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5 Best Hollow Strap Ons for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
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What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction is an overarching term for men with an inability to have or maintain an erection. There are varying degrees of ED, so some men may be able to create an erection but have trouble staying hard during intimacy, while others are only able to create semi-hard erections.

What Causes ED?

Intimate Couple Sexual Intercourse There are three main causes of ED:

1.  Vascular (blood flow) affected diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

2.  Hormonal imbalances or side effects from medications or substance use.

3.  Psychological distress like depression, anxiety, or general daily stress.

Since there are several components to developing and maintaining an erection, one, some, or all of these factors can create the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  Smoking can greatly increase the restriction of blood vessels leading to ED.  Lower levels of testosterone, sometimes attributed to certain medications, can alter the chemical drive and impulses that stimulate erections.  A high level of depression or daily stress can create a cycle of self-esteem and anxiety issues that create and perpetuate erectile dysfunction or performance complications.

5 Products That Will Help Him Last Longer In Bed

Regardless of the cause, ED is treatable in many simple, inexpensive ways.  There are more invasive surgical procedures for those with extreme complications, but with the millions of men who are living with ED at this very moment, treatment is readily and easily available.

For some, regulating diet, exercise and substance use (alcohol and tobacco) is all that needs to change to see an improvement.  Others may use an inexpensive vascoinhibitor like Viagra or Cialis to limit vessel constriction and increase blood flow to the penis, creating and maintaining an erection that is hard enough for intercourse.  Lastly, altering medications to adjust ED-causing side effects, or visiting a therapist for anxiety or depression counseling can greatly improve function and stamina.

Why Use a Hollow Strap On?

For those experiencing the effects of erectile dysfunction, or for those looking for an enhancement for erection length or girth, one of many solutions we offer at Too Timid are hollow strap ons.  These erection enhancers slide over a semi-erect or soft penis like a sleeve and secure with adjustable and/or elastic straps.  Often wider in girth than your average dildo (because they’re designed to accommodate the penis), they are made of quite firm material to provide sturdy and long-lasting penetration.  There’s no reason to feel insecure when thinking about using a hollow strap on!  These specially-crafted dildos are not just for men with ED, and lots of men choose to use them to add some variety into the bedroom.

Hollow strap on extensions do just as their name indicates - they extend!  They come in larger sizes to extend a man’s length, girth, and prolong sexual encounters which makes for very satisfied partners and some wonderful nights of extended lovemaking.  They are a great alternative to prescription medications, injections, or more invasive procedures.  Hollow strap ons lessen the performance anxiety of males experiencing erectile dysfunction by providing a firm alternative, and as they are worn over the penis, the level of intimacy remains the same between partners.  They are a practical (and sexy) option for couples who are looking to rekindle romance, and for men looking for a little extra assistance (or size) to share with his lover!

We’ve gathered 5 of our Best Hollow Strap Ons!

Fantasy Elite Vibrating 8" Hollow Strap-On

Maximize her pleasure with this vibrating hollow strap on!  This sex toy for couples has 7 unique modes of vibration to tease and please your lover.  The harness is unisex and easily adjustable for most sizes.  The harness fits securely for hands-free use, so you can have intimate sexual intercourse with your partner.  It is made of luxury 100% silicone and is hypoallergenic for total comfort and satisfaction.  Plus, its waterproof so you can get busy wherever and whenever.

Perfect Hollow Extension 7.5"

Whether you struggle with ED or just want to add a few inches, this is the hollow toy for you.  This strap on dildo is realistically sculpted to give your partner the feel of a real penis while you give her the firm penetration she desires.  The adjustable strap fits up to a 50" waist and is designed to fit securely for hands-free play.  Spice things up in the bedroom and indulge her fantasies by adding extra length and girth to your cock with this realistic dildo!

Wonderful Wabbit Hollow Strap-On

Perfect for couples with or without erectile issues, this rabbit-style vibrating hollow strap-on can be worn by either sex for face-to-face intimacy and intense pleasure!  Firm and ridged, the hollow dildo has an amazing upward curve for G-spot stimulation.  The vibrating rabbit has ears deliver precise clitoral stimulation as they flicker!  The multi-speed vibes are controlled by a remote that clips directly to your harness for hands-free play.  Give her the firm cock she craves and the clit stimulation she needs to orgasm!

Double Penetrator Hollow Strap On

What could be a better way to give your lover the erotic double penetration she desires?  This hollow strap-on lets you fill her up while the second dildo offers amazing anal stimulation!  This hollow dong is just what you need to double her pleasure and enhance your sexual performance.  Whether you are looking to add a little variety into the bedroom or you want to alleviate your sexual problems while adding something extra, this is the strap-on dildo for you.

Extreme Hollow Strap-On

Take strap-on sex to the extreme with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hollow Strap-on. This heavy duty hollow strap-on features a 10'" long, 2.5" thick phthalate-free rubber dong, held in place by a stretchy penis ring and leather harness. The comfortable leather harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the durable metal o-rings hold everything together. A long hollow plastic tube, measuring 1" in diameter, is placed inside the rubber dong, making it perfect for both sexes to wear. Anyone who says size doesn't matter hasn't experienced this massive strap-on!
How Do You Use A Hollow Strap On?
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Date 5/22/2014
Thank you for posting.
Date 7/4/2015
Ben Giles
I am a 78 year old type 2 diabetic for 31 years and have ED. The various pills do not see to work. My 61 year old very affectionate Mexican wife really likes to watch sex movies that excite her, but I can't perform as I use to years ago. I can, sometimes, get a semi hard, but not that big as in the past. My penis is not that big, but I believe my wife would like at least a 6-8" hollow strap on for me so we can use it in different positions. Also, What kind of vibrator would you recommend I could use? How would it be ahipped to a friend's address while we are currently traveling away from home? Will it be discreetly packaged?
Date 1/28/2016
Jim D'
i've had some letdowns recently, but my wife liked the look of the rabbit one. we shall see!
Date 2/6/2016
Karen Parr
Thank You for posting just wanted to say in the section about ED prostate problems also cause ED.. that's our problem.. just saying
Date 5/31/2016
is there a strap on that you can wear under clothes or whats the best way to include it?
Date 8/5/2016
question.......? can the male that is using the hollow strap on feel the warmth and juices from their partner as he strokes?
Date 8/27/2016
The best hollow strap sold on this site is the $36. one that comes in green glow in the dark or flesh tone. Your penis whether erect or not will fit into the hollow hole nicely and the strap will give you a tight fit. The $101. ZERO hollow is too small FOR PENIS INSERTION and the bottom opening for you penis is weird. Guys with ED should buy the $36. special. Use the tingly lube.
Date 1/17/2017
Bill Davidson
Will the harness fit around. 60" belly?
Date 2/11/2017
Showing the responses to previous questions would be extremely helpful.
Date 3/14/2017
I am 50years old man, suffering from ED since 8 years, I am unable to do sex with my wife. I need a strap on dildo to satisfy my wife. Where should I get it?
Date 3/24/2017
Can the male using the fake penis feel anything during sex
Date 3/24/2017
do these feel like the real thing for women and do men wearing them feel "anything"?
Date 3/24/2017
TooTimid Angela
@Ted sometimes you can add a tiny bit of lube inside of the extension or strap on and as you thrust you can feel a bit of a stroke, but it is uncommon to feel much using these types of products.

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