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How to Use Kegel Balls

Posted by Kaitlin to Women's Issues

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegel Balls are smooth orbs or eggs made of plastic, steel, silicone, or even glass, that are inserted into the vagina and held in place to strengthen the Kegel muscle during Kegel exercise. Learning how to do Kegels, or Kegel exercises are super simple, but how is Kegel strength beneficial to women's health and sexual wellness?

What is the Kegel Muscle?

The Kegel, or PC muscle (pubococcygeus) rests at the base of the vagina and stretches from pubic bone to the area around the anus, forming a kind of hammock shape, holding everything together! This is the most important muscle for sex because these are the muscles that help bring women to orgasm!

Do you know that feeling when you have to hold in your urine? You’re able to hold it in because your Kegel muscle is pressing up against your bladder saying, “No no no!” If you want a tighter hold on your lover's cock, you can practice Kegel exercise by squeezing PC muscle multiple times, a few times a day. By mimicking that clenching feeling of holding in your urine, you contract and release your Kegel muscle. It’s just like lifting weights!

The important thing about this muscle compared to any other muscle in a woman's body is that the stronger it is, the easier it is to orgasm.

How Do Kegel Balls Work?

When you insert one, two, or more Kegel balls, they gently sit on the vaginal floor, stimulating the Kegel muscle with every move you make! Some women say they don’t feel much at all, whereas others can have such strong stimulation that they orgasm from “wearing” the Kegel balls!

The best part about Kegel balls (and Kegel exercise) is that you can “wear” them, and stimulate your muscle in complete, quiet discreetness! Plus, they come in all sorts of sizes and weights, and some even vibrate to provide comfort, stimulation, and conditioned Kegel strength!

5 Ways to Use Your Kegel Balls:

  • Take a stroll!  At first you may drop your balls (ha!) but as your Kegel strength grows, so will your ability to hold onto your Kegel balls.  Taking a walk, even just around the house, stimulates your muscles to squeeze and release, keeping your Kegels in tip top shape.
  • If you think that wearing Kegel balls while walking around the mall or getting your groceries was fun, try exercising.  Get to the gym or get outside and see what the elliptical, or jogging on the treadmill will feel like!
  • Dance!  Try a couple body rolls, swirl your hips around and around.  When you've got Kegel balls in, especially those with moving internal weights, the sensations can be incredible!
  • Wear them during oral sex!  You heard right - Kegel balls can be worn during oral sex for added vaginal stimulation.  Stronger tightening muscles and you can wear them during sex?  Yes, please!
  • Remember to squeeze just your PC muscle (not your abdominal muscles or buttocks) for about 3 seconds, and release for about 3 seconds. Do this squeezing and releasing about 10-15 times, at least three times a day. Coupled with Kegel balls, you’ll be noticing tighter grips and more control in no time!

Strong Kegel muscles reduce vaginal infections by increasing blood flow, support the bladder to prevent leaking or loss of control (often experienced after childbirth), and increase pleasure during sex by creating a stronger tightening of the muscles in the vaginal walls! Who doesn’t want more sexual pleasure?!

Here are our 5 Best Kegel Balls! 

Kegel Tool Luv Balls

These Kegel balls are connected and encased in 100% silicone and have a convenient string for easy removal. Their 1.45” diameter makes them a little easier to hold, and the rolling weights inside the hard shells provide incredible Kegel exercise and exciting swirling sensations.  With each movement the weights make, your Kegels will contract and release!  Effortless Kegel exercise!

Crystal Premium Glass Kegel Eggs

Made of luxurious, durable, premium hand-blown glass, these egg-shaped Kegel exercisers are as beautiful as they are functional. Available in pink and white wave or black and white striped patterns, their 1” diameter is a great intermediate size, and the glass gives them a wonderful weight.

Couture Eclipse Kegel Balls

The stylish, secure, and secretive Couture Eclipse Kegel Balls are permanently held within silky smooth pink silicone. They’re perfectly sized, at 1.25” in diameter, for any beginner, and the secure little tail means no worries about removal! Slip these pink pretties in and you’ll be exercising for exhilarating orgasms in no time!

The Original Ben-Wa Balls

These Original Ben-Wa balls are perfect for more advanced users! They are made of plastic and have a super smooth finish. Plus, they are lightly weighted to help you squeeze and strengthen your PC muscle! Their small, .75” diameter is a great choice for more experienced exercisers who have practice in contracting their Kegels!  Like these Ben-Wa Balls but looking something for a beginner?  Try the XL Ben-Wa Balls!

Luna Kegel Balls

Designed by luxury brand Lelo, the Luna Balls system comes with 4 interchangeable Kegel balls to choose from, giving the “wearer” tons of options. The interior weights are rubber coated to keep your Lunas silent and discreet, while still swirling around to stimulate your PC muscle. They rest snugly in a silicone harness with sturdy retrieval string. With a 1.25” diameter, multiple weight combinations, and the high-end quality of Lelo, you can’t go wrong!  They also have Luna Beads Mini for expert Kegel toning!


Date 5/17/2014
good info. cool.

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