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5 Signs She Wants You To Cum!

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

Everyone enjoys sex.  The foreplay, kissing, grinding, fingering, oral sex and, of course, the main event – INTERCOURSE!  Both men and women like it to last as long as possible, usually, and enjoy every second of that connection with our lover.  However, there are times when women get to the point where they are, well, ready for it to be over.  Even those lucky women who are multi-orgasmic can sometimes get a bit sore from too much penetration and foreplay.  There comes a time when your extremely ability to last long in bed becomes a hindrance.  Keep in mind this is not all the time nor is it true for all women.  However, there are some things you can look out for to indicate she is ready for you to orgasm so you can commence cuddling.

 Dirty talk is SUPER hot during sex and women know it!  If she has already had an orgasm and starts to 
kick up the dirty talk….a lot…and almost sounds desperate, well, that may be your sign.  For example, “Oh baby, you feel so good.  You made me cum so hard. Are you close baby?  I want to feel you fill me.  Baby, are you going to cum?  Oh baby, cum for me!”  Translation:  um, come on dude, I have to go watch the next episode of “The Walking Dead” tonight.

SHE GOES WILD:  If the two of you are having sex and she suddenly picks up the pace or gets REALLY into it, she may be ready for you to finish up.  This isn't always a tell; she may just love the sex!  But she may be helping you along so the two of you can move on to something else.  If she wants you to cum quickly, you can bet that she is going to save her best moves for this very moment.  It doesn't sound so bad though, right?
Romantic sex couple in bed
SHE GETS ON TOP:  When a woman is on top she is in control of the pace, depth and overall experience of sex.  Many men love it when their lover is on top because it is visually appealing and they get a very deep and tight penetration.  If your partner suggests getting on top and then kicks it into high gear with the grinding instead of being all slow and passionate – yeah, she going for the gold medal in the “make him cum fast” Olympic event!

SHE GETS QUIET OR SEEMS DISINTERESTED:  If your normally pretty enthusiastic, moaning all the time, wiggling-beneath-you- lover has now, well, gone sort of limp and looks like she is going through the to-do list in her mind, well, she has probably reached her interactive limit!  While this seeming indifference will likely not make you orgasm more quickly, it is definitely a sign that you should hurry up and finish so that things can resume as normal.

SHE TELLS YOU TO CUM ALREADY:  Not all women are coy!  Some truly will just tell you like it is!  It may be done sweetly, “Honey, you can cum now, I am completely satisfied, you were amazing!”  Or, it could be done with a bit more urgency, “Babe, I really have to pee, can we hurry this along just a bit?”  Perhaps even something a little blunter, “My pussy is getting sore, if you want to orgasm, you better do it quickly!”  God bless those blunt women, right?  Pay attention to what your lover is saying and, if possible, make sure that your quest for pleasure and stamina does not take away from her comfort!

How Do You Make Your Lover Cum?
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Date 2/16/2016
Janie Kane
RIde him on top definitely if im in a rush I can get him good that way
Date 2/16/2016
I give him a blow job that gets him to cum fast ;)
Date 2/16/2016
Dirty talk helps! :D
Date 1/23/2018
I can usually tell when my wife wants me to finish. Usually a little after her orgasm she starts to get tired and wants to move on. Sometimes she puts us in doggy (one of my favorites) and tightens around my cock and gets really wild. I love it when she says my name and thrusting her hips into mine. My favorite is when she surprises me by finishing me with a blowjob.
Date 1/27/2018
Usually showing confidence or a lot of excitement pushes my partner over the edge. Nothing really pushes me like it does him but I am a biiiig fan of hearing him talk dirty or moan!

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