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5 Sexual Things Women Shouldn't be Ashamed of

Posted by Angela
Here are the 5 sexual things women shouldn’t be ashamed of. If you find yourself in any of these categories know that you’re not alone! Here are the products you can use to help satisfy your every matter what it is.

1. Using a Lubricant

Whether it’s vaginal dryness, anal play, or just wanting more comfort when using a toy-lubricants are used to help prevent uncomfortable friction during intercourse or masturbation.

Water-Based lubricants are the most popular type of lubricant. They have a great “slip” and are easy to clean up! They are perfect to use with any toy or for intercourse. My top 3 picks of our water-based lube:

Flavored Lubricants
are perfect to spice (or sweeten) things up! They make your partner taste delicious and are a great new addition to the bedroom! My top 3 picks of our flavored lubes:

Heated Lubricants have ingredients in them that cause them to heat up when applied. They bring penetration and friction to a whole other level. Use them if you want to heat things up in the bedroom…literally! My top 3 picks of our heated lubes:


Silicone lubricants stay “slippery” longer and are 100% safe to use with condoms. They are perfect for those with sensitive skin. They are high quality and last as long as you do! (Note: Do not use silicone lubricants with any toy made of silicone-it will deteriorate the surface of the toy over time.) My top picks of our silicone lubricants:


2. Watching Porn

Adult DVDs are great tools for men, women and couples to spice up a dull sex life. Adult DVDs are great when used in conjuction with your favorite vibrator or masturbator. XXX Movies are not just for men. They are for men and women looking to add a little spark in their bedroom play.

A feature porno is just like a movie feature! It has a storyline as well as hot sex scenes that will make it hard for you to concentrate! Here are my top Feature Pornos:


Educational DVDs are a great way to learn new techniques! They can help you explore another side of your sexuality you have been curious to discover. Here are my top Educational DVDs:


3. Trouble Climaxing

Magazines, movies and books have led us all to believe women were made to have an orgasm with no problems. Although there are some women who are very lucky, it is natural that most women do have issues reaching the big “O.” Stress, hormones, medical issues as well as many other factors can get in the way of you reaching the finish line. Whether you’re solo or with a partner, it’s important to remember to clear you head and RELAX. If you Thinking about the stresses of your day or stressing over how badly you want to have an orgasm will do nothing but make it that much harder for you to reach your big “O.”

Once you have relaxed and cleared your mind, and the only thing you are concentrating on is your own pleasure, there are some products you can use that may practically walk you into your orgasm.

Kegel Exercises Our “kegel muscles” are the muscles that help bring us to orgasm. When these are strong, it’s easier to get more blood flowing to the area. This gives us more stimulation, making it easier for us to…
Here are my top picks for our products to help strengthen your kegel muscles:

Clitoral Stimulation is important when reaching an orgasm. Did you know that there is no other purpose for our clitoris other than for sexual pleasure? Well if we were designed for it-might as well give it some use! Here are my top picks for clitoral creams that will get you going:


Once you have applied a clitoral cream, use any of my top picks for a clitoral vibrator:

4. Rough Play

Slow, sensual love making is always great, but what about the times when you just want to take things to another level? Communication is one of the biggest keys to having great sex. If you are in the mood to be spanked, bitten, scratched or choked don’t feel shy! It’s natural to want to take things to another level every now and then…tell your partner how you want it, you may find they will enjoy it just as much as you do. Here are my top products that will have you screaming for more:


5. Gagging During Oral Sex

We have all done it. Got a little too adventurous during oral sex and ended up gagging on his member. This is not something to be embarrassed about! Our throats are not made for deep throating. Here are some products that taste yummy and will actually numb your throat making deep throating more comfortable for you.


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