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3 Ways a TV Can Double Your Sex!

Posted by Kaitlin to General / Misc Info
A recent survey circulating through Glamour Magazine, MSN, Women’s Health Magazine, and the rest of the internet has revealed that one seemingly non-sexy item in your bedroom can drastically increase your sexual activities!

Want to boost your sex life?  Get a television!

It may sound crazy, but over 2,000 individuals were surveyed and those who indicated having televisions in their bedrooms have twice as much sex as those without tvs in their bedrooms! Want more sex? Here are 3 Ways a Television can Double Your Sex!

1. GET RELAXED: Millions upon millions of couples have televisions in their homes and use them to relax after work. Who doesn’t like escaping into another world for a bit? But what if, instead of watching prime time television shows, you took that prime time into the bedroom? A full 27% of the group interviewed for the survey said they like to “distract” their partners when watching something less-than-thrilling. Our suggestion? Turn that dial onto something you’ve already seen and sneak your way into sex. Bypass the boring shows by teasing your lover and see where it takes you. You’ll already have slipped into relaxation by turning on the boob tube, and with the noise of the television muffling your moans, go ahead and have exhilarating, noisy sex!

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2. GET SOFT, GO HARD: Get yourself ready for watching sultry sex scenes in softcore porn, or even racy movies! There is nothing like watching a little action on screen to get you in the mood and with a tv in the bedroom you’re already halfway there! What you feast your eyes on is of course dependent on you and your partner’s preferences. You can choose to start slower with a sexy movie or television show (hello, Game of Thrones), and then upgrade to the adult industry’s finest later on. Release your inhibitions and try some new positions on your lover from what you see on screen! We can’t promise you will look like a movie star, but you’ll certainly be having sex like one!

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3. TECHNOLOGICAL TOGETHERNESS: Call me old-fashioned, but television is one of the only technologies that we can still share. No, I don’t mean share a status on your lover’s Facebook wall indicating what show you are watching. What good will that do between the sheets? What I mean by sharing is that you can still have physical, verbal, and emotional contact with the other person while engaging in watching tv! Swap out your iPhones for a high definition television that lets you see it all together! Laugh together! Hold hands! Play with their hair and make it more and more erotic as the show continues! Forget about the orgasms and just enjoy the closeness of your lover’s body to yours as you share in visual stimulation. Feel the warmth of their skin without touching, and see how long you can resist pouncing on them!


Date 7/11/2014
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