a side effect of certain medication! No, thank you. So, don’t dive in without testing the water a bit! If you need a little something, use saliva. Since saliva can absorb quickly you may need a little more, so use a smooth lubricant! There are tons of superior lubes out there that feel slick and natural. The key is to talk to your lady about it, and to not expect that she will magically get wet AFTER you penetrate. It doesn’t work like that! Avoid the awkward sticking, the pain of dry skin-on-skin, and angry, irritated genitals by making sure there is enough lubricant for a comfortable ride.

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Okay, this should go without saying, but we ladies do not want to be surprised while we are having sex. You want to tickle our nipples a little more than usual, or add in some nibbles around our hips? That sounds sexy. But, if you want to slip into unknown territory without our permission? DON’T! Please don’t think that you’re being clever by sneaking your fingers, or your cock, into our rears during sex! Plenty of ladies enjoy a little rimming during oral sex, or would like to try anal play, but definitely not as a surprise! Anal sex is a very sensitive subject, and an even more sensitive area on our bodies, and you and your partner try anything, you should discuss all new sexual positions and penetration options BEFORE you are intimate. Besides, it can be very sexy to talk about new ways to express your sexuality with your lover. The next time you start feeling horny, try sharing some erotic fantasies with each other, and see where the night takes you!

What Else Shouldn't Men Do In Bed?
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Date 1/30/2018
biggest mood killer of all time is when he farts in bed. like, thats it ITS OVER BYE
Date 4/1/2018
some men talk too much an its like hard to focus, like shut up!

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