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5 Do It Yourself Sex Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Have you ever looked around your house and thought of how many items there are that could bring a lot of sexual pleasure to you or your partner?  Do you remember life before sex toys when a pillow or a hairbrush handle was all you needed to make yourself orgasm?  Are you a guy who really wants a pocket pussy right NOW?  Well, there is still a time and a place for DIY sex toys – perhaps for some variety or maybe just to find something to use in a pinch!  So, whether you have sex toys or not – here are a few items you probably have in your house that can provide pleasure!


When I remember one of my favorite shows ever, Sex In The City, I always remember that episode when Samantha wore a pearl thong.  She loved that feeling of those tiny, smooth, hard pearls between her legs. Well, you don’t need to invest in a thong to have 5_do_it_yourself_sex_toysthe same experience!  The little beaded pearls on a pearl necklace provide a very sensual and arousing sensation when run between the vaginal lips and over the clitoris.  So, the next time you feel like changing up your masturbation routine or want to give your lover the royal treatment – head to the jewelry box!


How many of us have an electric toothbrush in our homes?  I do!  Have you ever been mindlessly brushing your teeth and thought, “hmmmm, this would feel good on my clit?”  I HAVE!  The vibrations of an electric toothbrush are very similar to those of a mini-vibrator or bullet.  Furthermore, the added sensation of the bristles of the toothbrush can be extremely stimulating!  Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to use the same toothbrush head you masturbate with to brush your teeth! Ewwwwwie!

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I am sure you have heard the horror stories of men who have gotten their penises stuck in vacuums.  This is true; you most likely would want to keep your man’s appendage away from the vacuum.  Females, however, can have a lot of fun with a vacuum hose!  There is a trick to it, though.  What you want to do is thoroughly clean the end of the vacuum.  Then, position the hose just shy of on your actual vaginal area.  Then turn it on.  You should feel the vacuum sucking in your vaginal lips and creating a sort of rapid vibration of them.  This is extremely arousing and a completely different sensation.  Note, you are NOT allowing the vacuum to actually touch the vaginal area, it will be held just shy of it to create the vibrations.


I assure you, this is not a joke.  Men have been making “Fifis” out of anything they can get their hands on for years.  According to a male friend of mine, a very successful Fifi is made with a towel, a rubber glove and a whole lotta lube!  You apparently fold the towel into a rectangle, then take the rubber glove and wrap the towel around the glove so that the opening is at the end and it creates a “hole” by folding the glove (hand opening) around the towel.  Then use a lot of lube – a lot of lube – to make the entrance slippery.  Then, go to town!  Yup.  Fifi.


Where there is a will.....there is a way.  OK, to make a DIY pocket pussy all you need is a cup (big enough to support your entire length) 2 sponges and some lube.  Seems simple, right?  Take the cup and wet the two sponges with warm water.  Line the cup with the sponges so that there is a little opening in the middle between them.  Then, squirt lube inside the hole.  Place your penis in the hole and do your thing!  The warm, wet, somewhat tight, yet flexible, nature of the sponge-hole should feel very pleasant.  If you want it tighter, use larger sponges!

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Date 7/16/2015
i like using the showerhead :)
Date 7/17/2015
I have never made a masturbator before. Sounds very interesting!
Date 7/19/2015
The vacuum one sounds kind of scary lol!
Date 7/22/2015
i was out camping last week with my hubby and COMPLETELY forgot to bring the toys! wish i had read this before i had gone!
Date 7/23/2015
Pearls are sooo beautiful and sensual in general... Definitely going to have to kick out the "good" lingerie and try it!!!
Date 7/23/2015
gotta try that pcup thing ... sounds like it would feel great on my cock ...
Date 7/26/2015
I found a vibrating toothbrush at the dollar store! It wasn't very strong but $1 is really cheap for a clit stimulator! Before I had any sex toys my shower head was my best friend >:)

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