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5 Positions ANY Couple Can Do

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
5 Sex Positions For Any CoupleFrequently, I am asked what are good positions for “heavier” or “older” people to use for sex.  While we all wish we could stay in the same flexible shape we were in when we were 20, that is not the case for most of us.  We get older, heavier, become less acrobatic and get arthritic!  Does all this mean that sex is over?  NO, of course not!  There are certain positions that are conducive to sex for almost any couple.  Keep in mind that sometimes variations may be needed to work for your specific body style or medical condition.  However, these are positions that will work for most any couple.

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DOGGY DOES IT:  The glory about the Doggystyle position (woman on hands and knees, man behind her) is that there are many variations that can make it pleasurable and comfortable for both of you.  This position works well for older as well as heavier people because it takes areas where we carry most weight (stomach) and take it out of the equation for the most part. Plus, depending on the man’s strength and condition of his knees, you can do this position kneeling on the bed (or floor) or you can do it standing up on the side of the bed.  For extra comfort pillows can be placed under the female to create a more comfortable position.  Then, the man will just enter her from behind and thrust at a rate or depth that is most pleasing for both of them.  Also, if he needs more angle he can lift on leg up onto the bed for deeper penetration.  It is a win-win position for all.

CURVY COWGIRLS:  A fantastic position for women who have a little extra in their mid-section is the Cowgirl position.  This is when the man lies flat on his back and the woman kneels over him, entering him while she faces him, usually kneeling and sitting straight up.  There are variations of this position such as one leg up, tilted back a bit, or if you are very strong the “froggy” position (when you stand and then crouch over him, feet flat) and he can then buck up into you (if you are not strong enough to do the action).  The glory of this position is that if you both have bigger bellies you can maneuver the position well.  Now, this may not work as well for those women who have arthritic knees and find it difficult to bend them.  However, once in position it is usually pretty comfortable for all involved.

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BACKWARDS BOOTY:  If the Cowgirl position works well but you find that you can’t get the penetration you want or that your bellies are rubbing too much together, you can reverse the cowgirl and get greater penetration as well as less friction by facing his feet instead of his head.  You get into position the same way, just facing backwards.  Lower yourself onto him and lean forward toward his feet.  You can sit straight up, spread your thighs, lean back or lie almost flat.  Just be mindful that his penis will be bending forward, so go slowly when you adjust the position.  He will love this position because he provides a great visual for him and she will love it because of the clitoral rubbing it provides.
EDGE OF ANYTHING:  One position that works wonderfully for bigger couples as well as older couples is the “edge of the bed” (or couch, or table) position.  Simply, the woman lies down comfortably with her butt at the edge and the man stands and enters her from the standing position.  You can add pillows if you need more height or scoot to the edge of the bed more and lower your pelvis.  Either way, the woman is completely relaxed, the man is standing quite comfortably, and no part of the body impedes the penetration.

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SEXY SPOONING:  Spooning sex is a great, low impact position that works wonderfully well for couples who are older and a bit less flexible.  It can also work for heavier females and slightly less heavy males.  As the title suggests the man spoons behind the female and enters from behind.  The female can lift a leg up and over the male’s leg or keep them closed.  Find an entry point that is comfortable for both of you.  Sometimes the male will have to do less spooning and come in at a sort of V-Shaped angle, which is still low impact.  Ideally, this position is great for intimacy, feels amazing due to possible depth and tightness, and is easy to achieve while lying down.  A top choice for older couples or for pregnant women.

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Date 6/7/2015
doggystyle! :) it feels awesome for me and my bf loves it too!
Date 6/8/2015
Doggy style! def our favorite! It makes me crazy!!!
Date 6/8/2015
Tammy G.
Best sex position is with the girl on her back, her knees together, and legs pushed to the side (if that makes any sense!) bcuz he can kiss you and go reeeaally deep and it feels awesome :]
Date 6/9/2015
love having sex on tables, chairs, the floor, couch, stuff that isnt the bed. its so easy and fun. thats kind of a sex postion lol
Date 6/9/2015
don't know if there's a name for this but our favorite position is when we start in missionary and then I put my legs up on his shoulders, I'm flexible so it's comfortable for me and he loves it too!
Date 6/10/2015
I want to try these. Reverse cowgirl is my go-to and also the edge of the bed/couch/chair thing
Date 6/11/2015
I like being on top because I want to decide how hard and deep he goes and feeling him climax inside me is hot!!
Date 7/2/2015
We call it our "scissor" position. She lies on her back with legs raised and I lie on my side under her legs and enter her pussy. She can massage her clit with a fingers or vibrator while I enjoy the view of her face and my cock going in and out while she comes.
Date 11/6/2015
J Johnson
Date 2/23/2016
Date 11/19/2017
The 9 O'clock position. She lies on her back, I lay at the 9 O'clock position, she puts her right leg over my legs and I put my right leg over her left thigh while she brings her leg up so that I can use it for extra leverage when I go in and out. It also gives her the option to rub her clit, nipples or just put her fingers down there to feel me going in and out.
Date 3/18/2018
Mike Brannam
We like the doggie or cowgirl positions ,but if the truth be known we like any position that involves intercourse
Date 3/18/2018
Mike Brannam
We like the doggie or cowgirl positions ,but if the truth be known we like any position that involves intercourse

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